How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks – Best-Selling Author Bev Flaxington Interview

Want to learn how to sell more Kindle ebooks on Amazon? I’m starting a series of interviews with bestselling self published Kindle authors who are going to share their secrets of self-publishing success with the world. Excited?

Well today we just posted the first author interview! I interviewed Bev Flaxington, International Bestselling and Gold-award winning author of Understanding Other People. Bev shares her secrets of self publishing success. In her best month, she earned over $12,000 in royalties! Who said you can’t earn a great living as a self published author?

In the interview, Bev shares her strategies for success, including investing in creating a professional book with a high quality book cover, professional editing and graphics. Bev also blogs regularly to promote her work as an author and does as much PR as possible. She has now hired a PR firm to help with media exposure, using her book royalties to pay for the investment.

Bev recommends using free publicity sources including HARO, ReporterConnection and PitchRate. Bev says chunk it down with your nonfiction books – less is more! Don’t overwhelm readers with too much content – just give them what they need and leave out the fluff.

You can watch the interview with Bev below!

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