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What is the Proper Attire during Job Interviews?

Your attire and outfit is really a big part in your job interview. It is the first thing that the interviewer will see on you. That is why, as much as possible we really have to be formal from the dress through our ways. I’am writing this article because there are interviewees who are not aware of the proper attire during a job interview and it is one of the reasons that made them fail. So, if that will happen, you will lose the chance to get the position you are applying for.

job interview outfit

One of the things that an employer is looking for at first is whether you are suitable in the position and one way to display it is to act professionally specifically by dressing properly. If you are in the interview, you really need to do your best to stand out among the many applicants and it doesn’t mean that you will dress sexy and seductive but if you dress with class along with confidence. If these two factors are within you, you really stand out. But of course we have also to  suit our outfit to the position we are applying for.

Here are the tips we have to bear in mind during a job interview:

  • Never use attention seeking shade of colors like neons, yellow, glow in the dark. You really have to choose colors that are neutral such as black, white, brown or gray. You can also use earth colors such as light brown, olive green and gray.
  • A black or a navy blue suit is perfect most especially for men. They could pair it with inside long sleeves that are light colors such as white.
  • Play safe by using a black silk tie. Minimize using checkered tie that can draw attention. It is not bad to use it, but for a first time encounter with the employer, a black tie would be best.
  • Being clean and classy will never go out of fashion. So don’t be so exaggerated with your outfit. Just wear simple but elegant clothes.
  • For women, you can also use neutral color slacks paired with a long sleeve or formal blouse. You can also use pencil skirt but make sure it is below the knee.
  • Never use above the knee skirts because you will draw attention in a negative way to your employer.
  • For women, try not overaccessorize. A watch, a  pair of pearl and necklace will do. In men, a simple watch is really okay.
  • Use mild scent perfume. Don’t put high scent perfumes that could irritate the interviewer’s nose because it will be a negative on your part.

I hope these job interview outfits helped you a lot. Just always remember that even though how formal your outfit is, but you act unprofessionally, it will still be useless. It is best to dress properly and paired it with class, charm and confidence. For sure, you will really stand out and pass the interview process.

Common Interview Mistakes That We Should Correct

The interview is a process everyone should undergo before getting into a job. In some, it is a phase wherein the company or the employer could decide whether you are hired or not. However, most people are so nervous and tensed when it comes to this portion. They experienced the fear of the unknown.

We should put in mind that the interview should not be feared because it is not a horror movie because if we feel that way, we may end up useless during the interview process. It should be in a relaxing way just like we are talking to a normal person so that we could say things in a spontaneous way and we are confident.

In this article, I will show to you common interview mistakes that should given appropriate action. We should know these things so that we could avoid it and if we can avoid it, I’ am sure your interview process will go smoothly, easier and better.

A collection of mistakes is called experience, and experience is the key to success.

A collection of mistakes is called experience, and experience is the key to success.

  • Arriving late in the interview

One most important rule during the interview process is by arriving early, as early as 30 minutes before the said time. Arriving late is a big minus point to you and it would mean that you will also be late during your work and it is not a good thing.

This will be a negative on your part if you will arrive late.

  • Dressed in casual

The interview is a formal procedure therefore, you should also dress in formal. It is better to be overdressed that to be underdressed during the interview. Being good looking at the interview means you are very well interested in the job and you prepared for it. Same goes with your work, you are also interested about it.

  • Going to the interview unprepared

Going to the interview unprepared is a minus point still because it also signifies lack of interest. Unprepared means that you do not fix yourself properly, didn’t bring necessary materials, haven’t reviewed about the company and related topics, etc.

Always remember that you always have the things  that are needed or most needed. Beforehand, you must anticipate and prepare these things so that you may not to forget it.

  • Asking about the company

Asking the interviewer about the company means that you don’t research about it because you still have questions. It may also mean that you don’t know your job descriptions before applying. It is a negative thing on your part.

If the interviewer would ask you, you may politely say about your expectations about the company, the job and your fellow employees but not on the company alone.

  • Texting, answering phone calls and unnecessary movements

Texting and calling during a job interview is a big disrespect and disruption. It would reflect that your phone calls and text messages are more important than your interview. You should also avoid unnecessary movements like rolling of eyeballs, snapping of fingers and tapping of feet because it means that you are in a hurry to finish the interview and you are bored.

If you are in the interview, look directly to the interviewer’s eye because it would mean that you are attentive, interested and sincere to your words.

Helpful Tips During Job Interview

ace-the-interviewHaving a job interview is a one time experience that needs a great preparation in order for you to get the job. In some, it is the basis of everything because it will test on how you will answer the interviewer, how presentable you are, how likeable and the most of all, how eager you are in the position you are applying for.

In this article, you are given helpful tips on how to behave during a job interview that will really impress the interviewer and here are those:

  • Arrive on the job interview as early as 30 minutes before the said time. It means that if you can be punctual during the first time, you will be punctual during your work as well.
  • Be prepared and don’t be complacent at all times. If you have experienced many job interviews before, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same again.
  • Avoid distractions before job interview. Concentrate first on your interview and after which, you can do whatever you want to do.
  • Prepare your clothes a day or a night before in order for you not to waste time on searching a perfect outfit on the said date.
  • Make sure that the clothes you will wear is appropriate to the job you are applying. But generally, wear smart casual to formal attire.
  • Review a night before regarding frequently asked questions, you may find that over the internet and you may answer it by yourself.
  • Research about the company and the position you are applying for because for sure you will be asked about it.
  • Consult a friend to have you a mock or sample interviews in order for you to hear other’s comments regarding your answer. It would be very helpful.
  • Don’t dwell much on the social networking sites like Facebooks and Twitters because it will be just an additional distraction.
  • On the day of the interview, have a heavy breakfast so that you may have an energy throughout the day in case the interview may prolong a little time.
  • Review your resume because you will be asked all about what you have written there most especially your short term and long term goals, career plans, expectations and your objectives.
  • Expect that the interviewer will also ask weird questions because they will see how you will react to those questions.
  • Turn off or switch your cell phone a silent mode because it is very distracting if someone will call you in the middle of the interview process.
  • Avoid unnecessary actions like nail biting, tapping of fingers, covering of mouth, etc.
  • Maintain an eye contact at all times because it conveys sincerity and truthfulness.
  • Smile at all times because it gives a positive impact to you.
  • A good sign of confidence is a firm handshake.
  • Don’t be overconfident and don’t be too shy.
  • Don’t say anything negative about your previous employer.
  • Ask questions because it would mean that you are interested.
  • Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview because it is a sign of respect and he/she will remember it all throughout.

Be Prepared by your Interview by Knowing the Different Interview Types

Interview Types

I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

Applying to a job requires many processes and one which is the interview. Job interview requires a good preparation in order for you to have a wide knowledge and for you to answer the questions with confidence. One thing also to be aware is to know what type of interview you are going in order for you what to expect. In this way, the interviewee will be prepared with whatever questions imposed on him/her and to answer it correctly with confidence.

Different Interview types:

  • Telephone Screening Interview

In this type of interview, it is held via telephone. The interviewer will base your answers more on your verbal response because you will not see face to face. However, the down part of this kind of interview is that, the interviewer cannot see body gestures, body language and cannot maintain eye contact during the interview part. The good part is, it is cost-effective because you will no longer pay for your transportation.

One tip during this type of interview is to answer the interviewer in a lively manner, answer straight to the point and don’t forget to be polite and courteous still. It is still part of the interview however, it is just held through the phone. It will last between 10 to 40 minutes.

  • Individual Interview

This is the normal one on one interview in which the interviewee is interviewed by a single or multiple interviewee. It is also called Personal Interview. It is held after the candidate had passed an entrance examination and certain training. It would usually last from 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Informal Interview

This is not the normal type of interview because it is just more on getting information from the person.

  • Behavior-based Interview

In this kind of interview, the interviewee will assess your behavioral approach towards a certain situation. You are probably given a certain scenario, and you will be tested by your responses. In this kind of interview, your behavior will be assessed such as your teamwork, flexibility, trainability, ability to relate with others, your interactional skills, problem solving abilities, and your skills on how to deal with different people in a certain situation/ situations.

  • Stress Interview

The interviewee will test your patience by giving you some stress and pressure during the interview. The interviewee will test your capacity in handling pressure during stressful events. In this type of interview, the interviewee will discover your strengths and weaknesses.

The strategies used in this type of interview are negative questions, prolonged silence, challenging situations, interruptions during the interview and below the belt questions that will candidates to their limits. As a candidate, just maintain the composure, respect, and answer the interviewee still in a well-mannered way.

  • Committee Interview/ Group Interview/ Panel

A panel of interviewers will ask you at the same time. This will appear very intimidating for you but, just prepare ahead of time in order for you to have solid faith and confidence. One important tip in this kind of interview is to maintain eye contact, respect the interviewees, and be courteous by greeting them.