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Reasons Why Guest Blogging is Very Important

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is like a “give and take” relationship for both the blog site and the owner and the guest blogger because in this way both take benefits. Benefits in a sense that they both create traffic to their sites. It is like a win-win situation for both of them.

Creating a traffic would usually come from guest blogging and therefore guest blogging is very important and advantageous. In this article, we should know clearly the reasons how important guest blogging is.

  • It can build healthy relationships

In the internet or web industry, it is also important that you build relationships, healthy relationships. Because in this way, you could make or build relationship with some bloggers in a few times. At first, this may take time, effort and patience. But don’t give up, you will get also their attention if they know that you are interested and dedicated to what you do.

A single post is not enough because they might ignore you at first. But, continue with what you do because through time, they will also recognize you. And not just that, you can be good friends with other writers and through them, they will also add traffic to your site which is a very great help for you.

  • It can help you improve on what you are doing

Blogging and guest blogging will help you improve in your own field. By posting quality ideas, comments, suggestions and blog post, there would be a great chance that you will be exposed to readers and they may be interested in your work and may visit your site as soon as possible.

That is why, in doing blogs, don’t limit being good and doing well on your own sites but to others as well because there may become a time that you may make use of its benefits.

  • A great Business opportunity

If you keep doing well with your work surely sooner or not later, there would come a time that something will knock on your door and that would be business. If someone will see that you are good at what you are doing, surely they will offer you something, something that you will make a profit on.

  • Wider Audience

If you guest blog, of course, you will not limit your audience to a small set of people, but to a larger group and that would be very helpful for you. So, do not be selfish enough to share your comments with others because it will go back to you as well.

  • Don’t forget to post your link

In guest blogging, link building also takes part and it is also very important. If you are good at what you do, you may attain a better PR standing to other sites and to Google as well.


I hope I helped you a lot in this article . This is very important because many people don’t understand what true Guest blogging is all about and what it could benefit.

Best blogging tips


Blogging has been very popular. From the most popular persons to the most ordinary people, everyone has one. But we must have to remember that it is not about having a blog but having a good blog that everyone should have interest to.

It is very easy to have a blog of your own, what is difficult is to maintain the good context of your blog and the interest of readers. We don’t know what our readers would want to hear but then that is why there are comment boxes for us to hear their sides and opinions and bloggers should consider those.

Here are some blogging tips we should take into account:

  • Post regularly as much as every day. Posting regularly to your account would make your readers not just updated to your post but for you personally. It will turn out that you have a personal connection to your readers which is really good.
  • Make use of the reader’s – friendly post. In writing a post, don’t use a very deep vocabulary that you are the one who can just understand. Choose words that are common and everybody could relate.
  • Make use of guest blogging. In the internet industry, you will not succeed alone but with the help of others most especially other bloggers. Guest blogging would increase traffic and would invite readers to get interested to your blogs.
  • Accept and answer comments. Comments are very important in your blogs because you can hear other ideas and opinions. In this way, you can learn from them and you may improve your work. Always remember that you also need other’s opinion to become a better you, it the same goes with blogging.
  • Linking sites. Linking your sites may help other readers to follow it and view your sites so it will help to add traffic to your site.
  • Easy access. Make sure that your blogs are easily be accessed in order for readers not have difficulty in getting to your sites.
  • Make an inviting title. Titles have a big impact to readers because it is the first part that being read before the content. So, make it a way that title must very enticing.
  • Update your information once in a while. Updating your information will make readers to know you deeply. Not just on the blogging purposes but to personal life as well. The best part of blogging is that you can find new people with the same interest as yours. So, you have things in common and a lot of things to talk about.

You can also learn from others most especially the veterans in blogging. They have the best and many experience in this field so, they may share dew tips for a newbie. Also use these tips as a starter because surely these will help you a lot. Their advices  cannot be found in books because they are experienced based and it will only achieved through time.

10 Ways to Make Your Blog Popular and Interesting To Readers


It takes time to attract readers, Great blogs don’t happen overnight.

In today’s time, blogging has been very popular with everyone and it became a trend already. Everybody has it and if you check it over the web, it has a million of it.
However, the question is: How can you attract readers to love your blogs compare to others? How can you be unique compare to everyone else? How can you make your site worth their time? And the most important is, how can you increase blog traffic to your site?
As a blogger, here are the tips I can share with you:

1. Write at your best and write often

Writing good, quality and useful content blogs could attract readers very well and increase your blog audience. Always make sure that you have meaningful things to say in order for them to maintain their interest and attention. One thing that could also keep them coming back is if they have something to learn from you. Blogging has no rules; you could say whatever in your mind , but be confident that after they have read it, they can get something to gain also.
Another thing is, update your blog regularly as much as possible so that readers could look forward to your new post every day.

2. Make use of the Search Engine

Submitting your blogs in popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! could help you include your blogs in their result pages. In this way, your site could have a great chance to be seen by everybody.
Through search engines, you can also have a great opportunity to be included in the top article which could be very beneficial for you.

3. Respond the Comments

By simply responding to reader’s comments could make them feel that you value their ideas and opinions and through this, they could feel appreciated and thus, their loyalty to you might increase as well.
You must also take note that commenting on other blogs could drive new traffic. It means that if you leave sensible comments to other sites, they might get interested in you. So, if in the event you would like to leave a comment to others, don’t forget to link your URL’s account because surely if readers might find you motivating, they will seek from your opinions more.

4. Set an RSS feed

If you syndicate your blogs with an RSS feed, it will be easy for your readers to know when if ever you published new content.

5. Increasing blog traffic through links and trackbacks

The most powerful part of the blog is the links. It is a great feeling for a blogger that their sites have been linked by someone. Linking sites could assist you get noticed by other bloggers so; they might be a possibility that they could be your new viewers.

6. Make time to tag your posts

Tagging posts could be very time consuming for you but it is worth the time since it can add additional tag traffic to your blog.

7. Blog traffic with the use of images

Images and creative pictures will not just make your site beautiful and attractive but it could be a part of the search engines lists as well. Since people often use Google and Yahoo!, they might search your posted image that could boost blog traffic.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is achieved when you write a guest post to other blogs or other bloggers will post on your blog. This will increase blog traffic and there would be a chance that your blog will be exposed to another audience

9. Join Forums and other social media sites

Leaving a comment in the forums while linking your blog site could give you a great chance that people will visit it and learn new things from you. From then on, they could be your loyal readers if they love your blogs and find you interesting.
Joining in social media such as Facebook and twitters could also help you known by linking your site.

10. Don’t be shy

The most important in the blog community is that you should not be afraid to introduce yourself, share your ideas and ask questions.
Speak out and let everyone noticed you!