Tips For Overcoming Camera Shyness

One of the biggest fears new internet marketers have is the fear of being on camera. Shooting videos is an absolute key for internet marketing these days. Now, it’s true, there are successful internet marketers who never once put their face on camera and still earn a great fortune online.

But I’m telling you it’s going to be a whole lot easier if you just decide to shoot videos of yourself talking and sharing your message with people – you’ll connect much better with your viewers and make your customers feel like they actually know you. Brendon Burchard is a great example of this – even before I met Brendon in person, I felt like I knew him SO WELL because I had watched hours of his free training videos online. Of course I bought his training products as well and have referred hundreds of people to him.

So here are my top tips for creating kickass videos and overcoming the fear of being on camera.

Overcoming Camera Shyness

I recommend using an iphone or flip cam and shooting one video every single day – just say whatever comes to your mind to share that day. The goal isn’t to create world-class videos with it but just to get you used to it. I did that and after a month it became SO much easier to shoot videos.

Try it yourself! Call it the 30-day video challenge. Get some of your friends involved to and just START SHOOTING! Your videos may not be good at first – heck, they might even SUCK! But that’s good! Because if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing poorly at first!

And trust me, shooting videos is worth doing. It will not only help you create awesome videos for your business, it will make you a better public speaker, a better communicator, and a better thinker.

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