How To Get Started Using Twitter

If you’ve ever struggled with technology or trying to figure out how to do something for the first time, then you know how frustrating and difficult it can be just to learn how to use a new technology, let alone master it!

But don’t worry – I’m not going to let you get quit before you get started. I’m going to show you she simple No-Fuss way to setup and monetize your Twitter account(s).

This chapter is for you if you’re COMPLETELY new to Twitter and if you want to get back to the basics of making money using Twitter.

I’m going to walk you through step by step how to create a Twitter account, what to do once you create it, and some awesome tips that will save you time, money and energy when it comes to your marketing efforts on Twitter.

The No-Fuss System For Creating A Twitter Account

Step 1. Go To

You should see a box that says “New to Twitter? Sign up!”

Step 2. Just fill in your full name, email and password.

Step 3. Next, you will have to choose your Username.

MONEYMAKING TIP: When you choose your Twitter username, there are several factors you should consider. First, how long is it? Usernames that are shorter are much better because Twitter has a limit to the number of characters in a Tweet (140 characters max!).

When someone mentions you in a Tweet (They Tweet publicly to you, to see an example of a Twitter Mention, see here:, the longer your username is, the less they can type in the mention. This especially becomes a problem when people are retweeting you – because the message will be cutoff if your username is too long. So, go for a shorter username if you can.

What Makes A Good Twitter Username (Handle)?

Good Twitter Handles should be descriptive and/or branded. So, if your company’s name is Excel, your username should be Excel or ExcelHelp or OfficialExcel. If you’re business is teaching others to use Excel well, a username like HelpWithExcel would be great!

Got it?

Action Step: Choose your new username and create your new Twitter account. Then login and write your first Tweet!

The Awesome Tweet Writing System

Now you’re ready to write some Tweets… but what should you write?

Don’t worry – EVERYONE always wonders that before they get started Tweeting. It’s a natural part of the process of learning something new and expressing yourself creatively in a new way.

Before I show you the simple system for creating your Tweets, here’s what you need to know about the basics of Tweeting:

Twitter Rule: All Tweets are limited to 140 characters maximum.

Twitter Rule: Links are automatically shortened on Twitter. This means, if you have a really long URL you’re linking to, Twitter will automatically shorten it for you (saving you a lot of time and effort!)

Twitter Rule: Pictures and video links will be viewable within and watchable directly inside Twitter.

MONEYMAKING TIP: When you write a Tweet, make it interesting, funny, fun, educational or entertaining. People respond more based on emotion than anything else. Also, mysterious Tweets can be very useful.

Here are some examples of GREAT Tweets:

The Tweeting Traffic System

If you want people to read your tweets, click your link, visit your website and buy from you, then you have to write Tweets that ENGAGE them. Here are the

1. The Trail Off Tweet

The trail off is a powerful tweet because it leaves a question in the readers mind which MUST be answered – by following your link or taking some desirable marketing action.

Trail Off Tweet In Action

Tweet: “Over 100 years ago, Dr. Max Gerson discovered a nutritional protocol that helped people heal from cancer… #cancer”

Why It Works: This Tweet is good because it hits the hot buzzword – “Cancer”, lets people know there’s a nutritional protocol for it discovered 100 years ago, and then trails off… so if you want to read more you MUST click the link! And the CTR (Click Through Rate) of this Tweet was off the charts for me.

MONEYMAKING TIP: Try to include at least one hashtag in all your information and educational tweets – this serves as a tracking device your followers can use to follow the conversation more easily and can also help you get exposure for your Tweets to people who may not even know you! In short, adding a hashtag to your tweet (like #cancer) can increase your marketing reach.

2.    The Call Out Tweet

The Call Out Tweet is where you directly mention a person or group of people – forcing them to pay attention and want to learn more about it or respond in some way

The Call Out Tweet In Action

Tweet: “The best foods for Men’s health! – What every man needs to know to stay healthy and protect themselves.”

Why It Works: The Call Out Tweet is great because it calls out a person or group specifically. If you’re a man and you’re interested in health, you will probably click the link to learn more.

What’s also interesting is that even if you’re NOT a man – if you’re a woman, you will click the link if you’re interested in men’s health (maybe a wife is interested in learning for her husband). So what this Tweet essentially does is draw attention directly from the demographic that you want to reach – and compels them to want to learn more.

3. The FFF Tweet

FFF Stands for “Fun, Fascinating, or Funny.” An FFF tweet is going to get you the biggest response in most situations (depending on your industry) because if someone laughs, smiles, or feels good after  reading your tweet, they are much more likely to retweet it. These Tweets generally get 2-3x as many retweets as any other Tweet I’ve tried – so use them as much as you can!

The FFF Tweet In Action

Tweet: “One should eat to live, not live to eat.” -Benjamin Franklin

Why It Works: This Tweet is great because it’s a quote, it’s interesting, it’s funny because it’s a play on words, and everyone likes Ben Franklin.

Notice there are no links in this Tweet (although you could add one if it was relevant) – it’s just informative, educational and interesting. It’s a PURE CONTENT Tweet – not a sales pitch. It’s VERY important on Twitter to create good content, not just always trying to sell stuff.

4.   The CCC Tweet

CCC Stands for “Cute, Controversial or Cool” and these Tweets also get great response and tend to be retweeted quite a lot. In fact, you will find that on Twitter, there are many controversial Tweeters who seem to do nothing but stir up controversy and receive massive followers and traffic because of it.

Note About Controversy: I would just be cautious in your business that you only use controversy when it’s relevant to your audience and will help your image rather than hurt it.

The CCC Tweet In Action

Tweet: What’s trending right now in the US? #Cancer #Obesity #Autism #Alzheimer’s #Diabetes #Crohn’s

Why It Works: This Tweet is controversial – largely because people just don’t want to talk about how bad our health has become as a nation. Certainly, it’s not as controversial as saying the President is an idiot (I always stay away from Politics when it comes to Social Media – because it does not attract customers to you!) but there are certainly people who would disagree and say so publicly.

Sometimes, a bit of argument is a good thing. If everyone just agrees with everything you’re Tweeting, then you’re not really Tweeting anything of substance – so just know that if there are detractors, it’s a good thing! I’ve never seen a successful business that didn’t have people who loved it and people who hated it.

More Ideas For Tweets

Awesome Twitter Tool Tip: Use Buffer to get awesome Tweet suggestions and schedule them for the future with one click. If you can’t think of what to write for your first Tweet or what to Tweet in general, just go to and Buffer will suggest some great Tweets just for you!

I HIGHLY recommend using Buffer. It’s free, fast, easy to use and has dramatically improved my retweets, traffic and followers on Twitter.

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