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Why Do We Need to Have Goals in our Life?

Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you will see farther.

Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you will see farther.

The goals are the things we need to accomplish after a task or a series of tasks. We need to have these goals in order for us to set directions in our life. If we could notice that almost all successful men succeed because they have goals in life.

In this article, I will let you know how goals are very important. Even the simple things we do, we really have to set goals. The goals are the basis at the end if we are really satisfied with our lives or not. If we have no goals, we are just fine with whatever things that could happen and what the future would bring. That will not work that way and you will just fall in mediocrity if you allow that. Here are the things why goals are very important:

  • Goals give you direction in life.

This is true, goals will give you directions in life. If you have no goals, you don’t know where to put yourself in. For example, if you set a goal that you will top in a class, you will have a direction in your studies that you will study hard, top the exams and excel in your classroom performance. But if you don’t have a goal as a student, it will turn out that you are going to school for the sake that you can graduate.

  • You are sure that you make your own decision in life.

If you set goals, you really know to yourself that you are the one who set direction in your life. Not your family, friends or your loved ones. I know that we are also not satisfied if someone set directions for ourselves right? So, it is better to set goals for ourselves for us to follow our own directions in life. Not by somebody else.

  • You are sure you get what you want from life.

If we set goals, we achieve the things we want and if we achieve the things we want, we are happy and contented about it. Setting our won goals would also give us the reason to be happy and to be satisfied what we have.

  • Goals could give us self-fulfillment and self- satisfaction.

If we are happy and contented with what we have, we could already achieve self-fulfillment and satisfaction and this could help us grow as a better person.

  • Goals could contribute to our self- worth.

If we work hard for our goals and we achieve it, it could contribute to our self- worth and self-worth cannot be bought in any stores, it is earned over time through our efforts and time. If we have self- worth we can grow holistically as an individual and we felt good about ourselves. If we felt good about ourselves, we can also share it with others and we can have a good relationship to other people as well.

I hope this article can help you a lot. Just always remember the saying that, “Whatever the mind conceived and perceived, he will really achieve”. This is the same through with our goals, even how hard our goals could be, if we put in our mind that we can achieve it, it is really not impossible

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In Twitter search, just type a question such as “your niche” + “help?” For example, “nutrition help?” “web design help?”, etc. This will pop up Tweets from people who are asking questions and need help in your area of expertise. Then you can just answer their questions in a blog post or video, or you can Tweet them and get to know more details about how they need help and turn it into more advanced tutorials and guides, like an ebook or even a training course or seminar.

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Few Things To Keep in Mind When You Hire a Professional Virtual Assistant

A happy employee works really well.

A happy employee works really well.

Sometimes, we are so busy enough in our life and we in our work that we need to hire a Professional Virtual Assistant. A Professional Virtual Assistant is very useful because they are the ones who will represent for us when we are busy, do our thing when we cannot, manage our blog when we have loads of things to work, do blog posts so that we may still continue our site to be updated and much more. There are many positive and helpful things Visual Assistants can offer not just to us but also to our career.

However, hiring and screening virtual assistants is not a =n easy job because we also want to hire the best and here are the things we should consider:

  • Hire a virtual assistant that best suits the job. That is why the most important requirements in the hiring process are the resume and interview. Because in this way, we can know their educational background, work experience, their strengths and weaknesses and their job expectations in which are also suited to ours.
  • Once you know what you are looking for, try to search on the internet or better yet, ask recommendations from families and friends. Maybe they can recommend for you.
  • Once you have found the best professional virtual assistant for you, make an agreement and make sure you both agreed to that agreement. The agreement may include work description, working schedules and pay packages. Make sure that your Virtual assistant is also comfortable with your rules so that they may work better.

Try also to ask questions, suggestions and violent reactions for you to have a good start without further questions.

  • Have a stable means of communication for the both you. Remember that you will be working together so you have to have a stable means of communication for you to reach each other easily.

It is also beneficial if you have questions and problems, you may reach your employer easily.

  • Treat your professional virtual assistant in a nice way. You have to remember that they are a great help for you even though you pay for them. So, you have to treat them nicely and make  a good relationship with them.

Treat them also as one of your family members because they are working for you and they are really a great help. Do not treat them as lower persons because they are also working hard for their families like you. So, treat them fairly and do not forget the magic words when you want something from them. A simple “please and thank you” can melt their heart when they hear it from you.

I hope these tips helped you a lot most especially in hiring professional virtual assistants. If you already have one, take care of them because they are one of your blessings. Remember that you are not as successful as you are right now without them. So, treat them right for them to be happy and remember that a happy employee works well.

Spend Money Wisely and Follow these Tips on How to Save Money

Money is an important thing in order to survive and it is very difficult to get it because we have to get a job in order to have it. Through money, we can have the things we want, make our kids sent to school, help homeless people and share our blessings. There are many positive things money may offer and we should use it in a nice way.

Life is beautiful, it doesn't need to be expensive.

Life is beautiful, it doesn’t need to be expensive.


One disadvantage of money is also, we tend to be superior that we underestimate other people who are people and marginalized and that is not good. We should be thankful for what we received every day, make use for better things or save it for a purpose.

In this article, I’ am helping you to save your hard earned money easily and here are those:

  • Buy the things that are only needed.

One thing to save money is to buy important needs and control yourself from buying unnecessary things. Sometimes we are just deceived by the nice things that are displayed in the malls, and internet shops but in reality, we don’t need them.

Being with friends and peer sometimes makes us crave of the material things that we already have. We just want them to be new so that we can also belong to the group and that is not right.

  • Compare things

Another factor to look at in order to save is the place or location because there are the same products that have different price and it depends on the location to buy. That is why, we also look around or scout around for cheaper price first before buying instantly. We never know we could save a lot to some place.

  • Have a shopping list

Having a shopping list or a guide can keep us stay track of the things we just needed. However, if we have not listed, we may tend to lose track of the things we are needed and may buy things that lure us for that moment. So, it is better to have a list all the time.

  • Have a piggy bank

Piggy bank may seem old school and childish but it can help a lot. It may save a few things from our day to day expenses, but if it is accumulated, we can get a greater amount from it.

  • Don’t over indulged

This is true most especially during pay day. We tend to overindulge in treating ourselves because we think we deserve more. But, we should also control ourselves.

  • Try not to apply for credit cards and other loans

Credit cards and loans have a very high interest which is a waste of money. Having credit card may bring us to higher debts and it is hard for us to control ourselves from swiping our cards because we are very complacent enough that we should not pay as we buy things.

Credit cards and loans are just a temptation for us and we should stand to our ground that we do not need to buy it and we should save because there are still important things in this world and not just material things.

Reasons Why Guest Blogging is Very Important

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is like a “give and take” relationship for both the blog site and the owner and the guest blogger because in this way both take benefits. Benefits in a sense that they both create traffic to their sites. It is like a win-win situation for both of them.

Creating a traffic would usually come from guest blogging and therefore guest blogging is very important and advantageous. In this article, we should know clearly the reasons how important guest blogging is.

  • It can build healthy relationships

In the internet or web industry, it is also important that you build relationships, healthy relationships. Because in this way, you could make or build relationship with some bloggers in a few times. At first, this may take time, effort and patience. But don’t give up, you will get also their attention if they know that you are interested and dedicated to what you do.

A single post is not enough because they might ignore you at first. But, continue with what you do because through time, they will also recognize you. And not just that, you can be good friends with other writers and through them, they will also add traffic to your site which is a very great help for you.

  • It can help you improve on what you are doing

Blogging and guest blogging will help you improve in your own field. By posting quality ideas, comments, suggestions and blog post, there would be a great chance that you will be exposed to readers and they may be interested in your work and may visit your site as soon as possible.

That is why, in doing blogs, don’t limit being good and doing well on your own sites but to others as well because there may become a time that you may make use of its benefits.

  • A great Business opportunity

If you keep doing well with your work surely sooner or not later, there would come a time that something will knock on your door and that would be business. If someone will see that you are good at what you are doing, surely they will offer you something, something that you will make a profit on.

  • Wider Audience

If you guest blog, of course, you will not limit your audience to a small set of people, but to a larger group and that would be very helpful for you. So, do not be selfish enough to share your comments with others because it will go back to you as well.

  • Don’t forget to post your link

In guest blogging, link building also takes part and it is also very important. If you are good at what you do, you may attain a better PR standing to other sites and to Google as well.


I hope I helped you a lot in this article . This is very important because many people don’t understand what true Guest blogging is all about and what it could benefit.

The Secret to a Lifelong Success: Be Motivated

One secret to success is by not losing hope and by being motivated at all times. If we are motivated, we are happy, encouraged and contented of what we do. Whatever hard things are, if we are just motivated to work, it is just an easy job for us. There is no hard or difficult to ask if we love what we do and one secret is to be motivated.

"He is able who thinks he is able." ~Buddha

“He is able who thinks he is able.” ~Buddha

In this article, I will enlighten you on how to still keep track with your lives even though how unmotivated you are. I know there would problems, conflicts and difficulties that would come along but, we should remember that we should not be affected about it.  I hope this motivational technique would help you achieve success in your lives. Here are those:

  • Visualize your goals.

Visualizing your goals would mean that you are also looking forward to reach it. Remember that, “Whatever your mind believe and conceive, you will achieve”. It is the same with your goals, if you keep on visualizing it that you could reach it, it will totally come true.

One tip that would help you a lot is by writing it down on a piece of paper and put it on a place where in you can see it everyday and you will be reminded. In this way, you may not forget it and you may be kept track every day.

  • Write it down

They say, a goal without an action is just a wish. So, don’t let your goals just fall to be just a wish. Try to make it happen every day and it could help if you write it down. Studies would say that writing your goals down, could possibly make it really possible.

So, have a journal so that you could everyday update it and could keep track of you and your goals.

  • Give yourself a treat

Just like children, yourself also needs a treat most especially when you achieved one of your goals. It doesn’t mean that you should achieve it in a snap. Having a progress means that you are improving and you are nearly there and that also means that you have done a great job. So, you deserve a treat or a reward.

The rewards could make you motivated as you go along and as you take action to your other goals.

  • Be confident

This is the most key of all because you can just do it, not by anybody else. This is important because if you are confident, you are positive, and if you are positive, you could do certain actions that could lead you to success.

So, be confident, raise your head up high and say, “I can do it”. You may need also your families, friends and loved one advice, support and love so that it is easier for you to perform things because you know that there are someone behind your back and it is a very nice feeling.

So, always remember that achieving success is never possible if you are just by yourself. You also need others most especially your families.

Common Interview Mistakes That We Should Correct

The interview is a process everyone should undergo before getting into a job. In some, it is a phase wherein the company or the employer could decide whether you are hired or not. However, most people are so nervous and tensed when it comes to this portion. They experienced the fear of the unknown.

We should put in mind that the interview should not be feared because it is not a horror movie because if we feel that way, we may end up useless during the interview process. It should be in a relaxing way just like we are talking to a normal person so that we could say things in a spontaneous way and we are confident.

In this article, I will show to you common interview mistakes that should given appropriate action. We should know these things so that we could avoid it and if we can avoid it, I’ am sure your interview process will go smoothly, easier and better.

A collection of mistakes is called experience, and experience is the key to success.

A collection of mistakes is called experience, and experience is the key to success.

  • Arriving late in the interview

One most important rule during the interview process is by arriving early, as early as 30 minutes before the said time. Arriving late is a big minus point to you and it would mean that you will also be late during your work and it is not a good thing.

This will be a negative on your part if you will arrive late.

  • Dressed in casual

The interview is a formal procedure therefore, you should also dress in formal. It is better to be overdressed that to be underdressed during the interview. Being good looking at the interview means you are very well interested in the job and you prepared for it. Same goes with your work, you are also interested about it.

  • Going to the interview unprepared

Going to the interview unprepared is a minus point still because it also signifies lack of interest. Unprepared means that you do not fix yourself properly, didn’t bring necessary materials, haven’t reviewed about the company and related topics, etc.

Always remember that you always have the things  that are needed or most needed. Beforehand, you must anticipate and prepare these things so that you may not to forget it.

  • Asking about the company

Asking the interviewer about the company means that you don’t research about it because you still have questions. It may also mean that you don’t know your job descriptions before applying. It is a negative thing on your part.

If the interviewer would ask you, you may politely say about your expectations about the company, the job and your fellow employees but not on the company alone.

  • Texting, answering phone calls and unnecessary movements

Texting and calling during a job interview is a big disrespect and disruption. It would reflect that your phone calls and text messages are more important than your interview. You should also avoid unnecessary movements like rolling of eyeballs, snapping of fingers and tapping of feet because it means that you are in a hurry to finish the interview and you are bored.

If you are in the interview, look directly to the interviewer’s eye because it would mean that you are attentive, interested and sincere to your words.

Helpful Tips During Job Interview

ace-the-interviewHaving a job interview is a one time experience that needs a great preparation in order for you to get the job. In some, it is the basis of everything because it will test on how you will answer the interviewer, how presentable you are, how likeable and the most of all, how eager you are in the position you are applying for.

In this article, you are given helpful tips on how to behave during a job interview that will really impress the interviewer and here are those:

  • Arrive on the job interview as early as 30 minutes before the said time. It means that if you can be punctual during the first time, you will be punctual during your work as well.
  • Be prepared and don’t be complacent at all times. If you have experienced many job interviews before, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same again.
  • Avoid distractions before job interview. Concentrate first on your interview and after which, you can do whatever you want to do.
  • Prepare your clothes a day or a night before in order for you not to waste time on searching a perfect outfit on the said date.
  • Make sure that the clothes you will wear is appropriate to the job you are applying. But generally, wear smart casual to formal attire.
  • Review a night before regarding frequently asked questions, you may find that over the internet and you may answer it by yourself.
  • Research about the company and the position you are applying for because for sure you will be asked about it.
  • Consult a friend to have you a mock or sample interviews in order for you to hear other’s comments regarding your answer. It would be very helpful.
  • Don’t dwell much on the social networking sites like Facebooks and Twitters because it will be just an additional distraction.
  • On the day of the interview, have a heavy breakfast so that you may have an energy throughout the day in case the interview may prolong a little time.
  • Review your resume because you will be asked all about what you have written there most especially your short term and long term goals, career plans, expectations and your objectives.
  • Expect that the interviewer will also ask weird questions because they will see how you will react to those questions.
  • Turn off or switch your cell phone a silent mode because it is very distracting if someone will call you in the middle of the interview process.
  • Avoid unnecessary actions like nail biting, tapping of fingers, covering of mouth, etc.
  • Maintain an eye contact at all times because it conveys sincerity and truthfulness.
  • Smile at all times because it gives a positive impact to you.
  • A good sign of confidence is a firm handshake.
  • Don’t be overconfident and don’t be too shy.
  • Don’t say anything negative about your previous employer.
  • Ask questions because it would mean that you are interested.
  • Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview because it is a sign of respect and he/she will remember it all throughout.

Do’s and Dont’s to Remember during Job Interview


Give your best.

Give your best.

Finding a job nowadays is very difficult and unemployment is everywhere. So, once you have a job interview, do your very best to give your everything in order for you to get the job. Don’t lose the chance and grab the opportunity. Just remember how hard it is not having a job.

In this article, I will help you with what to prepare, what to do, what not do and what to expect during a job interview. You may feel nervous at first, but when you  prepared well, confidence is there already.

Rule Number 1: Dress properly!

First impression really last and make the first impression good by dressing appropriately and properly during your job interview. Always remember that the first thing that is noticed before you speak is your physical appearance. This is just a one time interview, so dress as good as you can. Give your best effort when choosing your dress. You must also remember that, your interview outfit  will depend on what industry you wish to apply. For example, if it is office-related, dress in a smart casual to formal like a button down polo or long sleeves with blazer paired with slacks or a high waist skirt and a moderate heel shoe. Wear a neutral tone colors like brown, gray, black and white so that it would look formal. Try to maintain to be conservative also and avoid clothes such as sleeveless or mini skirts.

Rule Number 2: Go to the interview by yourself.

A big “no-no” in the interview is to bring other people that are not related to your job such as your parents, friends, relatives, etc. Make sure that you go there alone because it also symbolizes that you are independent, responsible and you can face any pressure alone without the help of your comfort zone. If someone will  drive for you, you can ask them to wait for you outside that your employer cannot see them because this is not a good start for you and your employer’s relationship if this will happen.

Rule Number 3: Speak at a moderate pace.

Make sure that if you answer an interview question, answer in a moderate pace that everyone could understand because even though how good you answer, but if it is not understandable, it will still be very useless. So, maintain a moderate pace.

Rule Number 4: Be polite and courteous.

The interviewee will really love you if you are very polite and courteous. Greet your interviewer a “good morning” or “good afternoon” before you start a conversation because this is a good initiation of establishing rapport.

Rule Number 5: Don’t be late.

Never ever be late during  job interviews because for sure you will fail the interview and might lose the job. Remember that you are applying and you are trying to show all your positive sides so, make sure that you arrive early. Preferably, you should arrive 30 minutes before for you to have time to prepare, fix your dress, your hair and compose yourself for the interview proper.

Rule Number 6: Be prepared.

The night before, read on the internet frequently asked questions during the interview so that you may have an idea of what to ask from you. being prepared also means you bring certain materials such as pen, pencils, papers, extra photocopies of your resume and credentials, etc.

Rule Number 7: Don’t lie.

Remember that companies conduct a background check and they may still discover some things related to you. So, be honest and tell the truth as soon as possible.

Rule Number 8: Don’t smoke before an interview.

Don’t face your interviewer if you smell tobacco. That is a minus points from you if this will happen. You will look unprofessional and might not be accepted.

Rule Number 9: Turn off cell phones.

Turn off your cell phones or switch it on silent mode during a job interview in order not to have distractions. You will look disrespectful if you entertain text messages or phone calls during the interview.

Rule Number 10: Be enthusiastic!

Be active in answering questions and make the employer feel that you really want the position.

Be Prepared by your Interview by Knowing the Different Interview Types

Interview Types

I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

Applying to a job requires many processes and one which is the interview. Job interview requires a good preparation in order for you to have a wide knowledge and for you to answer the questions with confidence. One thing also to be aware is to know what type of interview you are going in order for you what to expect. In this way, the interviewee will be prepared with whatever questions imposed on him/her and to answer it correctly with confidence.

Different Interview types:

  • Telephone Screening Interview

In this type of interview, it is held via telephone. The interviewer will base your answers more on your verbal response because you will not see face to face. However, the down part of this kind of interview is that, the interviewer cannot see body gestures, body language and cannot maintain eye contact during the interview part. The good part is, it is cost-effective because you will no longer pay for your transportation.

One tip during this type of interview is to answer the interviewer in a lively manner, answer straight to the point and don’t forget to be polite and courteous still. It is still part of the interview however, it is just held through the phone. It will last between 10 to 40 minutes.

  • Individual Interview

This is the normal one on one interview in which the interviewee is interviewed by a single or multiple interviewee. It is also called Personal Interview. It is held after the candidate had passed an entrance examination and certain training. It would usually last from 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Informal Interview

This is not the normal type of interview because it is just more on getting information from the person.

  • Behavior-based Interview

In this kind of interview, the interviewee will assess your behavioral approach towards a certain situation. You are probably given a certain scenario, and you will be tested by your responses. In this kind of interview, your behavior will be assessed such as your teamwork, flexibility, trainability, ability to relate with others, your interactional skills, problem solving abilities, and your skills on how to deal with different people in a certain situation/ situations.

  • Stress Interview

The interviewee will test your patience by giving you some stress and pressure during the interview. The interviewee will test your capacity in handling pressure during stressful events. In this type of interview, the interviewee will discover your strengths and weaknesses.

The strategies used in this type of interview are negative questions, prolonged silence, challenging situations, interruptions during the interview and below the belt questions that will candidates to their limits. As a candidate, just maintain the composure, respect, and answer the interviewee still in a well-mannered way.

  • Committee Interview/ Group Interview/ Panel

A panel of interviewers will ask you at the same time. This will appear very intimidating for you but, just prepare ahead of time in order for you to have solid faith and confidence. One important tip in this kind of interview is to maintain eye contact, respect the interviewees, and be courteous by greeting them.