Hot New List of Headlines For Your Blog

I just recently attended the Ultimate Membership Site Seminar with Alex Mandossian, Chris Farrell and Andrew Lock. While at this amazing course where I built my natural weight loss membership site in just 3 days, Andrew shared some incredibly powerful headlines that you can use for any of your online content – on your  blog, with your membership sites, facebook posts, or anywhere else you want to grab your readers’ attention.

This list of headlines will help you greatly increase your speed of producing content and the interaction you get with people. Just changing a decent headline to one of these powerful headlines can dramatically improve the feedback and response you get from your articles.

By the way, if you’re wondering where these headlines came from, Andrew had one of his assistants write down all the headlines from over 100 national magazines. So these are headlines that the magazine companies have spent millions of dollars researching and testing and they’re proven to work!

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Tried and Tested List of Headlines

7 Ways to ________________

Hot New ________________

Sleek New ________________

Radical New ________________

New ________________ Sensation

Best ________________ Revealed

What’s New? ________________

How to ________________

The Ultimate ________________

Tried & Tested ________________

Buyer Beware! ________________

Experience ________________

Getting the Best ________________ From ________________

The Best Budget ________________

Award Winning ________________

Your Dream ________________

Cutting Edge ________________

It’s Here! ________________ Amazing ________________

Instant ________________

Insider’s Report on ________________

Hands-On ________________

Step By Step ________________

In Search Of ________________

How to Fix ________________

Budget Solutions For ________________

________________ You Can Finally Afford

Next Generation ________________

I Want That! ________________

8 Easy Ways To ________________

________________ – Get It or Forget It?

Simplifying ________________

BEWARE! ________________

60 Second Solutions For ________________

Choosing the Right ________________

The Most Inspiring ________________ Ever

The Best Plan For ________________

Turn Any ________________ Into A ________________

Cost Effective Solutions For ________________

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