iPhone Video Hero Review – How To Shoot Videos Like A Pro

Okay so I recently found this AWESOME training program on how to shoot videos like a pro – just using an iPhone. Well, since I have an iPhone and use it to shoot most of my videos, I thought I’d try it out.

I was blown away!!

iPhone Video Hero is the bomb. I’ve never studied videography myself so when it comes to what mic to use or how to properly light a video, I was friggin’ clueless. This training program showed me EVERYTHING I needed to know about how to shoot videos professionally (or semi-professionally). Now, to be honest, I do not want to be a professional videographer at all.

But video marketing is huge now and it’s already become a huge source of traffic, leads and sales for me so I just thought I’d invest in my knowledge a litle bit and learn more to make my videos really shine. iPhone Video Hero definitely helped!

Anyways, I recorded this screen capture video inside the iPhone Video Hero product so that you can see for yourself what it’s like. Check it out below!

What’s In iPhone Video Hero

Controls – How to control your iPhone when shooting video. Everything from ninja tricks for turning on and off the video recording without shaking the camera to sweet remotes you can use to record from a distance.

iPhone Headset and Microphone Tips – everything you need to know about headsets and mics for your iPhone to make sure your sound quality is hot.

Depth of Field – How to focus the iPhone camera when recording and create a movie-like effect in your videos.

Steady Recording – How to hold your iPhone so that the video is not annoying and shaky. I was blown away by this section!!

Audio Tips – How to make your audio quality crystal clear with a low budget.

Low Budget Lighting – How to light your videos very well with just a few dollars.

Filming Yourself – great tips and resources for filming yourself – perfect if you’re a video blogger, author, speaker, teacher or trainer.

How To Get A White Video Background – How to get a flawless white video background that looks professional (think of the Apple ads with the all-white background)

Video Blogging TIps

How To Shoot Videos Outdoors

iPhone Apps for video shooting – like TiltShift Video, Videolicious, Animoto, Magisto Magic, Filmic Pro, iTimeLapse, Action Movie FX, and iMovie.

YouTube Video Editing Tips – great tips for editing videos inside of YouTube (as well as in various apps and video editing programs)

…and much more!

This course had everything I ever wanted to know about shooting high quality marketing videos for my business using the iPhone. You can check out iPhone Video Hero for yourself and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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