Common Interview Mistakes That We Should Correct

The interview is a process everyone should undergo before getting into a job. In some, it is a phase wherein the company or the employer could decide whether you are hired or not. However, most people are so nervous and tensed when it comes to this portion. They experienced the fear of the unknown.

We should put in mind that the interview should not be feared because it is not a horror movie because if we feel that way, we may end up useless during the interview process. It should be in a relaxing way just like we are talking to a normal person so that we could say things in a spontaneous way and we are confident.

In this article, I will show to you common interview mistakes that should given appropriate action. We should know these things so that we could avoid it and if we can avoid it, I’ am sure your interview process will go smoothly, easier and better.

A collection of mistakes is called experience, and experience is the key to success.

A collection of mistakes is called experience, and experience is the key to success.

  • Arriving late in the interview

One most important rule during the interview process is by arriving early, as early as 30 minutes before the said time. Arriving late is a big minus point to you and it would mean that you will also be late during your work and it is not a good thing.

This will be a negative on your part if you will arrive late.

  • Dressed in casual

The interview is a formal procedure therefore, you should also dress in formal. It is better to be overdressed that to be underdressed during the interview. Being good looking at the interview means you are very well interested in the job and you prepared for it. Same goes with your work, you are also interested about it.

  • Going to the interview unprepared

Going to the interview unprepared is a minus point still because it also signifies lack of interest. Unprepared means that you do not fix yourself properly, didn’t bring necessary materials, haven’t reviewed about the company and related topics, etc.

Always remember that you always have the things  that are needed or most needed. Beforehand, you must anticipate and prepare these things so that you may not to forget it.

  • Asking about the company

Asking the interviewer about the company means that you don’t research about it because you still have questions. It may also mean that you don’t know your job descriptions before applying. It is a negative thing on your part.

If the interviewer would ask you, you may politely say about your expectations about the company, the job and your fellow employees but not on the company alone.

  • Texting, answering phone calls and unnecessary movements

Texting and calling during a job interview is a big disrespect and disruption. It would reflect that your phone calls and text messages are more important than your interview. You should also avoid unnecessary movements like rolling of eyeballs, snapping of fingers and tapping of feet because it means that you are in a hurry to finish the interview and you are bored.

If you are in the interview, look directly to the interviewer’s eye because it would mean that you are attentive, interested and sincere to your words.

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