Spend Money Wisely and Follow these Tips on How to Save Money

Money is an important thing in order to survive and it is very difficult to get it because we have to get a job in order to have it. Through money, we can have the things we want, make our kids sent to school, help homeless people and share our blessings. There are many positive things money may offer and we should use it in a nice way.

Life is beautiful, it doesn't need to be expensive.

Life is beautiful, it doesn’t need to be expensive.


One disadvantage of money is also, we tend to be superior that we underestimate other people who are people and marginalized and that is not good. We should be thankful for what we received every day, make use for better things or save it for a purpose.

In this article, I’ am helping you to save your hard earned money easily and here are those:

  • Buy the things that are only needed.

One thing to save money is to buy important needs and control yourself from buying unnecessary things. Sometimes we are just deceived by the nice things that are displayed in the malls, and internet shops but in reality, we don’t need them.

Being with friends and peer sometimes makes us crave of the material things that we already have. We just want them to be new so that we can also belong to the group and that is not right.

  • Compare things

Another factor to look at in order to save is the place or location because there are the same products that have different price and it depends on the location to buy. That is why, we also look around or scout around for cheaper price first before buying instantly. We never know we could save a lot to some place.

  • Have a shopping list

Having a shopping list or a guide can keep us stay track of the things we just needed. However, if we have not listed, we may tend to lose track of the things we are needed and may buy things that lure us for that moment. So, it is better to have a list all the time.

  • Have a piggy bank

Piggy bank may seem old school and childish but it can help a lot. It may save a few things from our day to day expenses, but if it is accumulated, we can get a greater amount from it.

  • Don’t over indulged

This is true most especially during pay day. We tend to overindulge in treating ourselves because we think we deserve more. But, we should also control ourselves.

  • Try not to apply for credit cards and other loans

Credit cards and loans have a very high interest which is a waste of money. Having credit card may bring us to higher debts and it is hard for us to control ourselves from swiping our cards because we are very complacent enough that we should not pay as we buy things.

Credit cards and loans are just a temptation for us and we should stand to our ground that we do not need to buy it and we should save because there are still important things in this world and not just material things.

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