How To Use TweetAdder To Drive Traffic On Twitter

How to use Twitter to drive traffic?


I used to think Twitter was just a big fad. Some big cosmic joke. Like there were a bunch of rich, successful internet marketers sitting around telling jokes about idiots who tried to used Twitter to drive traffic… because THERE IS NO TRAFFIC ON TWITTER!

I mean I tried for over TWO YEARS to drive traffic on Twitter to my website. In that time period, I got less than 100 clicks!

All that wasted time I spent trying to tweet and drive traffic.

Then…I made a promise to myself that I would MASTER Twitter – no matter what!

So I broke down and spent $55 on TweetAdder. In just a few days, my traffic exploded! I was getting 30-100 hits a day from Twitter within the first THREE DAYS of using Tweet Adder!

So, without any further ado, here is my ultimate (FREE) guide to driving traffic on Twitter, using TweetAdder and some other REALLY COOL strategies.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Twitter

Get ready for mad traffic!

Step 1. Create a Twitter Profile

Go to and create a profile. It is like 2012, ya know.

Step 2. Fill Out Your Profile (With A Good Picture)

Fill out your profile as fully as possible! Use the entire 160 characters Twitter gives you to talk about yourself. Add Hashtags in your profile to get more followers – #TFB #TeamFollowBack and #FF seem to work best. Try also #F4F and #FollowBack if you have extra room!

Step 3. Buy TweetAdder

Buy TweetAdder here and set it up. Here’s how I set my TweetAdder:

I put Tweet Search on Automatic for people who tweet keywords in my niche (for my nutrition blog I used keywords like nutrition, diet, exercise, weight loss, etc.) And I made sure that I only searched for users who speak English.

I also put Follow on Automation with 800 followers a day. I put unfollow on automation with 600 followers a day. Since I get over 300 followers a day, that matches up alright. (By the way, go ahead and follow me @JuiceTom if you like and you can see my Tweeting and traffic generation in action).

I also set tweeting to automatic with no more than 20 posts a day at least 40 minutes apart from each other. I write the tweets ahead of time and add in new tweets to the mix every few days. Write 20-30 good tweets to start and have it automatically post them randomly. It’s ok if you copy the same tweets every couple of days – no one will mind! And it will drive you more traffic.

Make sure you don’t just spam THE SAME EXACT LINK OVER AND OVER. Sure, you want to drive lots of traffic to your squeeze page or sales page. Also drive traffic to each of your individual blog posts though for much better results.

There are lots of other options on Tweetadder, but these are the most important.

Step 4. Buy Twitter Followers On Fiverr

This might be a bit controversial, but so what! It flat out works. Buy at least 20,000 followers on Fiverr for two Fiverrs ($10). Here are the gigs I recommend:

Buy those two gigs and you will be rocking it! Sure, most of the followers are fake. But it will A) give you credibility and B) allow you to use TweetAdder to its fullest potential and not max out at only being able to follow 2000 people at a time. When you have 20,000+ followers, you can follow up to 20,000 people or more! So there’s no limits to how fast you can grow with TweetAdder (Except for the internal daily following limits imposed by Twitter which seem to be somewhere between 500 and 1000 a day for smaller accounts).

Step 5. Grow The Twitter Conversations

I promise you, the Twitter mentions and interactions will grow tremendously when you apply these simple steps and processes to grow your Twitter account and increase your traffic. You will get mentions daily so make sure you login and respond to people!! This will dramatically increase your traffic and trust in your network. Otherwise, you’re just a spamming robot account and no one wants that. So respond to the conversations and use the automations tools of TweetAdder and you’ll be good to go.

P.S. If you didn’t buy TweetAdder yet, please do so here through my affiliate link (It’s worth every penny!)

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