How To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Likes

I use many strategies to grow my Facebook likes. Before I share them, I want to point out that you DO NOT WANT to increase the likes on your Fan Page – you want to increase the number of targeted fans you have.

For example, many people make the mistake of buying fans or doing “like exchanges” with other fan page owners. These are huge mistakes – and they will cost you money instead of put money in your pocket. The reason is that “dead fans” – fans who are not engaged with your brand or are fake or spam profiles – cost you money when you advertise and decrease your Edgerank.

For example, if you have 10,000 fans and 5,000 are fake profiles that you bought, your posts will be seen by far fewer REAL people than a competitor’s fan page with 5,000 real fans and 0 fake fans. Furthermore, if you “promote a post” on your Fan Page, you’re paying to have your posts be seen by fake profiles – which is a waste of money.

Okay, with that aside, here’s how I grow my Fan Page likes with targeted fans:

How To Get More Facebook Fans

  • Buy targeted ads to potential customers and lead them to a Facebook tab within your page that contains an e-mail opt-in form – giving your business new leads while increasing your likes. I’ve found the ROI on this to be much higher than Google Adwords or other PPC campaigns.
  • Install a Facebook Like Box on your blog and websites – put it prominently on the top of the sidebar above the fold for maximum likes.
  • Install a Facebook Like Button on any download pages, opt-in pages, thank-you pages, or other similar pages on your websites. This not only adds credibility for your business, but it will result in extra likes.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page.
  • Run a Facebook contest or sweepstakes and give away prizes that are valuable to your target customer.

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