How To Customize Your Kindle Book Description Using Amazon HTML Tags

There’s a little known secret for those of us who publish books on Amazon Kindle. You can customize your book description using HTML to create headlines, center and justify text, insert images, create italics, bold and underlines and even use those nifty orange headlines that you see on

How Amazon HTML Works

If you’re already familiar with HTML, all you need to know is that Amazon does not use typical HTML characters. Instead of using < and > for tags, it uses &lt; and &gt; (standing for less than and greater than).

For those of you who have no idea what HTML is, a typical HTML code looks something like this:

<h2>How To Sell More Kindle Books</h2>

This code would look something like this if implemented on a website:

How To Sell More Kindle Books

H2 is an HTML “tag” that sets the text INSIDE that tag to a “Heading 2” font. What Heading 2 is depends on the platform you use (your WordPress site theme or, in the case of your Kindle book descriptions, the theme that Amazon uses).

So you need to replace the tags including < and > symbols to the appropriate tags that Amazon can read. Whereas a normal H2 tag in HTML would look like this: <h2>HEADLINE</h2> on Amazon it looks like this: &lt;HEADLINE&gt; – weird, right?

For those of you who have no idea what HTML is or what I just wrote, don’t worry! All you have to do is copy and paste these HTML codes below into your Amazon book description to make your book descriptions look AMAZING on your Amazon book page!

Custom Amazon HTML Tags Step-By-Step

Here’s what you can do using Amazon’s HTML tags:

1. H2 Orange Headlines

Special Amazon HTML Code: &lt;h2&gt;INSERT YOUR HEADLINE HERE&lt;/h2&gt;

What it looks like:

Amazon HTML Orange Headlines picture

The text in the red circles is what your headlines will look like using these H2 tags on Amazon.

For H1, H3, H4, etc. headlines, just replace the “H2” in the code with “H1” for big black headlines or H3 for smaller headlines, etc.

2. Centered Headlines

To center your text, just use this code: &lt;center&gt;INSERT YOUR HEADLINE HERE&lt;/center&gt;

To use center and an H2 headline together, copy this code:
&lt;center&gt;&lt;h2&gt;INSERT YOUR HEADLINE HERE&lt;/center&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;

3. Bold

To use bold text, copy this code: &lt;b&gt;INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/b&gt;

4. Italics

To use italics text, copy this code: &lt;i&gt;INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/i&gt;

5. Underlined

To use underlined text, copy this code: &lt;u&gt;INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/u&gt;

6. Inserting Images

To insert an image, copy this code: &lt;img src=”” align=”left”&gt;

Note: Replace the http:// portion with the url of your picture you want to insert. Your picture should be around 200 pixels high to look best. If your picture is too big, you will have to resize it using an image editing program. I also recommend shortening your image URL using a free URL shortener like

You will have to upload your picture to a website somewhere. If you don’t know how to upload it to your own website, you can use Flickr or Facebook. Then, simply right-click the picture and click “Copy Image URL” and then paste that URL into the shortener and then paste that shortened URL into the Amazon html code above

Copy image url picture

Right-click your picture from Facebook, Flickr or your website and click “Copy image URL.” Then paste that URL in the Amazon html code above to insert that picture in your Amazon book description.

Having trouble with your book description and HTML? Just post your questions and comments here and I’ll be happy to help!

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