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Online Marketing is all about helping people solve their problems.

When you think of major online businesses, what do you think of…?





All of these businesses solve a problem online. And if you want to make more money online, you’ve got to solve a problem for your customers too!

The keys to successful marketing online are really quite simple. These are the fundamentals of success for marketing online:

1) AMAZING Product or Service

On the internet, more than anywhere else, it is essential to have an AMAZING product or service. You see, on the internet it is SO EASY for a customer to buy something.

It’s SO EASY to buy a baseball bat or a health coach or a book or anything else – WHY should the customer buy it from YOU?

That’s the question you must answer. And the best answer is that you’re product or service is AMAZING! It’s better than anything else out there! Your target customer would be CRAZY not to buy from you.

That’s the best answer.

2) Great Marketing

If you can’t honestly say right now that your product is AMAZING then that’s okay – you can improve it. You can always get better and add more valueThat’s what really GREAT marketing is – adding more value to your customers.

The more value you add, the more your customers will like you. They will think “Gosh, this guy is really helpful. I like him and I’d like to know more of what he knows or learn more about what he has.”

That’s how you turn a mediocre online business into a massive online business – by being SO HELPFUL that your customers just rave about you. Of course they post about you on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else – because your product is just that AWESOME and you’re so helpful because you add so much value.

Do you have a free report, free guidebook, free ebook or free newsletter that helps people and solves their problems? If you don’t, you’re missing out on massive amounts of traffic, you’re missing out on getting more subscribers to your email list, and you’re missing out on adding more value to the marketplace.

3) The Right Systems

Once you’ve got an AMAZING product and great marketing, it’s time to get the right systems in place to automate the business so that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Want to know what bad systems look like? Just call any large publicly traded bank or airline and try to get someone from the corporate office to help you. GOOD LUCK!

You’ll probably be on the phone for 15-30 minutes just to get a very simple question answered or a small change to your account or purchase. Gosh, just makes you LOVE TO BUY from that company, right?

Of course not!

We HATE IT when we’re stuck on the phone for 20 minutes waiting on hold for something so simple to get done. It’s a huge waste of time, and it personally PISSES ME OFF!

So you want to know the key to having good business systems online?


This means you’ve got to have great customer service.

It means you’ve got to have a hot website that is clean, easy to navigate, and very helpful.

You’ve got to deliver what you promise when you promise you will deliver it.

You’ve got to underpromise and overdeliver.

You’ve got to help people solve their problems as fast as humanly possible.

You’ve got to get feedback from your customers.

And most important of all…


You must care about your customers. You must sincerely care about their problems and challenges. You’ve got to look at it from their point of view – why would they even bother to buy from you? What do they really need? What do they really want? How can you give them what they want?

And not only do you have to do all these things…

You absolutely must SYSTEMIZE all of these things so that every time your customers experience great service, they find it easy to navigate your website and get useful information, they get the deliveries ontime, they feel like they got more than they bargained for, they get their problems solved fast, they’re able to give you feedback quickly and easily, and THEY KNOW THAT YOU CARE ABOUT THEM!

This is so important for your success online – systemizing all of this so that the customer has a great experience every time.

4) The Right Technology

Last of all (and least of all), you’ve got to have the right technology for your business to succeed online.

Now, I say least of all because let’s be honest here – if you don’t have an AWESOME product, great marketing, and the right systems, technology will never help you build a great business online.

The only point of technology is to make it easier or more efficient to deliver the AWESOME product, or to do great marketing, or to set up the right systems.

For example, a lot of internet marketers out there are raving about technologies that automate social media – things like or Hootsuite.

But here’s the problem when marketers just focus on technology…

Who cares if you have a social media automation system if you don’t have an awesome product or the right marketing or the right systems?

Who cares about software that drives traffic to your website if the traffic is not targeted? Or if your right systems aren’t in place?

Technology is indeed a crucial key to success in online marketing, but it’s the last piece of the equation. Focus on getting the foundations right – the AWESOME product, the great marketing and the right systems. Then add in the right technologies that make it all work better, faster, and smoother.

That’s a winning online marketing strategy.

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