Radio and Television Ads vs. Facebook Marketing – No Competition!

Radio Advertising and Marketing

Radio, too, is a dying industry. It’s certainly not as bad as the newspaper industry, but it is changing rapidly.

Today, anyone can create a radio show. It’s called a podcast show or internet radio show and there are millions of them. In fact, I have two internet radio shows myself with thousands of loyal listeners.

And how much did it cost me to attract thousands of loyal listeners to my internet radio show? About $20 a month for hosting. Not a bad investment.

Compare that with radio advertising where you could easily burn through $2,000 a month and still not be sure if it’s actually creating new sales for you.

Radio is dying for a number of reasons. Internet radio shows like mine are certainly a reason – more and more people are tuning into internet radio and podcasts to learn more about the subjects they’re interested in or to listen to the type of music they want to without interruptions from advertisers.

Then there’s Sirius and XM radio and they’ve changed the whole game. Instead of listening to ads and just a few radio stations in your car, you can pay a subscription and get a virtually unlimited selection of radio and avoid all the ads.

There’s also the whole smartphone and ipod revolution. I see more people listening to their iPods in their car than people who still listen to the radio. And why wouldn’t they?

Honestly, if you had the choice of taking a chance with radio music vs. playing your own favorite songs whenever you wanted, which would you choose?

You see, today is the age of modern media. And modern media is all about consumer choice. Consumers want instant access to what they want. They don’t want commercial breaks or yesterday’s news. They don’t want to listen to country when what they really love to hear is jazz. Everything’s changed.

And Facebook is a huge part of that change as you will soon see…

Television Advertising and Marketing

Although some bloggers say the television industry is dying, I don’t agree with them. The television industry is certainly changing but I don’t think it’s dying (yet).

There are still over 100 million cable TV subscribers in the United States and last time I checked the average American was still watching 4 hours of TV a day.

But the industry is definitely changing! Now with Tivo, consumers can never watch a commercial again – and they love that idea!

Although television advertising is still big business, it’s not profitable for 99% of small businesses. Don’t believe me? Go blow $10,000 on a small TV spot and let me know how much profit you make on that deal.

Some people say it’s internet TV that’s killing television but I’m not sure I agree. Sure, YouTube is awesome and so are Netflix and other services online.

But when it comes to YouTube shows vs. Television shows, there’s still a huge gap in quality. This gap is quickly shrinking, however, with more independent online videographers learning about newer, cheaper and more efficient ways to create high quality video online.

The fact of the matter is this: If you want to advertise your small business and have a choice between television and YouTube, YouTube is far better!

First of all, you can test much easier with YouTube. Creating a YouTube video for promoting your business can be done with the iPhone or other smart phone you probably already have (or just borrow your friends’ phone!)

Then, you can promote it with some simple YouTube ads or even Facebook ads. By the time you’ve spent $100 on ads for that video, you will already know whether or not it’s a profitable advertising campaign.

Compare that to traditional TV advertising where it’s probably going to cost you a few thousand dollars JUST to create the video for your spot. Then, air time is going to cost you a lot more.

Which risk would you rather take? Big risk or small risk?

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur, you’d rather test the smaller risk first. I don’t know about you but I’d rather take a small risk and then scale up once it’s profitable rather than take a big risk and hope that I get rich before I go broke. How about you?

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