Clarifying Twitter Rules for New Users

The internet is filled with numerous Twitter guides that only specialize in telling you what to do but rarely go further to explain how it should be done leaving many new Twitter users in complete confusion.

When you join Twitter, you might finding a “tweeting”, or messaging, balance might prove challenging at first. However, this should not lead you to worry. It is expected and most Twitter users have been in the same situation therefore you should not give up. This guide will be of great benefit in shaping your Twitter habits especially if you have been taking in numerous tips from all over and are yet to see positive results.

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The necessary rules and tips that aid new users to started on Twitter need to be clarified better and simpler to avoid confusion which is very common. In most instances, some of the tips are usually correct but done wrongly because they tend to be a little complex and therefore people easily misunderstand them.

Common Twitter Tips

Examples of common tips that need some more clarification include:

– You should follow a lot of people

– You should reply back to everyone

– You should ensure you Tweet a lot

Following a Lot of People

The fact that the main point of Twitter is following a lot of people and also get people to follow you cannot be disputed as this gets you more involved. However, this should not be the case all the time. Giving this tip to a new Twitter user without clear clarification on how to do it is probably one of the worst Twitter advice as it will only get them confused and focus on the objective instead of enjoying Twitter as a social networking site.  Check out our UK twitter prices here

When you are new on Twitter, it is more advisable to build up your stream first. This can be done by several ways such as: Sending out about 20 messages that actually mean something, talking about your interest, something cool that you like, or something you found out about today.

This will make people realize how beneficial you would be to them if they followed you in return. Start following about 10 people after the first 20 messages or so. To regulate your progress at a manageable rate, you can follow 10 more people for every 20 messages and above.

Make it easier for yourself to follow people and avoid following a lot of people at the same time with no way for them to connect with you by looking at your “tweets”. This will help you interact more.

Replying Back To Everyone

Avoid replying back to everyone when you are new on Twitter. This makes Twitter appear like Yahoo Messenger or any other chat forum and can easily bother the people you follow or even your followers.

If you want to reply back to everyone, you should at least wait for a sometime before replying, especially if the message did not require you to respond immediately. A long stream of instant replies can be a major turn off to Twitter users who are more established that you may be trying to befriend.

It is advisable to mix up your tweets with other general tweets, links every now and then and replies to create diversity making it more interesting.

Tweeting A lot

When you are new on Twitter, you will probably find it hard to find a balanced way to establish a good reputation on Twitter. However, unless you have a reason to tweet a lot, Avoid! This is the quickest way to be classified as a spammer and no Twitter user wants a spammer as a follower or to follow one.
Your twittering habits will build and grow naturally as more you follow more people and have more people following you. Sending out between 10 to 20 tweets is completely okay and might even be considered perfect for some of your followers.

Find Your Tweeting Balance

Numerous articles are written day in day out to help new Twitter users and most of those who are new to Twitter take them to heart and apply these suggestions as best as they can yet they still get a lot of hesitation from other users to follow them back. The reasons explained above could be the reason for this. Hopefully these simple suggestions will help you get better results with getting your followings to follow you back.

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