How To Start a Blog That Matters Review

So I found an AMAZING blog training course. It’s called How To Start a Blog That Matters and I’ve created 13 review videos about it that you can check out below that cover the 13 weeks of training.

The course was designed by Corbett Barr, the founder of Think Traffic, one of the top blogs in the online marketing space. He has several successful blogs that get a over 100,000 visitors a month combined. And he earns a great income from his blogs – cool?

So if you want to learn how to start a blog that matters I highly recommend his course.

I like the course because it actually teaches the real no-BS way to build a successful blog. It’s not about automated software, autoblogging, spamming or any of that crap that other internet marketers like to do.

In the course, Corbett actually interviews Leo Babauta, the founder of the Zen Habits blog, one of the top 100 blogs in the world! Leo talks about what he did that made his site so successful early on – and it has nothing to do with automated software, spamming or “keyword research.” It’s all about creating GREAT content and helping your readers solve a problem!

There is no shortcut to success when it comes to online marketing or blogging. Anyone who wants to get rich in this business has to do it by helping the customer get what they want. If you can do that, you’re golden.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

Week 1. How to Choose your Niche

Week 2. How To Name and Brand Your Blog for Success

Week 3. How to Design Your Blog

Week 4. How to Create an Awesome Social Media Strategy

Week 5. Develop your Launch Plan

Week 6. Learn How To Create Great Blog Content

Week 7. How To Develop Your Launch Content

Week 8. Launch Week! Step-by-step launch

Week 9. How To Connect and Collaborate with Other bloggers

Week 10. How To Build a Thriving Audience for your blog

Week 11. How To Expand Your Reach with Press, PR, YouTube and Podcasting

Week 12. How To Monetize Your Blog

Week 13. How To Take it To The Next Level as a blogger


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