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How To Generate Great Online Content That Increases Sales

I’ve found one of the best ways to generate useful, high quality content is to simply listen to your prospects and customers and see what problems they’re having. Then, you simply solve their problem using a video, audio, blog post or whatever form of content you want to use. You can do this really easily using Twitter search or a 3rd party Twitter search site like Twinitor.com (you don’t even need a Twitter account to use it).

In Twitter search, just type a question such as “your niche” + “help?” For example, “nutrition help?” “web design help?”, etc. This will pop up Tweets from people who are asking questions and need help in your area of expertise. Then you can just answer their questions in a blog post or video, or you can Tweet them and get to know more details about how they need help and turn it into more advanced tutorials and guides, like an ebook or even a training course or seminar.

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