List Building

Building your list is probably one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever have as an online marketer. It really doesn’t matter if you create a product of your own to make money online – what really matters is the SIZE, ¬†QUALITY, and RESPONSIVENESS of your list.

List Size

List size is key. Many people will say the quality of your list is the only thing that matters…but that’s pure crap! You could have a list of your 10 best friends but I’d rather mail to someone with a 10,000 list that’s mediocre quality because it will get many more clicks and responses.

List Quality

List quality is vital for success in making money online. List quality is all about TARGETING. How targeted is your list? How targeted is your free bonus / free offer / free giveaway? How targeted is your traffic? Maybe you’ve got a super-niche freebie offer but your traffic is from Ethiopia – who cares?! Chances are they won’t buy much.

The best markets for an English speaking internet marketer / product / affiliate (like me) are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Are there other markets you can make money in with English products and websites? Of course! But these are the major markets and I’d suggest starting in them first. In fact, I’d suggest just starting in the U.S. at first if you live in the U.S. because you will understand the lingo and mindset of your own country much better than other countries.

List Responsiveness

Your list has to be responsive. If you have quality traffic, a quality offer, and quality follow-up with quality content, you will get high list responsiveness. If not, you will get horrible response and make very little money! In fact, I’ve seen many ¬†online marketers who never created a good relationship with their list and built a large list (say 25,000 or so) and they couldn’t make enough money from sales to their list each month to even pay for their Aweber bill! How sad is that???

That’s called idiocy.

Look – internet marketing is all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and ADDING VALUE to people. If you don’t build relationships and add value, YOU WON’T MAKE MUCH ANY MONEY!!

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