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Look Ma, Life’s Easy Book Review – Personal Development

Look Ma, Life’s Easy is a classic personal development book on par with Think and Grow Rich in its impact, depth and usefulness.

The book is part story and part personal development wisdom. The two intertwine perfectly.

Honestly, the book started a bit slow for me but it there was one point 40 minutes into reading that I had to immediately put the book down and go take care of some personal business that I had been putting off for too long. Man, did it feel good to be getting that important task done! As soon as I was finished, I went back to reading. Again, just a few minutes later, I came up with another important task and stopped reading to complete it. Back to the book… few more minutes of reading… another important task!

I would have gladly read the book in one sitting if it were not so damn motivating that I had to get up and get stuff done. Reading the book in itself was a productive activity because it forced me to look at my life and business differently and get the important things handled right away.

The premise of the book is that if you do the hard things in life today, your life will be much easier because you will achieve great things and you won’t be stuck with the same old problems. It sounds simple, and it is, but the author depicts clearly how this little rule applies to every area of life and how powerfully and immediately it can bring positive change to your life.

I will be reading this book over and over to glean it’s wisdom and improve my life even more.