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How To Get Awesome Testimonials With Facebook Fan Reviews App

I have over 10,000 Facebook fans on several of my fan pages with great fan engagement and it’s helped my business increase sales dramatically online.

My biggest tip for Facebook marketing is to share photos that resonate and connect emotionally with your target market. Photo status updates on Facebook will reach more people than any other kind of post (more than links, text and video posts). So that’s one easy way to dramatically increase your fan count and fan engagement – post more photos instead of text, links or videos.

Here’s an example of a great photo that engaged with my fans in my nutrition business:

How To Burn 800 Calories In Just 30 Minutes picture

How To Burn 800 Calories In Just 30 Minutes!

This photo went viral on Facebook – why? Because it engaged with my fans! First of all, it’s just hilarious. Secondly, it’s about “burning calories” which is something a lot of my fans worry about – they want to know how to lose weight, how to eat healthier, etc. So this photo touches them emotionally and makes them laugh – a double whammy!

So is it any wonder why the photo went viral on Facebook? Not to me! I planned it that way – and you can too!

Facebook Fan Reviews Testimonials

I’ve used this strategy of posting photos that connect emotionally with my fans to great effect. In fact, my fans love my photos so much that they leave me testimonials on my fan page.

Facebook Fan Reviews picture

The Facebook Fan Reviews app allows your fans to give you testimonials inside of Facebook.

I use the Facebook Fan Reviews App to allow my fans to give me great viral testimonials inside of Facebook – and they do!


Just look at some of the testimonials below (last names and links to profiles removed for privacy):


Hey Tom, thanks for all of your wisdom! You Rock!


You are AMAZING!!!! Every day I look forward to checking out your page, because I know I will learn something or be inspired to try something new. Whenever I think my goals are unattainable you post something inspirational that gives me a kick in the butt and motivates me to keep pushing forward!!!! Thank You!


+Tom Two Thumbs up! Tom is always right on and he always OVER Delivers!!!!


Great service, work, and fast delivery. Would recommend. 🙂


Good Job, Good Price and Great Results!


Excellent job! Highly recommend!


Great Job…Will use again.


“ Tom does an awesome job on fiverr gigs..over delivers and promt service…will use again and again thanks for all your work!


Tom is fantastic! Prompt service, delivered quickly, easy to work with. Overall a great experience and I look forward to working with him again!


“ I’ve hired Tom several times and never been disappointed. I will use him in future for sure.


Thank you Tom for making such a huge difference in my health! I love you!!


thanks f or making a difference in my health.I will share this with my patients,many of them suffering from chronic illness and are overweight.


Tom is TOTALLY ROCKS….offered the greatest gig and followed direction very well. He actually went an extra miles to satisfy all his clients. I definitely recommend to use his service and you will not be regretted.


I love to read everything that comes from you. Your knowledge has helped me in so many different ways, including my diet. I have made a major change in the way I eat. Thank you so much for helping me!

Want to get great fan reviews and testimonials like that on your Facebook fan page? Then go grab the Facebook Fan Reviews app today.