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Best blogging tips


Blogging has been very popular. From the most popular persons to the most ordinary people, everyone has one. But we must have to remember that it is not about having a blog but having a good blog that everyone should have interest to.

It is very easy to have a blog of your own, what is difficult is to maintain the good context of your blog and the interest of readers. We don’t know what our readers would want to hear but then that is why there are comment boxes for us to hear their sides and opinions and bloggers should consider those.

Here are some blogging tips we should take into account:

  • Post regularly as much as every day. Posting regularly to your account would make your readers not just updated to your post but for you personally. It will turn out that you have a personal connection to your readers which is really good.
  • Make use of the reader’s – friendly post. In writing a post, don’t use a very deep vocabulary that you are the one who can just understand. Choose words that are common and everybody could relate.
  • Make use of guest blogging. In the internet industry, you will not succeed alone but with the help of others most especially other bloggers. Guest blogging would increase traffic and would invite readers to get interested to your blogs.
  • Accept and answer comments. Comments are very important in your blogs because you can hear other ideas and opinions. In this way, you can learn from them and you may improve your work. Always remember that you also need other’s opinion to become a better you, it the same goes with blogging.
  • Linking sites. Linking your sites may help other readers to follow it and view your sites so it will help to add traffic to your site.
  • Easy access. Make sure that your blogs are easily be accessed in order for readers not have difficulty in getting to your sites.
  • Make an inviting title. Titles have a big impact to readers because it is the first part that being read before the content. So, make it a way that title must very enticing.
  • Update your information once in a while. Updating your information will make readers to know you deeply. Not just on the blogging purposes but to personal life as well. The best part of blogging is that you can find new people with the same interest as yours. So, you have things in common and a lot of things to talk about.

You can also learn from others most especially the veterans in blogging. They have the best and many experience in this field so, they may share dew tips for a newbie. Also use these tips as a starter because surely these will help you a lot. Their advices  cannot be found in books because they are experienced based and it will only achieved through time.

Be aware of the errors that bloggers usually make


common blogging errors

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same over and over again.

Blogs are very popular today and sometimes they make money out of their blogs. Managing someone’s blog can be a source of living and income to someone else. However, there are some blog errors that bloggers usually make over and over again.

It is good that you update your blog most especially regularly but we should be aware of the common errors of some bloggers in order for us not to commit it as well.

  • Blogs are very limited

You can write as many blogs as you can. Anyway it is yours and no one could ever limit you from doing it. You can also post whatever topic you would like to put as long as it is descent and sensible also to your readers. But the problem of most bloggers is that they limit their blogs as if it has a limit per day. It should not be like that because there are many readers that are looking forward for our blogs each day and they could increase traffic into your site through their comments and suggestions.

If you have so much thing to do and you cannot do at least one blog per day, hire anyone who can do it for you. At least your site will not be left taken for granted. You helped a person to find a job and you maintain your blog site as well.

  • Lack of tools

Some bloggers used to blog in pure words but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Most readers today would be enticed and entertain by nit just by the content, but through the designs and layout you put on the site.

If you have the difficulty operating your WordPress, ask help from someone or again hire someone to do it for you. Just always remember that the more readers that are interested in your blog will create a blog traffic to your site and it mean business or sales.

  • Don’t forget your keywords

Keywords are very important in searching your article or your post. So, don’t ever forget to put as many keywords you can relate to your work. It is a big help to you and to your blog.

  • Increase your earnings

Make it a way that you can market your blog in order for you to achieve high earnings. If you just know how to advertise it, you can earn big cash through it. One way also to help your marketing scheme is to link your blog site to social networks such as facebooks and twitters because there are many prospect readers to your blogs which in the future could help you with your sales.

Here are the common errors bloggers do make mistakes but since you are now aware of it, for sure will not make those mistakes again.  Blogging is a very easy task and you can get a huge money out of it but you have to use it properly in a way that you could benefit also from it because it also mean business.




How To Hire A Blog Writer Without Getting Ripped Off

At one point, you will realize you’ve just got so many new opportunities from your blog that you won’t have time to manage it all! You will need to bring in help to help you run the blog and grow it even bigger even faster.

I believe it’s a good idea to learn how to outsource your blog before you need to – so you don’t get overwhelmed when you get to that point.

There are many aspects of blogging you can outsource – and you don’t need to hire a full-time employee. You can manage it easily with one or two virtual assistants and/or a team of guest writers (who will write for you for free as a guest blogger!)

Blog Writer picture

Let me start by sharing with you what I’ve found to be the most useful, productive and easiest ways to outsource your blogging business.

Hiring A Blog Writer

Hiring a blog writer can be a life-saver for any serious blogger, especially if you have a regular publication schedule (You better have a publication schedule by now!)

Once you’ve hired a writer, it becomes so much easier to manage the blogging business. Instead of you having to write articles every day and every week, you’ve hired someone to do that for you – and you will need that extra free time to work on other areas of your business to become a successful blogger.

How To Hire A Writer

I’ve tried all kinds of ways to hire writers. I’ve tried classified ads, social media requests, asking for referrals, and much more.

What I’ve personally found to be the BEST way to find high quality writer candidates is to use Craigslist.


Well, first of all Craigslist is free. And free is good.

Second, everytime I post a writing job on Craigslist, I get at least 10 responses – meaning I have more high quality candidates to choose from. You never want to be stuck making a choice between just 2 or 3 writers – because you’re not going to be making a good choice.

The more candidates you interview, the better chances you have of finding a great writer at a great price. And when I say interview, you can do all that through email, Skype, or Phone – it’s up to you. I prefer initial interviews over email and only use phone calls when necessary. I’ve never even talked with several of my writers – just email.

Here’s how I do it. Feel free to R&D (Rip-off and Duplicate) my system!

Step 1. Where To Post On Craigslist

I always post in the San Francisco Writing Gigs section of Craigslist because a) it’s free and b) thousands of writers search through it every day. You can find it here: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/wrg/

Step 2. What To Post

Here’s a sample of one of my actual ads I posted to find a writer for my blog. It worked very well so I recommend you model it.

“I’m looking for a health and nutrition writer for my blog, someone who can write very high quality, detailed and well-research linkbait articles on various nutrition and health topics. I’ll only be needing 1 or 2 such articles a week, each should be 1000-5000 words, depending on whether it’s a long list or a shorter myth-buster article.

You won’t need to ever show up at the office! Just email the written articles in.

I’m looking for a long-term relationship here as I’ll have to teach you my personal style and help you emulate it as well as possible.


Must be familiar with “linkbaiting” and controversial writing (you can just research linkbaiting tactics to get a feel for the kinds of articles – lists, mythbusting, common mistakes to avoid, etc. are all good starters)

Must have degree or in-depth knowledge in nutrition or some other health field

Must write well with no typographical errors

Must be willing to develop a long-term relationship (12 months at least)

Must deliver writing on time or ahead of time (I don’t mind if you want to write a month’s worth of articles in the first week, just please don’t go for weeks without anything)

You can check out the blog at http://www.tomcorsonknowles.com/blog/

3. What You Must Include In Your Ad

Here are what I feel to be the most important elements to include in your ad:

a)    How many articles do you want and how often?

b)    How long should the articles be?

c)    Is this a short-term or long-term gig? (you’ll get better writers if you advertise it as a long-term opportunity for them).

d)    How much are you paying? (I recommend $5-$10 an article – more on that later)

e)    What topic(s) do you need the articles to be on? (Be specific!)

f)    What requirements do you have? (List specific requirements like “no typos,” “must deliver on time,” etc. This helps weed out bad candidates)’

g)    Include a link to your blog so that writers can feel you out before contacting you (this could also drive a significant amount of traffic to your site – which is a nice added bonuses).

4. What To Pay

I recommend you start by paying $5-$10 per article (at least 500 words minimum).

Now, you might think this is way too low, or too high a price to pay but I’ve found this is the “sweet spot” that will get you the best writers at the best price.

Here’s the deal – there are literally MILLIONS of good writers out there who NEED work. And millions of those writers are willing to work for $5 to $10 for a 500-1000 word article.

In fact, this is the standard in the blogging industry. The average writer for the Huffington Post and other huge blogs gets paid $5-$10 per article (although they get paid based on their page views, which is an entirely different issue far beyond the scope of this book).

Despite the fact that this is the standard, you will get writers who respond to your ad complaining that you’re not offering enough money for their work. They will complain and beg for you to pay more. DON’T DO IT!

Why pay $150 for a 500 word article when you can pay $5 for a similar article of similar quality? (I have actually had writers tell me their rate is $150 for a 500 word article!)

Blogging is a business – you need to treat it like a business. Don’t overpay your writers. Just find a writer who is a good fit and is willing to do the work at a reasonable price.

A Word of Caution

There are many writers out there who speak English as a second language or who are just terrible writers. Needless to say, you should avoid them.

At first, you may find that many writers who are willing to be paid $5-$10 per article fall into the category of bad writers – just keep looking until you find the good ones. Trust me, there are millions of good writers willing to work for these rates – just keep reposting your Craigslist ad until you find the right writer for you.

When To Pay Your Blog Writers

When should you pay your writers? Many writers will ask to be paid up-front. Don’t do it!

You should NEVER pay a writer upfront for their work. Always pay them AFTER they’ve delivered their work.

I’m telling you this because I was burned more than once by writers who I paid and then never did what they said they would do – so I want to save you the time and money now instead of having you make the same mistakes.

I have my writers send me an invoice once a month and then pay them via Paypal for the work they delivered that month. I recommend you do the same.

A Note About Standards

I have standards in my business, some might call them rules. One of these rules is that I NEVER pay a writer upfront. Every time I’ve broken that rule, I lost money. That’s why I have the rule.

And even though people keep saying the old phrase, “rules are meant to be broken,” I’ve found that every time I break my own rules in business, I lose. So stick to your rules! They’re there to protect you.

Another helpful rule I have is that I never hire anyone until I’ve interviewed at least three people for the job. Whether I’m looking for a web designer, coach, consultant, or writer – I make sure to interview as many people as I can before choosing one. This way I can get a better idea of what the right price is and what kind of experience and talent is available.

Why Most Bloggers Fail – And How To Avoid Their Mistakes

When you first start blogging, progress can feel slow and take time. You have to have patience. Even once you implement my guest blogging system that I shared with you in the guest blogging training post, it’s going to take time for that traffic to build up to your sites to where readers are flocking to your blog.

Blogs Fail picture

Google’s Sandbox

There are many reasons for the time lag between building links and posting content and traffic coming in. The main reason is Google’s “Sandbox.” Google’s algorithm penalizes new sites when it comes to search engine rankings. This helps Google reward long-term websites and avoid a lot of problems with new spam sites accidentally ranking too highly in search engines.

The problem is, of course, that you want more traffic to your blog and you want it now – you don’t want to wait 6 months for Google to start giving you a good bit of credit for your links and high quality content.

But here’s the deal – you just have to be patient. You can’t change Google’s algorithm. You can’t cheat the system. You have to WORK WITH THE SYSTEM if you want to succeed.

As Warren Buffet says,

“You can’t have a baby in 1 month by getting 9 women pregnant.”

Work The System

You just have to let the system work and NOT FOCUS on your results. See, if I had been focusing on my results when I started my Tom Corson-Knowles blog, I would have quit 3 or 4 months in because I was only getting  2,000 to 3,000 hits a month on my site – a very disappointing number for the hours of effort and energy I was putting in.

But I stuck to it – because I knew about Google’s sandbox. I knew that I was going for the long-term rewards of blogging, not just a short-term, overnight quick buck. I wanted to build a profitable, lasting business not just some fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme.

And after 9 months, I was getting over 100,000 hits a month on the site! But I didn’t change ANYTHING about what I was doing. I was still building links by guest blogging and posting regular content on the site.

What I’m saying is that even though my ACTIVITY did not change, my RESULTS changed dramatically – because the activity was starting to pay off when Google took my site out of the sandbox.

Always remember that if you want to build long-term success and wealth, you must focus on adding more value to your customers (readers) and continue to execute on the fundamentals of your business. When it comes to blogging, those fundamentals are providing high quality content and building high quality links, which you’ve already learned in earlier chapters.

What I’m saying is that all you need to do is focus on the fundamentals and have patience. The system WORKS – if you work the system.

Don’t give up too early. It’s the #1 reason most bloggers fail to create a sustainable business.

Remember, if you want to get rich in blogging (or in any business) you have to set a standard of excellence and stick to it.

How To Approach Small, Medium And Big Bloggers For A Guest Post

picture of Guest BloggingThere are 3 different types of blogs – small, medium and big blogs. Each of them functions very differently and the bloggers that run them think very differently as well.

When you’re contacting other bloggers, you need to make sure you understand which kind of blogger you’re talking to – small, medium or big – and tailor your message to make sure you connect with them appropriately.

Let’s go through how to approach these different types of bloggers when you want to publish a guest post on their blog.

1. Small Blogs

Small blogs are generally Pagerank 2 or less and usually get less than 1000 visitors a day to their site. When you first start out with your own blog, this is your realm – and these are the bloggers you will be working with first. And many of them will want to work with you – because you’re in the same boat at the same time.

It’s important when you’re contacting small bloggers that you understand a few things:

Some small bloggers are not serious about blogging – they just decided to start a blog – so they may not have even listed their contact info on their blog. Furthermore, they may have quit blogging altogether. Make sure you check their site to see if they’ve posted anything recently. If the last post you see is from several years ago, just move on – they’re not actively blogging (on that site) anymore.

Small bloggers rarely get contacted by other bloggers and rarely get asked by someone like you to write a guest article for their site – so most small bloggers are flattered when you genuinely reach out to them asking to collaborate.

This is good – this is great – because it’s these small bloggers who will be crucial to your early success as a blogger. If you post guest articles on 20-30 high quality small blogs with a link back to your blog, you will become one of the larger small bloggers in your niche, almost on the verge of becoming a medium blog. Google will quickly recognize you as a reputable blogger with that many links from other bloggers.

2. Medium Blogs

Medium blogs generally get more than 1000 visitors a day and are usually Pagerank 3, 4 or 5. A medium blog might get up to 5,000 or even 10,000 visitors a day. A medium blog will be most likely be generating decent revenue from advertisements, affiliate sales and sponsorships. Some medium bloggers make a decent living blogging, others are just scraping by.

In general, medium bloggers are usually passionate about their blog and always looking for ways to improve. This is your key to approaching a medium blogger – helping them improve their blog and improve their standing and traffic online. Medium bloggers often accept guest blog posts because there’s just not enough time in the day to generate enough new content to keep their blog buzzing – you could be the answer to their prayers!

When you contact a medium blogger, you will want to make sure you personalize your message to them to let them know you have actually read their blog and actually care about them and their mission. Medium bloggers get enough traffic to where they receive spam, probably daily, from people who want to get links from their site in one way or another. You need to stand out from the competition by writing a relevant, genuine message that will connect with them – and show them how you can add value to their blog by providing high quality content.

If you have some really great relevant articles on your own blog, you can link to them as examples of your work. If you have some nice stats (like your site gets 700 visitors a day) to share with them, that also can make you more credible. But genuinely a medium blogger won’t care about that – they just want to know that you’re an expert who can add value to them by writing a great guest post – and maybe promoting them on social media as well.

3. Big Blogs

Big blogs are in a totally unique position of their own. Big blogs generally get over 10,000 visitors a day, many of them get 50,000 to 100,000 visitors a day. Blogs like TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo, The Verge, and others receive a massive amount of traffic and they are not small blogging operations (anymore) – they are small to medium sized blogging companies. This means they don’t use have one blogger who’s in charge of calling the shots.
Big blogs are generally PR 6 or higher and have an Alexa Rank of 5000 or less.

Big blogs often have a business structure something like this:

  • One owner (or a few partners) who started the blog who may or may not participate in the day to day management anymore.
  • Many writers (5, 10, or even hundreds of writers who are freelance / part-time).
  • A full-time editor who’s in charge of scheduling publications, editing all the articles and making sure it fits their needs and style of blogging.
  • An advertising/PR manager who manages inquiries about advertising on the blog as well as media inquiries (sometimes these functions are split between two people).

This is just the basic structure, obviously every blog will be unique in their own way. But this new structure makes dealing with a big blog MUCH different than dealing with a small or medium blogger.

If you want to write a guest post for one of these big blogs (which will get you MASSIVE traffic and VERY HIGH QUALITY link(s), then you need to make sure you really understand them first.

This is why you always must do research before you even consider contacting a big blog.

Reseaching A Big Blog

When you first find a big blog in your niche that you would LOVE to get a link from – don’t just contact them right away like you would with a small blogger. I highly recommend reading their blog for at least 1 hour – read as many articles as you can, click as many pages as you can. Pay special attention to their “About” section, “Contact Us” section, and any sections related to hiring writers or accepting guest posts or inquiries.

What you want to do with this research is answer these questions:

1. What is the blog about?

You need to know this and not just “technology.” You need to know what kind of posts they post most often, which are the most successful, and what the About page says about what they do and WHY they do it. What makes them tick?

2. How long are the average blog posts?

3. Are there guest posts on the blog?

4. What kind of guest posts are there? (What topics, opinions, and who were the guest authors)

5. Who’s the editor? Who should I contact about guest blogging?

6. What kind of story angle would work best for them?

Once you ask these questions, then you’re ready to start planning your strategy. You need to find a story that will interest that blog enough for them to contact you to ask more. It’s not like they’re going to take your article and instantly publish it – they will want to ask questions and learn more about it most often. Your goal with a big blog is to START A RELATIONSHIP not get just one guest post published.

Honestly, you will probably get rejected most of the time from a big blog. The key is 1) focusing on the relationship and 2) pleasant persistence – continue sending them relevant, useful information that they will hopefully want to use in an article. Trust me, persistence pays off when dealing with these huge blogs – because just one mention could send you thousands or tens of thousands of highly targeted visitors to your site as well as provide you with a PR 6, 7, 8 or 9 link that is worth pure gold.