PHP DIR SUBMIT – Unique SEO Tool for Internet Marketers

Directory submission is useful for getting one way back links to your website. Gone are the days when submission to the article directories was a tedious manual procedure. Now with the help of PHP DIR SUBMIT, a php script that you can use ubmit to the websites directories, articles directories and bookmarks sites at once, no need to submit same information again and again. Not only that, you use it to start your own submission services business and make money online.

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PHP DIR SUBMIT comes with already loaded directories list, there are 300 article directories, 300 website directories and 300 social book marking sites in the list and you have flexibility to add more to that list. You can submit your article to all the directories at once, no need of repeating same exercise for each directory. If you own a website, you don’t have to pay to anybody for promotion. With the help of PHP DIR SUBMIT, you can instantly do it yourself. In addition to this you can submit your website to more than 300 well known social bookmarking websites. PHP DIR SUBMIT helps you improve your website’s ranking by the search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo instantly.

There are many directory submitter software in the market but PHP DIR SUBMIT is different from others. It allows you to manage 3 types of submissions, articles directories, website directories and bookmarking sites in one place. It comes with easy to use administration panel.

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You don’t have to pay upfront money and there is no monthly fee. You can buy credit as per your requirement. At the time of sign up PHP DIR SUBMIT gives you one credit free, which is sufficient to submit one website to all the directories.

So whether you are a marketer or website owner, PHP DIR SUBMIT will help you get more traffic and make more money online.

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