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Advanced Facebook Profile Timeline Setup (Tutorial)

Advanced Profile Setup

Okay, now you’ve set up your personal Facebook profile, connected with your friends and posted your first status update! Good for you!

Next, it’s time for some advanced profile setup. I recommend you do this advanced work as soon as you can but it’s not 100% necessary to do right away.

This advanced setup will help make your profile look more complete and professional and aid you in marketing your business online (which is what this book is all about!).

So let’s get to work!

Step 1. Upload a Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook now gives you two photos on your profile page. The first, which you’ve already uploaded, is called your Facebook Profile Picture. The second is your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo.

When you login to Facebook and see your newsfeed (home page), there are two places you can click to access your profile page. 1) Click your name or picture on the top left of the screen or 2) click your name or picture on the top right of the screen.

Once you’ve clicked your name/photo, you should see your profile page. It should look like this (except yours will be a bit more empty looking):

The part of the profile above that is surrounded by red marker is the Timeline Cover Photo. Yours should be blank. To edit it, simply scroll over that empty space and you will see a button that says, “Change Cover” – Scroll over that and click “Upload a Photo.” Then, you can upload your Timeline Cover Photo.

Note: Your Timeline Cover Photo area size is 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall. It’s okay if your picture is bigger than that because Facebook will crop it for you.

What kind of cover photo should you upload?

There are all kinds of cover photos you can upload. If your primary goal is to market your business, then uploading a photo that brands you is a good idea. For example, if you’re a dog groomer, your Timeline cover photo could include a picture of a dog getting a beautiful groom and maybe a tagline as well that says “New England’s #1 Dog Groomer!”

You can always change your cover photo and profile picture later so don’t worry about being perfect right now!

Note: If you need someone to design the graphics for you for your cover photo, try using Fiverr.com where you can find someone to do it for you for just $5!

Step 2. Update Your Profile Information

The next thing you should do is update your info on your profile. To do that, click the “Update Info” button to the right of your name just under your Timeline Cover Photo.


Facebook Update Info picture

Click “Update Info” to edit your personal Facebook profile information.

Once you click Update Info, you should see a page that looks like this.


Facebook Update Info Step 2 picture

Your Facebook profile information waiting to be updated.

On this page, you can add any jobs you’ve had or currently have and any education you’ve received from pre-schools to universities. I recommend adding your current job or business, your high school and college to your profile. This will help you connect with colleagues, promote your current business/job and connect with classmates from high school and college.

Next, you can write a bit more about yourself in the “About You” section. I recommend just writing at least a few sentences to let people know who you are and what you’re up to in life.

Next, you can edit your “Living” section to include your hometown and your current city you’re living in – this will help make local connections for you and your business.

Next, you can edit your “Basic Info” including any languages you speak, religious views and political views.

Next, you can edit your “Contact Info” – make SURE to include your website for your business here as well as any other websites you would like to list. Also list a phone number (just visible to your friends on Facebook) and an email!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to contact someone on Facebook to do business with them and they didn’t have their contact info – so I decided to work with someone else instead. Don’t let that happen to you!

Finally, you can edit your “Favorite Quotations” section by adding any of your favorite quotes that you’d like to feature on your profile.

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

Congratulations! You’ve completed the “hard work” of filling out your profile on Facebook completely. Now let’s get to the good stuff – how to market your business on Facebook using a Facebook Fan Page.

How To Setup Your Personal Facebook Profile In 5 Minutes (Tutorial)

Okay, this chapter is for those of you who are brand new to Facebook. If you already have a personal profile, you can skip this chapter (although you may find the section on your Timeline cover photos to be quite useful).

How To Setup Your Personal Facebook Profile

Step 1. Go to www.Facebook.com


Facebook Home Page picture

Step 1. Go to Facebook.com to get started!

Step 2. Fill in Your Info

You will need to fill in your first and last name, email, password, sex and birthday to join Facebook.

Step 3. Invite Your Friends To Connect

Next, Facebook will ask you to connect with your friends who are already on Facebook. To do so, simply pick your email service you use and login with that password – Facebook will automatically show you all your friends who you’ve emailed that are already on Facebook and you can add them all with the click of a button.

Note: Unless you are a celebrity or extremely well-known, I HIGHLY recommend you add everyone you know as a friend on Facebook. This will dramatically increase the size of your network and help you in your online marketing efforts.

You never know how big a difference just one person could make! Treasure each of those connections.


Facebook Home Page step 2 picture

Step 23. Invite your friends to connect with you on Facebook.

Step 4. Fill In Your Education & Work Info

Next, just fill in your high school, college and current employer information (it’s okay to leave it blank if you didn’t graduate from college or what not). I highly recommend filling out this info so that you can connect with past schoolmates and your co-workers.

Again, this will increase the size of your network and help you in your marketing efforts.

Facebook Home Page Step 3

Step 5. Upload a Profile Picture

Next, Facebook will ask you to upload a picture of yourself. It’s best to get a headshot of you. If not, any photo of you that will be recognizable to your friends will do.

I highly recommend putting a photo of yourself on your profile! You’ll see some people who put photos of their children, pets or some random picture there – I DO NOT recommend that. It looks VERY unprofessional and will not help you in your marketing efforts.

Step 6. Post a Status Update and Celebrate!

Next, it’s time to post your first “status update” on Facebook. This is a public message that your friends will be able to see when they login to Facebook or look at your profile.

The very next page after uploading your profile picture is called your “Newsfeed” or your personal Facebook Home page. In the middle, you will see photos, videos and text updates from your friends.

At the top in the middle there is a small box that says “What’s on your mind?”

Click in that box and you can type in your first status update on Facebook – anything will do!

If you don’t know what to type just copy and paste this,

“This is my first status update on Facebook! Thanks to Facebook For Business Owners I’m finally on Facebook!”