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Few Things To Keep in Mind When You Hire a Professional Virtual Assistant

A happy employee works really well.

A happy employee works really well.

Sometimes, we are so busy enough in our life and we in our work that we need to hire a Professional Virtual Assistant. A Professional Virtual Assistant is very useful because they are the ones who will represent for us when we are busy, do our thing when we cannot, manage our blog when we have loads of things to work, do blog posts so that we may still continue our site to be updated and much more. There are many positive and helpful things Visual Assistants can offer not just to us but also to our career.

However, hiring and screening virtual assistants is not a =n easy job because we also want to hire the best and here are the things we should consider:

  • Hire a virtual assistant that best suits the job. That is why the most important requirements in the hiring process are the resume and interview. Because in this way, we can know their educational background, work experience, their strengths and weaknesses and their job expectations in which are also suited to ours.
  • Once you know what you are looking for, try to search on the internet or better yet, ask recommendations from families and friends. Maybe they can recommend for you.
  • Once you have found the best professional virtual assistant for you, make an agreement and make sure you both agreed to that agreement. The agreement may include work description, working schedules and pay packages. Make sure that your Virtual assistant is also comfortable with your rules so that they may work better.

Try also to ask questions, suggestions and violent reactions for you to have a good start without further questions.

  • Have a stable means of communication for the both you. Remember that you will be working together so you have to have a stable means of communication for you to reach each other easily.

It is also beneficial if you have questions and problems, you may reach your employer easily.

  • Treat your professional virtual assistant in a nice way. You have to remember that they are a great help for you even though you pay for them. So, you have to treat them nicely and make  a good relationship with them.

Treat them also as one of your family members because they are working for you and they are really a great help. Do not treat them as lower persons because they are also working hard for their families like you. So, treat them fairly and do not forget the magic words when you want something from them. A simple “please and thank you” can melt their heart when they hear it from you.

I hope these tips helped you a lot most especially in hiring professional virtual assistants. If you already have one, take care of them because they are one of your blessings. Remember that you are not as successful as you are right now without them. So, treat them right for them to be happy and remember that a happy employee works well.

How To Find An Amazing Virtual Assistant For Less Than $400 A Month!

So you want a Virtual Assistant, huh?

Well you have several options. Most people will say you should hire a high quality VA agency to work for you. The problem with this is the cost – it’s going to cost you 2 to 5 times as much as hiring someone on your own!

Here’s how I find  an incredibly helpful Virtual Assistant or freelancer to work for me for cheap.

1. Go To Craigslist Phillippines and post an ad.

Go to Craiglist Phillippines here.

2. What To Post

Here’s a copy of the exact post  I ran on Craiglist – feel free to emulate!


“I need an experienced Virtual Assistant with excellent English speaking and writing skills. You must be able to make phone calls to the US as well from time to time.

I’m looking for a very positive, enthusiastic candidate with a great attitude and willingness to learn.

Tasks will include posting articles on my WordPress blogs, writing articles for my blogs, researching information for book projects and other miscellaneous tasks.

This will be a full-time position (40 hours a week). Highly prefer candidates with Time Tracking software.

Starting pay will be $300 a month + bonuses for exceptional work and meeting milestones


Must be able to use Skype to communicate with me on a regular basis
Must have experience with WordPress and blogging
Must have EXCELLENT English speaking and writing skills
Must be able to research and write high quality articles related to marketing, business and personal productivity.”