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How To Increase Your Klout Score And Get +K

I’m just a young entrepreneur and have been steadily increasing my Klout Score naturally over time. You can see my profile here with 53 and rising –


Here are the basic keys to increasing your Klout Score:

1. Make sure you connect every social networking account to your main Klout account.
Right now this means Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIN, YouTube, Tumblr and Blogger. The more accounts you have, the better, because Klout will see your activity across all different platforms.
2. Focus on just one or two networks as your main influencers.
Instead of trying to master every network, just choose one or two to focus on mostly. Most people choose Twitter or Facebook, or Twitter and YouTube – doesn’t really matter as long as you choose those two, focus on them, and create really great content for each one.
3. Get into discussions, not just sharing content.
You need to share great content on these networks so that people will like what you are sharing and amplify your message – but the real key to getting engagement is to join and create discussions through Social Media that will attract more people to you.
For example, instead of just tweeting about your new blog post, tweet your blog post with a hashtag of a relevant discussion that’s already going on. Or even better, find out what kind of problems people are tweeting about and then go write the article to solve their problem – then tweet it to that discussion to let them know you’ve done your research and come up with some answers that might help.
4. Be Helpful!
Above all, be helpful to other people – and you’ll find many more people will be interacting with you on Social Media and increasing your Klout Score.
5. Connect With Influencers
You can spend all the time in the world just talking to people who have small networks, who can amplify your message a little bit, but won’t get you massive exposure. To do that, you need to connect with influencers. There are websites you can check to find the relevant influencers on the social network of your preference, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or something else.
Once you find the influencers in your niche that you want to build a relationship with, start following them, start leaving comments, start mentioning them, and send them a personalized e-mail asking them to connect / tweet your message or collaborate in some other way. You won’t get them all to say yes – but all you really need is one huge influencer to go viral and dramatically increase your Klout Score and +K!