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Here are some of my top tips for local SEO that will help you get to page 1 in Google, Yahoo! and Bing searches for local search results.

If you’ve got a local business, you can’t afford to ignore the internet anymore. Over 70% of consumers research purchases online before making a decision to visit the local business. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, professional, or entrepreneur you have to get your business in front of people on Google!

Here are some easy, free ways to do it:


Register your business blog at Technorati.com

Register your business on Yellowpages

Use Ping.fm to automate Social Media updates

Use Namechk.com to find new social media sites to register with and protect your brand AND get more backlinks.

Register your products on Google Products


You can hire people on Fiverr for $5 to write a press release and $5 to submit a press release to multiple PR directories and companies. This can help get you many backlinks which will help you get more traffic from search engines. It may also get you landed in some local publicity or even national publicity for your business.

Register on Google Places

You MUST register your business on Google Places. When you do this, if a customer searches for your business or a similar search term (say you own a hair salon and someone Googles “barber”), then your business will pop up in the search engine results AND on Google Maps so people can easily find your business and get directions to it – Thank you Google!

Register your business on Bing.com/businessportal

This is just like Google Places. Register your business here.

Register your business on Yahoo Local Listings

Create an Authority Site or Social Network (ning.com)


You can create your own online radio show on BlogTalkRadio. I prefer podcasting because it’s free, but if you have a large audience who wants to hear more from you, BlogTalkRadio is a great way to take your audience and turn it into a National and International brand.

Podcasting on Podomatic.com

It’s free to start a podcast show on Podomatic. It’s a great way to get exposure, build your brand, connect with your audience, and get traffic to your website.

If your show grows big enough, you can even land corporate sponsors for the show and turn it into an extra source of revenue and cash flow for your business.

Post Powerpoints on Slideshare.net

You can upload a powerpoint and email that link with Slideshare instead of attaching it to emails.  This will save you time and save the time of the people you send it to.

You can also create a link in Slideshare back to your website to build leads and traffic from the huge network on Slideshare.

Use Yext.com

I don’t recommend buying the service from Yext, but they will tell you for free some of the sites you should be registered on for your business to get more local exposure in the search engines.


Get a Do-Follow Link from Alexa

This technique is a bit more complicated now and you’ll need your web designer to help install code on your website or you can hire us to do it for you. Basically, getting a Do-Follow link from Alexa is like pure gold for your search engine authority because Alexa is a very reputable website and holds high esteem in the search engines.

1) Search for your site on Alexa

2) Click “Get More Info”

3) Point the link to that page..


Register on Yelp.com

Yelp is one of the top business review sites out there, if not the best. I know of local business owners who have doubled or tripled their business with Yelp alone!

So create an account on Yelp right away and ask your customers to review your business there.

Register on Foursquare.com

Foursquare is a great way to get social media buzz going for your business and get free marketing to the friends of your customers. They can “check in” to your business and earn points for visiting your business online.

The cool thing is that the friends of your customers who check in on Foursquare will get a notification that they did so – with your business name in that notification. Free Social marketing!

Facebook Fan Pages

Make sure you fill in the info section on your Facebook Fan Page as this is indexed by Google! The more information in your Facebook fan page (ie written content) the better for your search engine rankings.


Payvment is an easy way to sell products directly within Facebook through your Fan Page

Getting Media Publicity

Pitchrate.com, sourcebottle.com.au

Customer Surveys

Do a customer survey for free with Surveymonkey.com and find out what your customers really want. It’s an invaluable way to get more information on how you can better serve your customers and therefore earn better profits.






Capture Testimonials on video and post them online!


Remember!! Over 70% of SEO services out there are either scams or don’t work.

Our SEO services are proven, time-tested techniques for building reputable links in a natural way and improving your search engine rankings with 100% legal and ethical strategies. We use absolutely NO black hat techniques!


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