Do’s and Dont’s to Remember during Job Interview


Give your best.

Give your best.

Finding a job nowadays is very difficult and unemployment is everywhere. So, once you have a job interview, do your very best to give your everything in order for you to get the job. Don’t lose the chance and grab the opportunity. Just remember how hard it is not having a job.

In this article, I will help you with what to prepare, what to do, what not do and what to expect during a job interview. You may feel nervous at first, but when you  prepared well, confidence is there already.

Rule Number 1: Dress properly!

First impression really last and make the first impression good by dressing appropriately and properly during your job interview. Always remember that the first thing that is noticed before you speak is your physical appearance. This is just a one time interview, so dress as good as you can. Give your best effort when choosing your dress. You must also remember that, your interview outfit  will depend on what industry you wish to apply. For example, if it is office-related, dress in a smart casual to formal like a button down polo or long sleeves with blazer paired with slacks or a high waist skirt and a moderate heel shoe. Wear a neutral tone colors like brown, gray, black and white so that it would look formal. Try to maintain to be conservative also and avoid clothes such as sleeveless or mini skirts.

Rule Number 2: Go to the interview by yourself.

A big “no-no” in the interview is to bring other people that are not related to your job such as your parents, friends, relatives, etc. Make sure that you go there alone because it also symbolizes that you are independent, responsible and you can face any pressure alone without the help of your comfort zone. If someone will  drive for you, you can ask them to wait for you outside that your employer cannot see them because this is not a good start for you and your employer’s relationship if this will happen.

Rule Number 3: Speak at a moderate pace.

Make sure that if you answer an interview question, answer in a moderate pace that everyone could understand because even though how good you answer, but if it is not understandable, it will still be very useless. So, maintain a moderate pace.

Rule Number 4: Be polite and courteous.

The interviewee will really love you if you are very polite and courteous. Greet your interviewer a “good morning” or “good afternoon” before you start a conversation because this is a good initiation of establishing rapport.

Rule Number 5: Don’t be late.

Never ever be late during  job interviews because for sure you will fail the interview and might lose the job. Remember that you are applying and you are trying to show all your positive sides so, make sure that you arrive early. Preferably, you should arrive 30 minutes before for you to have time to prepare, fix your dress, your hair and compose yourself for the interview proper.

Rule Number 6: Be prepared.

The night before, read on the internet frequently asked questions during the interview so that you may have an idea of what to ask from you. being prepared also means you bring certain materials such as pen, pencils, papers, extra photocopies of your resume and credentials, etc.

Rule Number 7: Don’t lie.

Remember that companies conduct a background check and they may still discover some things related to you. So, be honest and tell the truth as soon as possible.

Rule Number 8: Don’t smoke before an interview.

Don’t face your interviewer if you smell tobacco. That is a minus points from you if this will happen. You will look unprofessional and might not be accepted.

Rule Number 9: Turn off cell phones.

Turn off your cell phones or switch it on silent mode during a job interview in order not to have distractions. You will look disrespectful if you entertain text messages or phone calls during the interview.

Rule Number 10: Be enthusiastic!

Be active in answering questions and make the employer feel that you really want the position.

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