How Blog Commenting Can Increase Your Web Traffic

Anyone involved in internet marketing or who publishes a website understands the need to increase the amount of traffic they receive. Online advertising can be very expensive, and as an intelligent publisher you want to look for ways to save money and get as much free but relevant traffic as possible.

Although there are several effective website marketing methods of bringing new traffic to a site, one that is simple and works well is blog commenting. Leaving relevant comments on other people’s blogs that are in your niche helps drive traffic by way of increasing your search engine rank through back linking. Even though this is an easy method, there are some right and wrong ways of going about the process.
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For those who may be new to the concept, when you comment on another blog you receive a backlink to your own website. Considered an effective marketing strategy, blog commenting creates backlinks because you will include your website URL.
A backlink is an incoming link to a site or page, and these are what Google adores and looks for when ranking a site. But not only are backlinks made, but the comment itself will increase your online presence and authority in your niche. So effectively, you can increase traffic and at the same time reach a new audience.
When you begin looking for blogs to comment on, you should be careful to select blogs that are either in the same niche or in one that complements your site and that have a higher page rank. Website marketing works best when the links to other sites are related in some way.
For example, if you publish a website about baking cakes, then look for blogs that are basically in the same topic or niche. An online search for ‘baking blogs’ could render a list of blogs that would be a good match. Another good strategy of finding related blogs is to create something called a Google Alert using keywords also related to your website. Whenever a blog post is made with that particular keyword, you will receive an email alert and can go make a comment on that blog.
After some quality ranked blogs have been identified, make certain that the blog has a ‘do follow’ tag so that the link will count with the search engines. If the blog does not have a ‘do follow’ tag there will be no ‘link love’ created.
Make sure you read the blog posts and find one that you like and then leave a genuine comment instead of some junk that many spammers like to leave just in an attempt to get a backlink. Keep in mind that most blog owners moderate their blog comments before approving them and will delete what appears to be spam.
Blog commenting is an effective website marketing strategy that many publishers and site owners implement regularly as part of their site marketing mix. By finding blogs that are related to your own niche and by also leaving honest comments that do not scream ‘spam’, your website’s traffic will eventually increase along with your level of credibility as a website publisher.

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