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10 Easy Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is currently one of the world’s hottest social networking sites. In the last year it has surged in popularity, as it gives users simple tools to edit, manipulate and share their photographs. I have no doubt that many of you are as addicted to Instagram as I am.

The social networking aspect draws many parallels with Facebook and Twitter as you’re given the opportunity to like and comment on people’s photos, as well as follow your favorite users.

If you want to draw more attention to your photographs and increase your list of followers, then pay close attention to these top 10 top ten tips. I’m still new to Instagram but found that these tips increased my list of followers in a matter of days.

Instagram picture

Instagram is one of the hottest social networks – learn to master it!

1. Share the love and follow others

People are far more likely to follow you, if they see that you’re willing to follow other people. It pays to remember that each and every time you follow someone they will be alerted via a notification and may very well decide to follow you in return.

However be careful not to follow hundreds of users as people will soon catch on to what you’re doing. Try only to follow people who post photographs that you’re actually interested in.

2. Don’t leave one word comments

The key is to leave personal comments, which show that you’re genuinely interested in a user’s photos. If you leave too many one word comments, people will instantly know that all you’re interested in is getting more followers. Instead ask questions and try and spark conversations with other users.

3. Post the majority of your comments during the day

What’s the use of posting during the early hours of the morning, when most users are still asleep. Develop your own posting strategy and upload photographs when your target audience is awake. Just like when you’re marketing on Twitter, you need to interact during “rush hour” so to speak!

4. Only upload high quality pictures

You have to realize that there are countless Instagram users, all competing for attention and recognition. Make sure only to upload the photographs that you’re really happy with. Whatever you do don’t post every photo of you and your friends that you uploaded to Facebook.

If you upload boring, mundane or low quality photographs you’ll soon start to lose followers. If you want to be successful on Instagram perhaps follow some of the most popular users and see what they’re doing right.

5. Upload one quality photo at a time

If you upload 10 photographs at a time you’ll probably irritate your loyal followers. Remember that sometimes less is more and if you post one quality photograph per day you’ll end up with more followers than if you posted 10 mediocre photographs each day. Just like with your Facebook marketing, you want to “drip” content out regularly for people – not overwhelm them with 20 posts all at once!

6. Develop a routine

Once you’ve gotten to know your audience’s routines, you’ll be able to cater their habits. If you post at different hours you may be able to catch your international followers half way across the world, while they’re awake.

If you also get into the habit of posting at regular times your followers will begin to log on specifically to check out your photographs.

7. Utilize popular hashtags

Adding hashtags to your photographs is a great way to increase the number of views your photographs will get. As an example if you have a fun summer photograph consider adding the hashtag #summertime to your post.

All hashtags aren’t created equal. If you’re serious about increasing your views then try to use popular hashtags. Examples of hashtags you might want to try out are #instamood, #instafamous, #picoftheday and #art. Just remember that you can only choose 30 hashtags per photograph.

8. Tag the location of your photograph

Instagram gives you the opportunity to tag the location of your photographs. Tagging locations is an excellent idea as many people search specifically for photographs from certain locations or cities.

Instagram also lets those who are near your photograph’s location or who have previously visited it, know about your photo.

9. Share your Instagram details on other social networks

If you’re a member of other social networks, why not post a link on your profile to your Instagram account. After all your family and friends are more likely to follow you on Instagram than strangers are.

If you have lots of followers on Twitter and Friends on Facebook you’re Instagram followers list could skyrocket as friends of friends may end up following you too.

10. Discover your target audience

If you post on a popular user’s photographs in an effort to gain new followers, your comment may very well get lost amongst the masses.
Instead look out for small communities within Instagram who are on the hunt for new members. As an example the user @joshjohnson created the hashtag #JJ community for his community.

Most Instagram communities will have rules which members have to abide by. As an example some communities dictate that members have to post 2 comments on members photographs and like 3 members photographs, for every photograph you post. This common rule is known as the 123 rule.

If you follow these simple tips you’re guaranteed to increase your number of viewers in no time. As a result you should also expect your number of views and likes to skyrocket. You’ll be on the popular list of Instagram users in no time. If you have any further tips feel free to share them with me too.

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