Create Awesome Interviews Review – How To Start A Web TV Show

Do you dream of hosting your own Internet TV show and becoming the next internet millionaire?

Well now you can!

David Siteman Garland has created an amazing training course for anyone who wants to start a web based interview show and turn it into a six or seven figure business. David should know because his show The Rise To The Top has hundreds of thousands of raving fan listeners every month – and he earns a huge income from it.

In his course called Create Awesome Interviews, David shares his secrets for:

  • How to go from broke to over six-figures in less than 2 years!
  • How to create your web based interview show and get your show on iTunes as a podcast
  • How to get all the technology set up and taken care of without spending money
  • How to get world-class guests begging to be interviewed on your show!
  • How to monetize your show through sponsorships and affiliate sales
  • How to outsource all the grunt work so that you only have to work a few hours a week
…and much more!

This course has everything you need to know to start a successful internet interview show and turn it into a booming business! Check it out here.

Create Awesome Interviews Coupon Code

Currently there are is no active Create Awesome Interviews discount code but you can grab the course here.

Create Awesome Interviews Scam

With every training product online, especially the ones that teach you how to build a business, there will always be unhappy broke people who complain that it’s just a scam. But Create Awesome Interviews is not a scam – it’s a real training program for people who are serious about creating a web TV show and turning it into a real business.

If you’re willing to do the work, you can create a profitable online business.

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