How To Treat Your Affiliates: LeadsMarket Case Study

As anyone who’s an affiliate marketer can tell you, it can be a huge pain in the ass bank account to work with some merchants – they don’t pay, they pay too slow, they close up business before sending our checks, etc, etc… As an affiliate marketer, you just have to understand that every once in awhile you’re going to end up doing business with some jerk who will try to rip you off.

That is, unless you only use Clickbank – but if you do, then you’re limiting yourself from earning a lot more income from promoting some great programs that are managed outside of Clickbank. A lot of merchants use Infusionsoft or another backend because it allows them to reduce their overhead without the CB fees, and even allows them to pay 2nd tier commissions to affiliates – which can definitely add up for big super affiliates.

Here’s what you should look for in any affiliate program to make sure it’s going to be a good partnership – and that you’re going to get paid.

LeadsMarket Case Study

LeadsMarket is a marketplace for affiliates to sell payday loan leads all online. They definitely have the best payday loan affiliate program on the internet.

Here’s what they do:

Treat Affiliates Like Business Partners

They treat every affiliate like a long term business partner – even the smaller ones. Why? Because you never know when that one small affiliate who’s only doing a few leads a month will turn into hundreds and thousands of leads a month.

Affiliate Exclusivity

When an affiliate is going to promote something to their list or through PPC or some other way, they want to know that what they’re promoting is unique and different. Why? Because that’s what the customer wants! So make the affiliates and customers happy by giving the affiliates exclusivity on any promotions. Don’t try to cheat your affiliates by offering the same deal at a better price somewhere else.

Pay Good Affiliate Commissions

I laugh everytime I see an affiliate program paying 20% commissions on digital products or services. Like – are you serious? This is the year 2012. Pay at least 50% commissions on digital products or get out of the business. Trying to pay affiliates 20% is degrading.

LeadsMarket gives the highest payouts they possibly can and they offer bonuses on top – that’s what you should do with your affiliate program. Pay high commissions AND give great bonuses. Why? Because your affiliates WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! And that’s how you turn a one-time launch into an evergreen money machine.

Constantly Optimize Campaigns

The funny thing about those merchants who pay 20% commissions… they never update or even test their campaigns, banners, or landing pages. Good affiliates want good merchants – the ones who will invest in testing every aspect of the affiliate program and constantly improve on it. Kaizen!

Affiliate Support

One of the biggest turn-offs for me as an affiliate marketer is bad affiliate support. If the company won’t even help me with my question, HOW ARE THEY TREATING MY LEADS??? If a merchant has bad affiliate support, don’t even work with them.

Affiliate Stats

If they don’t have good affiliate stats, then why bother? If they don’t even care enough to give you stats, then they probably aren’t checking their own stats – which means they have no frickin’ clue what customers want.

Designing Your Own Affiliate Program

Now that you know what a good affiliate program looks like… go design your own and earn some cash!

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