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What Is A Twitter Hashtag For?

A lot of people who are new to Twitter have been asking “What’s the point of Twitter hashtags?”

Well, a Twitter hashtag # is used to track conversations on Twitter. Basically, a mention is when someone mentions you on Twitter directly in a public Tweet by using the at sign – @. But for conversations between multiple people, it becomes impossible to mention every single person in every Tweet – so the alternative for bigger conversations is to used the hashtag symbol.

That’s at least how it started. Now, hashtags can be used to track conversations as well as get your Tweets noticed by more people. For example, if you’re into marketing and use the hashtag #marketing in a Tweet, you’re likely to have a lot more people read that Tweet because people who are interested in #marketing will be able to read your Tweet too!

I made a tutorial video as well below for more info on Twitter hashtags. Enjoy!

How To Get Awesome Testimonials With Facebook Fan Reviews App

I have over 10,000 Facebook fans on several of my fan pages with great fan engagement and it’s helped my business increase sales dramatically online.

My biggest tip for Facebook marketing is to share photos that resonate and connect emotionally with your target market. Photo status updates on Facebook will reach more people than any other kind of post (more than links, text and video posts). So that’s one easy way to dramatically increase your fan count and fan engagement – post more photos instead of text, links or videos.

Here’s an example of a great photo that engaged with my fans in my nutrition business:

How To Burn 800 Calories In Just 30 Minutes picture

How To Burn 800 Calories In Just 30 Minutes!

This photo went viral on Facebook – why? Because it engaged with my fans! First of all, it’s just hilarious. Secondly, it’s about “burning calories” which is something a lot of my fans worry about – they want to know how to lose weight, how to eat healthier, etc. So this photo touches them emotionally and makes them laugh – a double whammy!

So is it any wonder why the photo went viral on Facebook? Not to me! I planned it that way – and you can too!

Facebook Fan Reviews Testimonials

I’ve used this strategy of posting photos that connect emotionally with my fans to great effect. In fact, my fans love my photos so much that they leave me testimonials on my fan page.

Facebook Fan Reviews picture

The Facebook Fan Reviews app allows your fans to give you testimonials inside of Facebook.

I use the Facebook Fan Reviews App to allow my fans to give me great viral testimonials inside of Facebook – and they do!


Just look at some of the testimonials below (last names and links to profiles removed for privacy):


Hey Tom, thanks for all of your wisdom! You Rock!


You are AMAZING!!!! Every day I look forward to checking out your page, because I know I will learn something or be inspired to try something new. Whenever I think my goals are unattainable you post something inspirational that gives me a kick in the butt and motivates me to keep pushing forward!!!! Thank You!


+Tom Two Thumbs up! Tom is always right on and he always OVER Delivers!!!!


Great service, work, and fast delivery. Would recommend. 🙂


Good Job, Good Price and Great Results!


Excellent job! Highly recommend!


Great Job…Will use again.


“ Tom does an awesome job on fiverr gigs..over delivers and promt service…will use again and again thanks for all your work!


Tom is fantastic! Prompt service, delivered quickly, easy to work with. Overall a great experience and I look forward to working with him again!


“ I’ve hired Tom several times and never been disappointed. I will use him in future for sure.


Thank you Tom for making such a huge difference in my health! I love you!!


thanks f or making a difference in my health.I will share this with my patients,many of them suffering from chronic illness and are overweight.


Tom is TOTALLY ROCKS….offered the greatest gig and followed direction very well. He actually went an extra miles to satisfy all his clients. I definitely recommend to use his service and you will not be regretted.


I love to read everything that comes from you. Your knowledge has helped me in so many different ways, including my diet. I have made a major change in the way I eat. Thank you so much for helping me!

Want to get great fan reviews and testimonials like that on your Facebook fan page? Then go grab the Facebook Fan Reviews app today.



Facebook Banning 1% Of Users? How Far Will They Go?

Facebook announced recently that they’ll be removing fake profiles and accounts that are operated by bots. The company claims that up to 1% of likes will disappear from the site – but how far will Facebook go with banning accounts?
Facebook Banning Users picture

The Facebook Growth Dilemma

I’m a Facebook marketer myself with tens of thousands of Facebook fans on several of my Fan Pages and I’m also a consultant for small businesses who want to use Facebook to get more leads and grow their brand. I also know several entrepreneurs who own companies that “sell Facebook likes and fans.”
First of all, you have to understand that it’s not in Facebook’s best interest to proactively solve this problem of fake accounts. Facebook’s revenue is directly proportionate to the number of pageviews the site gets, and banning 1% of their users who are deemed “bots” will cost the company A LOT of missed ad impressions  and therefore less revenue.
This conflict of interest is further exacerbated by the fact that the company’s stock has been doing horribly recently. They need to boost profits and they need to do it quickly in order to keep their stock price up – and that’s very hard, if not impossible, for them to do if they start banning a large percentage of the bot accounts and fake profiles.
Even though Facebook claims that 1% of their users are bots, chances are the real number is much much higher – as high as 10% or even 25%. How do I know this? Well, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs on their social media marketing and talked with thousands of virtual assistants who do
Facebook marketing.
And one thing all of these virtual assistants have in common is a large number of fake profiles they use in order to do their clients work for them. The average VA I’ve seen who does Facebook marketing has at least 5 Facebook accounts – and there are millions of people like them!

How Many Fake Facebook Profiles Are There?

So how many fake profiles are there, really? I’m guessing at least 100 million (simply an educated guess based on my experience – no one really knows for sure, not even Facebook!)

The key for you to understand is that there are A LOT of fake profiles – and if you’re someone who’s doing or has hired someone to do any of the following activities, you’ll be in for a rude awakening sooner rather than later when you realize all that money and time you spent was wasted:

  • Spamming Facebook pages or groups with a link to your site, fan page or video
  • Creating fake profiles to like your fan page or like your posts and status updates
  • Buying facebook fans
  • Buying likes off of sites like Fiverr
  • Posting as your fan page on other fan pages without adding any real value or content

If you’ve been doing any of these things, you need to stop now! It’s a pure waste of money and time.

If you truly want to succeed with your Facebook marketing, you have to have a real plan based on building real relationships with customers and offering great products and services that people actually want.

How To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Likes

I use many strategies to grow my Facebook likes. Before I share them, I want to point out that you DO NOT WANT to increase the likes on your Fan Page – you want to increase the number of targeted fans you have.

For example, many people make the mistake of buying fans or doing “like exchanges” with other fan page owners. These are huge mistakes – and they will cost you money instead of put money in your pocket. The reason is that “dead fans” – fans who are not engaged with your brand or are fake or spam profiles – cost you money when you advertise and decrease your Edgerank.

For example, if you have 10,000 fans and 5,000 are fake profiles that you bought, your posts will be seen by far fewer REAL people than a competitor’s fan page with 5,000 real fans and 0 fake fans. Furthermore, if you “promote a post” on your Fan Page, you’re paying to have your posts be seen by fake profiles – which is a waste of money.

Okay, with that aside, here’s how I grow my Fan Page likes with targeted fans:

How To Get More Facebook Fans

  • Buy targeted ads to potential customers and lead them to a Facebook tab within your page that contains an e-mail opt-in form – giving your business new leads while increasing your likes. I’ve found the ROI on this to be much higher than Google Adwords or other PPC campaigns.
  • Install a Facebook Like Box on your blog and websites – put it prominently on the top of the sidebar above the fold for maximum likes.
  • Install a Facebook Like Button on any download pages, opt-in pages, thank-you pages, or other similar pages on your websites. This not only adds credibility for your business, but it will result in extra likes.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page.
  • Run a Facebook contest or sweepstakes and give away prizes that are valuable to your target customer.

5 Twitter Marketing Strategies That Increase Sales

Engaging people with an effective social marketing strategy can be a challenging experience if you know what to do and you do it in the right moment.

Social media marketing allows companies to advertise their products and services very effectively without having to invest huge amounts of money.

Among all the different social media channels, Twitter is probably the most effective one; the reasons are easy to identify: first of all, it is an open system. Unlike Facebook, everybody can follow everybody on Twitter, as it is a public system.

Twitter Marketing picture

Want to double your sales with Twitter?

Also, Twitter is much more used than other social media channels for marketing and business purposes. In other words, your target audience is already “marketing educated”, which means that the people who are following you are already expecting to read business related tweets from your side. Here are 5 things to follow for an effective twitter advertising strategy.

Personally, I doubled my online sales using Twitter once I figured out how to use it well. And you can too!

1) Create a solid followers base

Do not follow random tweeters just to enlarge your followers list, it just does not make any sense. You have to make sure that the people who follow you, and the people you follow, are working in your same area or expertise field. TweetAdder is a great way to get more targeted Twitter followers automatically.

2) Find the right tweeting balance

Do not over tweet and make sure you tweet only compelling, engaging and interesting content that other people might enjoy. Of course, do not forget to tweet daily updates. Some companies start a Twitter marketing advertising strategy and then forget about Twitter for 1 month or 2, and then get back to it: they don’t know, though, that doing so they have lost all of their online credibility.

3) Inspire proactivity

This is at the basis of Marketing psychology. Sometimes people just need to be guided, and if you tell them what to do they will just do it! So don’t be afraid and try to engage your followers with some targeted calls-to-action. You might start by simply asking for a retweet if they enjoyed the article or agreed with your statement.

4) Use a catchy communication style

Twitter is amazing because the 140 characters constraint forces you to creatively write, edit and rewrite the same concept in less words. In many cases, less is more, and with marketing advertising this has never been so true. The less words you use, the more powerful the message will be. Try to make a funny exercise: get rid of all the adjectives and adverbs of your clause. You might be surprised and discover the real inner meaning and power of words.

5) Be authentic

The world wide web is full of copied, un-inspired and sales oriented content. Be different. The only way to create REAL ENGAGEMENT is to provide your followers with fresh, authentic and passionate content that they can find of any interest. Your followers will not click on your links if they perceive your content as somehow robot-generated. Moreover, they will most likely unfollow you if they don’t see any real value content. The web has hard rules, but running social media marketing campaigns can be very rewarding if you work hard!

About The Author:Tim Keller is an online marketing consultant for Linknami with over 5 years experience in the social media marketing industry.

Clarifying Twitter Rules for New Users

The internet is filled with numerous Twitter guides that only specialize in telling you what to do but rarely go further to explain how it should be done leaving many new Twitter users in complete confusion.

When you join Twitter, you might finding a “tweeting”, or messaging, balance might prove challenging at first. However, this should not lead you to worry. It is expected and most Twitter users have been in the same situation therefore you should not give up. This guide will be of great benefit in shaping your Twitter habits especially if you have been taking in numerous tips from all over and are yet to see positive results.

Twitter picture

The necessary rules and tips that aid new users to started on Twitter need to be clarified better and simpler to avoid confusion which is very common. In most instances, some of the tips are usually correct but done wrongly because they tend to be a little complex and therefore people easily misunderstand them.

Common Twitter Tips

Examples of common tips that need some more clarification include:

– You should follow a lot of people

– You should reply back to everyone

– You should ensure you Tweet a lot

Following a Lot of People

The fact that the main point of Twitter is following a lot of people and also get people to follow you cannot be disputed as this gets you more involved. However, this should not be the case all the time. Giving this tip to a new Twitter user without clear clarification on how to do it is probably one of the worst Twitter advice as it will only get them confused and focus on the objective instead of enjoying Twitter as a social networking site.  Check out our UK twitter prices here

When you are new on Twitter, it is more advisable to build up your stream first. This can be done by several ways such as: Sending out about 20 messages that actually mean something, talking about your interest, something cool that you like, or something you found out about today.

This will make people realize how beneficial you would be to them if they followed you in return. Start following about 10 people after the first 20 messages or so. To regulate your progress at a manageable rate, you can follow 10 more people for every 20 messages and above.

Make it easier for yourself to follow people and avoid following a lot of people at the same time with no way for them to connect with you by looking at your “tweets”. This will help you interact more.

Replying Back To Everyone

Avoid replying back to everyone when you are new on Twitter. This makes Twitter appear like Yahoo Messenger or any other chat forum and can easily bother the people you follow or even your followers.

If you want to reply back to everyone, you should at least wait for a sometime before replying, especially if the message did not require you to respond immediately. A long stream of instant replies can be a major turn off to Twitter users who are more established that you may be trying to befriend.

It is advisable to mix up your tweets with other general tweets, links every now and then and replies to create diversity making it more interesting.

Tweeting A lot

When you are new on Twitter, you will probably find it hard to find a balanced way to establish a good reputation on Twitter. However, unless you have a reason to tweet a lot, Avoid! This is the quickest way to be classified as a spammer and no Twitter user wants a spammer as a follower or to follow one.
Your twittering habits will build and grow naturally as more you follow more people and have more people following you. Sending out between 10 to 20 tweets is completely okay and might even be considered perfect for some of your followers.

Find Your Tweeting Balance

Numerous articles are written day in day out to help new Twitter users and most of those who are new to Twitter take them to heart and apply these suggestions as best as they can yet they still get a lot of hesitation from other users to follow them back. The reasons explained above could be the reason for this. Hopefully these simple suggestions will help you get better results with getting your followings to follow you back.

Article provided by Steve of

10 Easy Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is currently one of the world’s hottest social networking sites. In the last year it has surged in popularity, as it gives users simple tools to edit, manipulate and share their photographs. I have no doubt that many of you are as addicted to Instagram as I am.

The social networking aspect draws many parallels with Facebook and Twitter as you’re given the opportunity to like and comment on people’s photos, as well as follow your favorite users.

If you want to draw more attention to your photographs and increase your list of followers, then pay close attention to these top 10 top ten tips. I’m still new to Instagram but found that these tips increased my list of followers in a matter of days.

Instagram picture

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks – learn to master it!

1. Share the love and follow others

People are far more likely to follow you, if they see that you’re willing to follow other people. It pays to remember that each and every time you follow someone they will be alerted via a notification and may very well decide to follow you in return.

However be careful not to follow hundreds of users as people will soon catch on to what you’re doing. Try only to follow people who post photographs that you’re actually interested in.

2. Don’t leave one word comments

The key is to leave personal comments, which show that you’re genuinely interested in a user’s photos. If you leave too many one word comments, people will instantly know that all you’re interested in is getting more followers. Instead ask questions and try and spark conversations with other users.

3. Post the majority of your comments during the day

What’s the use of posting during the early hours of the morning, when most users are still asleep. Develop your own posting strategy and upload photographs when your target audience is awake. Just like when you’re marketing on Twitter, you need to interact during “rush hour” so to speak!

4. Only upload high quality pictures

You have to realize that there are countless Instagram users, all competing for attention and recognition. Make sure only to upload the photographs that you’re really happy with. Whatever you do don’t post every photo of you and your friends that you uploaded to Facebook.

If you upload boring, mundane or low quality photographs you’ll soon start to lose followers. If you want to be successful on Instagram perhaps follow some of the most popular users and see what they’re doing right.

5. Upload one quality photo at a time

If you upload 10 photographs at a time you’ll probably irritate your loyal followers. Remember that sometimes less is more and if you post one quality photograph per day you’ll end up with more followers than if you posted 10 mediocre photographs each day. Just like with your Facebook marketing, you want to “drip” content out regularly for people – not overwhelm them with 20 posts all at once!

6. Develop a routine

Once you’ve gotten to know your audience’s routines, you’ll be able to cater their habits. If you post at different hours you may be able to catch your international followers half way across the world, while they’re awake.

If you also get into the habit of posting at regular times your followers will begin to log on specifically to check out your photographs.

7. Utilize popular hashtags

Adding hashtags to your photographs is a great way to increase the number of views your photographs will get. As an example if you have a fun summer photograph consider adding the hashtag #summertime to your post.

All hashtags aren’t created equal. If you’re serious about increasing your views then try to use popular hashtags. Examples of hashtags you might want to try out are #instamood, #instafamous, #picoftheday and #art. Just remember that you can only choose 30 hashtags per photograph.

8. Tag the location of your photograph

Instagram gives you the opportunity to tag the location of your photographs. Tagging locations is an excellent idea as many people search specifically for photographs from certain locations or cities.

Instagram also lets those who are near your photograph’s location or who have previously visited it, know about your photo.

9. Share your Instagram details on other social networks

If you’re a member of other social networks, why not post a link on your profile to your Instagram account. After all your family and friends are more likely to follow you on Instagram than strangers are.

If you have lots of followers on Twitter and Friends on Facebook you’re Instagram followers list could skyrocket as friends of friends may end up following you too.

10. Discover your target audience

If you post on a popular user’s photographs in an effort to gain new followers, your comment may very well get lost amongst the masses.
Instead look out for small communities within Instagram who are on the hunt for new members. As an example the user @joshjohnson created the hashtag #JJ community for his community.

Most Instagram communities will have rules which members have to abide by. As an example some communities dictate that members have to post 2 comments on members photographs and like 3 members photographs, for every photograph you post. This common rule is known as the 123 rule.

If you follow these simple tips you’re guaranteed to increase your number of viewers in no time. As a result you should also expect your number of views and likes to skyrocket. You’ll be on the popular list of Instagram users in no time. If you have any further tips feel free to share them with me too.

About The Author: Steve writes for, if you are looking for additional followers for marketing purposes, check out their prices on the website.

How To Get Paid To Tweet

There are several awesome websites and programs you can use to have other people pay you to Tweet their marketing message.

Fiverr + Twitter

I earn several hundred dollars a month just using Twitter and Fiverr. I wrote all about it and give you step-by-step directions in this article on my Internet Marketing blog:

How to earn $25 a day or more on Fiverr using Twitter!

Adly + Twitter is only for Twitter accounts that have at least 25,000 followers. If you’re not there yet, you will be soon when you follow the steps in Chapter 3 like using TweetAdder and buying Twitter followers! is a website that connects advertisers with celebrity Tweeters. Once you sign up, you will be notified of advertisers who want to pay you to Tweet their message.

Sponsored Tweets is a website that connects advertisers with tweeters. There is no limit on the number of followers you need, so I recommend signing up for it right away so you can start getting opportunities to make money.

PaidPerTweet is a site that connects advertisers with Tweeters. It’s relatively small compared to the others but it might catch on. I recommend at least checking it out.

Affiliate Marketing + Twitter

Twitter is great for creating relationships. And anytime you can create a relationship, you can create sales. One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online and with Twitter is through affiliate marketing.

However, instead of tweeting affiliate offers, I highly recommend trying to get your followers to opt in to your email list – either by sending them directly to your squeeze page or by sending them to your blog and then having a pop-up optin offer or an opt-in box on your blog’s sidebar.

You can see my squeeze page here that teaches people how to double their sales with social media.

If you don’t know how to build squeeze pages, I highly recommend using WordPress combined with OptimizePress. You can order OptimizePress here:

Selling Your Own Products

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and getting paid commissions. Even better, is to sell your own product and get paid 100%!

Again, I definitely recommend building your email list first using Twitter, and then promoting your products to your email list. I do send Tweets once in awhile about my own products, but not on a daily basis. This keeps people interested in my Tweets and the content I share.