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How To Sell More Ebooks On Kindle – Steve Scott Bestselling Author Interview

In today’s podcast show, I interview Steve Scott, a successful blogger, affiliate marketer and best-selling Kindle Author. Steve and I are both consistently ranked in the Top 50 Business & Investing Kindle Authors on Amazon.com. In this interview, Steve shares his marketing secrets for success as a Kindle ebook author.

In the show, Steve mentions a list of Freebie sites you can use to promote your free KDP Select promotion dates. All of these sites are free to list on:

Post 7 days ahead if possible:

Post 24 Hours in Advance or on the morning of your promotion:


Steve also mentions Pat Flynn’s Facebook Group for Kindle authors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/357112331027292

Steve mentions a lot more great marketing resources, tips and strategies including how to choose a best-selling book title, keyword research, using Author Central to market your books and much, much more!

Learn more about Steve at http://www.ebooksbysteve.com andhttp://www.stevescottsite.com

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How Small Kindle Authors Can Sell More Books Than Celebrities

Something interesting happened today on Amazon.com… I was looking at one of my books and noticed my Author Rank is #84 in Business & Investing (one of the most competitive categories on Amazon).

The funny thing? On the same page at #90 is Suze Orman, a celebrity personal finance author who published her first book in 1995. And who am I? Just some 25 year old kid who figured out how to sell ebooks on Amazon (it’s a lot easier than you think!).

Amazon Author Rank #84 Business & Investing picture

Me, an unknown, self published author who published his first book 8 months ago now sells more Business & Investing Kindle ebooks than Suze Orman.

Suze has had a talk show for 11 years and done hundreds if not thousands of interviews on national TV and radio. Me? I’ve never been on TV or been interviewed on a traditional radio station (I’ve only done a few web TV, podcasts and online radio interviews).

Suze has a huge PR firm and contacts with all the top media people in the country. Me? I use HARO (it’s free).

Suze and her publishers have a huge marketing budget for her books. Me? I spend less than $100 a month marketing my 10+ ebooks.

Suze has name recognition across most of the western world. Me? If you know who Tom Corson-Knowles is, you’re one of the lucky few 🙂

Suze Orman #90 Business & Investing picture

Suze Orman is at #90 in the Business & Investing Author Rank category for Kindle books.

What’s my point? My point is ANYONE can succeed with ebook publishing today on Amazon. You don’t need a lot of money for marketing or book design. You don’t need a huge PR firm or to do hundreds of interviews on national TV or radio. You don’t need a publisher (you’re better off self-publishing!). You don’t need a “platform” or brand name recognition. You don’t need to have been an author for dozens of years. And it doesn’t have to be hard, either!

Want to learn how to succeed as a self published Kindle author? I’ll teach you everything I know in my book The Kindle Publishing Bible now on sale at Amazon.com for just $5.97. Grab your copy today – it will change your life!

KindlePublishingBible_TomCorsonKnowles picture

Learn how to sell more Kindle books than Suze Orman!

How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks – Best-Selling Author Bev Flaxington Interview

Want to learn how to sell more Kindle ebooks on Amazon? I’m starting a series of interviews with bestselling self published Kindle authors who are going to share their secrets of self-publishing success with the world. Excited?

Well today we just posted the first author interview! I interviewed Bev Flaxington, International Bestselling and Gold-award winning author of Understanding Other People. Bev shares her secrets of self publishing success. In her best month, she earned over $12,000 in royalties! Who said you can’t earn a great living as a self published author?

In the interview, Bev shares her strategies for success, including investing in creating a professional book with a high quality book cover, professional editing and graphics. Bev also blogs regularly to promote her work as an author and does as much PR as possible. She has now hired a PR firm to help with media exposure, using her book royalties to pay for the investment.

Bev recommends using free publicity sources including HARO, ReporterConnection and PitchRate. Bev says chunk it down with your nonfiction books – less is more! Don’t overwhelm readers with too much content – just give them what they need and leave out the fluff.

You can watch the interview with Bev below!

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