Internet Marketing Campaign Essentials

Using good strategies for an Internet marketing campaign is essential to the success of any online business. The world of Internet marketing is always evolving with new conventions and channels for reaching a wider audience. In order to maintain a competitive edge, online businesses need to make sure they are implementing effective marketing campaigns for its brand and market on many platforms. In addition, businesses need to keep abreast to Google’s algorithm updates.

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Dominating your competition online requires using not just one traffic generation strategy, but many interconnected strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Because consumers often use more than one social platform, a strong social influence-marketing program will target multiple social networks. Social media marketing places a brand in front of thousands of consumers, and these platforms are a quick and easy way to gain exposure. Essential social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • My Space
  • Blogosphere
  • Niche Social Platforms

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and is ideal for Internet marketing. There are a number of ways to market on Facebook, including Facebook’s PPC platform. Cost per click is modest, and audiences can be targeted by likes and interests. Facebook also has a notes application where articles can be posted and shared. My Space is an excellent platform for entertainment related businesses and features banner advertisements. Twitter has evolved into a news and brand marketing platform and is ideal for developing and forging personal relationships with customers. YouTube is a powerful marketing platform with custom channels. With engaging video, businesses can expand their brand. Blogger outreach programs can also funnel new customers. Niche social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Café Mom, are ideal platforms to conduct research and focus in on specific niches.

Mobile Internet Website Marketing

Mobile website internet marketing is one of the latest emerging marketing trends. A high-impact marketing campaign that is optimized for the mobile market is a great way to expand a business’s brand. With over 70 percent of Smartphone users using mobile internet combined with 90 million mobile internet subscribers today, many businesses are taking advantage of mobile website marketing. Mobile websites can be optimized for a broad array of mobile devices and integrated with an online commerce system. Mobile websites can include merchandise, coupons and videos and have a click-to-call feature for instant contact. This also makes it easy for consumers to follow brands on social media sites.

Original and Quality Content

A website with original and quality content is vital for high search engine rankings and should be a part of any Internet marketing campaign. With the Panda updates to Google’s algorithm, many high-ranking websites like eHow and Suit 101 have experienced a dramatic decrease in SERP rankings. These sites were penalized for duplicate content, spelling errors, poorly written content and an over-emphasis on keywords. To optimize a website’s ranking in search, it is essential that a site have high quality, updated and original content.

There are many internet marketing strategies, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best. Many factors, such as business industry and competition, will play a role in which platform is most effective. While many marketing gurus feel mobile marketing is the wave of the future and others feel social media is most effective, implementing a broad range of Internet marketing campaigns and staying in-the-loop with new platforms is the best strategy.

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