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Maximize your time by being productive


The goal is to live a full, productive life even with all that ambiguity.

Multitasking is a best way in order to maximize your time however, there will be chances that your work will be low in quality. Not everybody can do multitasking also because it requires a lot of skill and expertise.

One of the ways to maximize time is by avoiding distractions around us. Most especially the unnecessary things because it will just make our work delay and waste our precious time. Time is very important in our lives and it’s one thing we can never get back once it was lost. That is why time should be spent well in a more productive and essential matter.

In this article, I’am not giving ways how to manage time but ways on how to avoid distractions:

  • Avoid procrastination

Do the things you can do now and avoid procrastination. Sometimes we just settle for the things we can accomplish in a day without basing it on our goals and objectives that we set. The purpose of making a to-do-list is to follow it through. Don’t depend that you have so much time in the future. Finish what you can finish now in order for you to enjoy your free time as well.

When it comes to priorities, put on the top list what is most essential and try to avoid unnecessary things when you are working. For example, you know that you have a lot of things to do but you chose to be with your friends partying. It is really okay to enjoy but you must know where to put it.

  • Loud music or noises

When working, sometimes it is very distracting to work on a noisy and crowded place. If you want to work efficiently, choose also a place that is relaxing, conducive for working and comfortable.

Sometimes you must also choose music that suits the task that you have to do, If is more on mental work, try a more mellow and smooth music in order for you to concentrate more.

  • Exhaustion and fatigue could hinder your productivity.

Of course if you are tired, your tendency is to sleep and have a rest. However, if you still insist to work, it will just alter the quality of your work and may affect you.

Whenever tired and exhausted, try to take a power nap for 15-20 minutes in order to get back your energy for work.

  • Social media and technologies

Nowadays, there a lot of social and entertainment media around. Gadgets, high technologies are also one of the hindrance of our productivity because aside to work, we are tempted to use these things for recreations and sometimes we stick to it and therefore, our tasks are also stucked.

So, just try to prioritize first. These social media and technologies are not bad but they should be used in the proper time, place a timing in order for us to finish our work on time, in a great quality in order for us to reach our goals. 

Increasing Productivity By These Ways


When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.


Use your time as productive as possible through these ways:

  • Make a plan

Make a plan and work on it. If you have a plan, this will serve as a guide for you and for your goals. Make sure also that if you make a plan, ensure that you do it. Start your day by sparing 15 minutes for your planning because this is very helpful to achieve your tasks in a day.  At the end of the day, don’t forget also to assess yourself if you achieve those goals.

Planning could not just help you to become organized but it will also help you to maximize your time in a more productive way.

  • Learn to prioritize

If you have a lot of work to do, prioritization is very important. List down the most important things and finish them first. After you have finished with the most important, you may now do the least important. This does not mean that you are not giving significance to the least important but you are just organizing your work according to its importance.

  • Do not underestimate small projects

Small projects when not given attention may lead to bigger problems. It could also pile up your work that could lead to bigger tasks at the end. Take tasks equally, maybe big or small because at the end, you will still be responsible for those.

  • Take one day at a time.

You must accept that sometimes you cannot get rid of loads of work, and you cannot finish it all at once in just one setting. All you have to do is to take small steps in order to accomplish it. Don’t force yourself because it will just decrease the quality of your work and the person who will be affected is always you. So, take one day at a time according to your own pace. Quality is still important to quantity.

  • It’s okay to ask help.

Asking help does not necessarily mean you are not capable of doing your task but it is a way of accepting that you need assistance sometimes. It is a humble way of telling that you can come up with a great results with the aid of others. Because we also know that we do not know everything so, others could be an instrument to guide us.                                         

  • Have an end of the day review

One way of assessing if you are successful in your task is if you evaluate yourself after each day. It will give you and idea of your weaknesses and strengths as well. In terms of weaknesses, it will help you improve those in time and in your strength, this will help you maintain those or even improve them to be part of your best.

  • Take breaks

Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks. Have a holiday vacation with your family, invite your friends over a bottle of wine, contact a long lost friend to have some coffee or treat yourself to a spa or any pampering treats. In this way, you can unwind yourself and be ready again to another task.

Productivity tips on Article Writing

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Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Writing is a very good way of expressing your feelings, ideas and knowledge to other people most especially when you post it into your blog. It is a great way of sharing your thoughts and hearing others opinion as well.

However, writing requires a lot of skill most especially when you are still starting. It may be difficult at first, but experience and practice as time goes by could help.

In this article, I will share productivity tips on how to make article writing a success and here are those:

  • First, establish a goal. Set a goal for yourself if how much time you will work on a particular article so that you will have a guide. For example, on a particular topic, you should finish it within 30-45 minutes so that the remaining time could help you use in a productive way like writing another topic. Always remember when setting a goal that it is achievable and realistic. You know your capabilities so you are just the only one who can gauge your skill.
  • Make an outline in writing an article. Outlines and guidelines could help you much in article writing. It could help you organize your thoughts in writing one and so that your ideas will not be repeated and make it redundant. Jotting down points could help.
  • Make the most of your morning. Many writers would say that they love writing early in the morning because their mind is free from distractions, worries and stress. It could help the write concentrate more because morning is considered as the quietest time of the day. However, busy professionals such as working moms who could not make it in the morning because of errands can do it late at night especially when the kids are asleep.
  • Serve your readers well. One way to be a productive writer is to cater to your reader’s needs most especially to their questions regarding your blog. They would feel much appreciated if you will respond to them very well. If you are busy enough to entertain them, just make a way as soon as you can.
  • Work location matters. If you are always working at home, try another new place such as a coffee house, a library or anywhere that could help you focus on your  work in a productive way.
  • Organize your desk. An organized desk could also mean an organized mind. So, if you have an organized mind you can work very well without thinking other disruption.
  • Work in a peaceful and quiet place. Working in a quiet place could help you concentrate more and avoid distractions.
  • Don’t choose the topics. Writing could be tiring and sometimes we could not avoid that we are tired and exhausted sometimes. If our mind is exhausted, try to rest for a little lime and go back again to the topic. Do not write anything unnecessary and irrelevant for the sake that you can write something. It will just break the trust of your readers.