Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is one of the quickest, easiest and simplest ways to drive traffic to your website. An excellent Facebook Marketing campaign can dramatically boost your traffic, reader engagement, and virality of your site’s content.

Here are some basic Facebook Marketing Tips:

1. How To Name You Fan Page

Basic Formula: ¬†“What You Do” + “Your Name (or company)”

For ¬†example, “Outdoor Gardening Fun with John Smith” is a great name. Why is this a good name if John Smith owns a gardening service? Because every time he comments ANYWHERE on Facebook, people will see that name and if they have any interested in outdoor gardening, chances are they will click it.

Compare that to just “John Smith” and you’ll see why the Outdoor Gardening name will get more response and user engagement.

2. Post 80% Interesting Things

You absolutely must post content on Facebook that gets users talking – they must hit the like, comment and share button. If they don’t, you failed to connect with them. Furthermore, everytime you post content that gets no response, Facebook lowers your EdgeRank (TruthRank) and this means in the future that your status updates will hardly ever be seen by ANYONE (including your own fans!).

So keep your content interesting and fun. Post funny pictures, clever comments, heart-touching stories – things that people will talk about and share naturally. Do this 80% of the time and when the time comes for the 20% sharing about what your company does or promoting your website or offers, people will actually see them.

Here are some examples of good and bad facebook marketing – note the amount of likes, comments and shares:

Bad Facebook Marketing image

An Example of Poor Facebook User EngagementAn Example of Very Good Facebook User Engagement


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