“Really chuffed with your video. I’ve been trying to learn about how to get an audience [for my website] for a good year now, I’ve spent money on courses with the ‘gurus’ of marketing, read heaps of blogs etc etc and you know NO ONE has ever told me to do this! As soon as I saw this I just knew it was the right way to do things and that it would work. I would have happily paid for this [free] video alone!
I think so many people get stuck on this first step. How on earth do I get a list of people interested in what I’m offering? It’s really hard wanting to help people, knowing that you are able to bring value to peoples lives but not having anyone show up, on top of that no one telling you how to do it. I actually like working so don’t have a problem at all putting in the work to get people to my site.
Thank you so much for your time.
Looking forward to the rest of your video training.” – Angela Brisbane

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