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Important Elements to Include in Product Reviews


In selling a product, it is very important to write a product review because if you have a good product review, you are inviting buyers to buy. It is like in a movie trailer, if it is good, for sure many people will watch it on the showing days.

In this article, I will show you important elements to include when you make a product reviews:

  • The picture or the video of the product

It is really required to put the pictures of your product in order for the buyers to see the actual appearance. It always depends on the product. For example in my case, since I’am a writer, I do put pictures of my books in order for the buyers to know the external appearance of the book. They may have a n idea of what they would buy and how it looked like.

For the video of the product, this is very helpful because you may present how the product works. Since my product is books, obviously video reviews is not possible. Products like cars and gadgets are the most appropriate in this kind of review.

  • Product description

For product description, it is really best to describe your product in every detail. It would usually include the size, the special features, the number of pages, the advantages, the price and why should buyers will buy that certain product.

  • Buyer’s description

This will be included in order for the right buyer to buy the right product. It will focus on the target market. For example, if the product is a book about careers, so obviously it target early to middle aged individual that is on the peak of their career.

  • Make sure that you include the proof

There are two main reasons why proof should be included. First, you really have the proof that you actually reviewed your product. Second, the proof that the product really works. Because sometimes there would be product reviews that are biased since what they put on their product reviews is different from what is really actual.

  • Point out also the negative side effect of your product

Giving the negative side effect of your product would make your product review believable. This will make your product review fair and never biased. Compare to reviews that is more on the positive, it will make it really fake and unbelievable.

  • Include product reviews on advertisements

Advertisements are very important because everything that is posted on advertisements are trusted by prospect buyers. So you really have to invest to put your product reviews on advertisements.

  • Action

Call to action facilitate buyers to proceed to the next level after they saw the product reviews. For example, if they will buy your product, where should they buy it, and how is the payment process. In this way, you will guide your buyers to the their payment transactions.

I hope these elements helped you a lot in posting your product reviews.