Why Hit And Run Internet Marketers Will Never Be Rich

So many affiliate marketers and internet marketers out there today think the secret to success online is simple:

Ok are you ready for the secret internet marketing formula for not getting rich? Here it is!

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Super Internet Marketing Get Rich Quick Formula

1.Pick a “Hot” niche just ready to be tapped!

2. Put up a squeeze page or “money site”

3. Send traffic

4. Watch the dough roll in

5. Move on to the next hot niche and repeat steps 1-4…

Why It Doesn’t Work

Despite thousands of internet marketers out there trying to get rich quick chasing the hottest niche or the newest fad, it just doesn’t create long-term success. Why?

Because it’s just short-term thinking. If you think you’re just going to put up a squeeze page, create some shitty product or free offer, build a list and sell them stuff, that’s fine. But you’ll never build long-term relationships that way. And when it comes to business this is the REAL secret formula for getting rich:

Long Term Relationships = Long Term Wealth

The only way to get rich and keep it in business, especially in the internet marketing business, is to create long-term relationships. The truth is it DOES NOT MATTER what niche you pick when it comes to getting rich. You can get rich teaching people how to train their dogs, or how to pick up women, or how to make money blogging, or how to clean their house… you can get rich in any business and in any industry.

How do I know it’s possible to get rich IN ANY NICHE…?

Because someone else already has!

But when you look at people who have gotten rich and stayed rich in any niche or industry, it’s never just some fly-by-night operation with shitty products and no focus on customers. It’s always a person or a company that focused on serving people, adding more value to their market and kept at it… sometimes for years, sometimes for decades!

When it comes to internet marketing, you shouldn’t just think about what’s going to make you the most money this month or this week – you should think about what business do you want to be in for the next 10, 20 or 30 years? That’s how you build A REAL BUSINESS online.

So next time you get a new idea to go sell toys online because it’s “hot” right now – think about your long-term success. Is that really going to help you create a lasting business that you can sell or pass on to your children? Is it going to leave a legacy for you and your family? Or is it just another one of those get-rich-quick ideas?

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