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Online Marketing and Branding – Alicia Rittenhouse Interview (Motivation and Success Podcast)

I had the great pleasure to interview Alicia Rittenhouse, one of the top women online marketers out there today. Alicia has several coaching programs, membership sites and hot online marketing products. She’s been an online marketer for several years and in the interview she shares her incredible wisdom, knowledge and how-to advice for all of us who want to earn a part-time or full-time income online.

Grab your notebook or journal and a pen and take great notes – this interview will change your online business forever!

In today’s show, we interviewed Alicia Rittenhouse, founder of the Geek Lab for Entrepreneurs. Alicia shares her experience in online marketing for several years and some amazing tips on online branding, positioning and building a sustainable business that lasts.

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Mediocre Business Owners Go Broke – Excellent Ones Get Rich

You MUST have a standard of excellence in business – not just a standard of mediocrity, like most business owners.

The truth is that mediocrity makes you broke. Excellence makes you rich. Want to get rich? Go for excellence.
Get Rich In Business picture

Want to get rich in business? Then say goodbye to mediocre.

Ray Kroc’s Obsession With Cleanliness

Think of McDonalds and their standard of excellence. No, I’m not talking about the quality of their food… I’m talking about cleanliness. Ray Kroc was OBSESSED with cleanliness. There are many horror stories from old employees of McDonald’s who were scolded for not keeping up with Ray’s standards for cleanliness.
Why did Ray Kroc obsess about cleanliness? Because it was a standard he knew was important to his customers – and he knew he could deliver it to his customers. He knew customers would pay more money and visit his restaurants more often if they were cleaner than his competitors. Was it his only standard? Of course not! But it was an important standard.
What are your standards?
Where in your business are your standards lacking?
What standards do your customers actually VALUE (and are willing to pay for)?
How can you give your customers more value in the areas that they want it?
Will your customers pay for that extra value? (Maybe, maybe not – either way, add more value if you want to get rich).
You have to be SO GOOD that your customers say, “I’d be crazy to do business with anyone else.”
Excellence creates raving fan customers.
Raving fans buy more (leading to a higher lifetime value of your customers and a higher ROI on your marketing).
Raving fans talk more (more word of mouth marketing, faster growth, less refunds)

Success and Motivation Podcast

I just recorded a podcast of me explaining this in more detail – and how you can apply it to your business NOW to increase your profits and say goodbye to mediocrity  – once and for all. Click play below to listen to it.

Why Building Customer Relationships Is The Best Marketing Strategy

I’ve been consulting small business owners for 6 years now on how to grow their business through smart marketing. After studying with some of the greatest business minds in the world and testing marketing strategies in my own businesses and in my client’s businesses, I’ve come to realize that building relationships is the MOST important part of marketing your business and building a brand that lasts.

Why Building Customer Relationships Improves Your ROI

Building relationships with your customers turns what would have been just one-time sales into life-long customers, dramatically increasing the ROI of your marketing efforts, increasing the life-time value of your customers and providing more stability to the company’s sales and cash flow.

Customer Relationships picture

Are you focusing on your existing customer relationships?

If your business isn’t currently making as much money as you want it to, ask yourself this question:

How Big Would Your Business Be If You Kept Every Customer You Ever Had?

That’s right… how big would your business be if you kept every customer you ever had? Pretty big, right?

Here’s the deal – the most PROFITABLE use of a company’s marketing budget, according to millions of dollars of research from IBM, is to market to their existing customers – to build those existing customer relationships. But despite this, most company’s spend over 80% of their time, energy and money chasing after new customers – when what they should really be doing is keeping the customers they already have.

Innovation And Word Of Mouth

Building relationships with customers also allows the business to get more feedback and word of mouth marketing. Engaged customers who have a relationship with a brand are far more likely to tell other people about the company and its products. They are also a much more likely to give feedback to the company about its products. Oftentimes, the best company innovations come from engaged customers who make a suggestion or complaint and smart employees who recognize that opportunity for growth.

Think about it – if you kept all of your customers and they told people about your business and your products, do you think you would get more NEW customers? Of course you would!

So when you market to your existing customers by focusing on building better relationships, you not only solidify existing customers, turning one-time sales into life-long customers, you ALSO get the added benefit of more word of mouth marketing – giving you more NEW customers as well!

So why doesn’t EVERY business focus on building better customer relationships instead of chasing new business? Because they don’t know. But now you do. So if you want to go crush your competition, I suggest you put this into action right NOW!