Does Working Harder Work?

I’ve seen lots of successful and unsuccessful internet marketers in my career. A lot of people (who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to success) say that working hard, long hours is the key that separates those who succeed from those who fail… but is that really true?

Anyone who’s ever become a successful entrepreneur knows what it means to work hard… 50, 60, 70 hours a week? Hah! Not for a real entrepreneur. It’s more like 100 or more hours a week oftentimes, making business calls during meals, sacrificing social events for business, and generally doing whatever it takes (legally, ethically and morally) to succeed in business!

Yet, I’ve seen plenty of entrepreneurs fail miserably working hard… and eventually quit altogether, going back to a job and giving up on their entrepreneurial dreams. Hey, there’s no shame in failing and trying. Heck, trying and failing in business is more success than most people achieve in a lifetime. But is working hard the only way to the top?

On this point, I must be honest with myself – working hard is NOT the key to success. No, it’s not even close. I’ve met too many brilliant, successful, wealthy entrepreneurs who work a very reasonable, or even light schedule, yet who continue to grow their businesses at incredible rates. How do they do it?

Thinking Time

All mega-successful people I have met universally share a practice that Keith Cunningham calls “thinking time.” Thinking time is scheduling time alone, by yourself, asking questions, thinking, pondering, reviewing the past, learning from mistakes, and planning for the future. It’s time well spent. And, honestly, it’s even more productive than…well working!

Yes, I believe that thinking is much more productive of an activity than working. Don’t believe me?

Well, look at any factory. Thousands of workers work hard days and long hours in the factory – work, work, work. Many of them work overtime. More work! Yet who gets paid the most? Who’s responsible for making decisions that could double production? The manager, executive or entrepreneur, that’s who! And what would they be doing in the office in the middle of the day, or late at night before they go to sleep? Why, they’d be THINKING about the business, right?

So thinking is truly much more productive than actually working or producing.

Are you spending enough time thinking about your business?


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