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Why Focusing On Google’s Latest Update Is The WORST Thing You Can Do For SEO

There’s so much talk now in the SEO and internet marketing industry about Google’ latest updates – Panda and Penguin.

The problem with focusing on Google’s latest changes is that it takes you away from what’s REALLY important about SEO and getting traffic to your website – quality content that people read, love, enjoy and SHARE.

Google Penguin Update picture

Don't focus on Google's Penguin update - focus on creating great content!

How Google Works

No matter what updates and changes Google came out with last week, last month, last year or 5 years from now, Google still has the EXACT SAME MISSION: To find the best web page that matches up with what a user searches (and make a ton of money from Google ads doing it).

You see, Google does not give a crap if the search result has 3% or 7% keyword density or if it has just one infographic image or 50,000 words with no images. Google DOES NOT CARE what is on the page – they just want it to be the best, most RELEVANT page for the searcher to view.

Pretty much every change in Google just has to do with catching up to spammers (who call themselves “SEO experts”) who create shady ways to try to jack up and over-optimize their sites.

This means that if you’re actually an honest, sensible and non-spammy blogger or website owner, you won’t have to worry about anything. If you don’t buy links, sell links, stuff keywords, post duplicate content or link to porn sites, YOU WILL BE JUST FINE now, next week, next year and 1 million years from now. Google’s not trying to penalize honest site owners – they’re trying to get rid of the spam that has overtaken the internet.

So what should you do?

If you’re just a regular webmaster, you should focus on creating GREAT content that is:





Worth Sharing

This is what you should be focusing on – because guess where all the links to your site are going to come from? PEOPLE!

Quality backlinks to your site don’t come from spamming blog comments and auto-blogging – they come from real people who own real quality websites who have a real interest in the subject you write about.

How To Build Quality Backlinks

If you’re still trying to build backlinks to your site, the BEST way to do it BY FAR is to find HIGH QUALITY sites in your niche that already have good traffic (check their Alexa Ranking) and are obviously not spammy. Contact the site owner and ask to collaborate or guest blog for their site. It’s all about building relationships!

The key here is to find high quality sites. Honestly, the BEST site owners to contact are the ones who have NO IDEA what SEO is or what the latest Google update did – because you know they’re probably not trying to game the system, spam blog comments or buy/sell links.

Thanks to SEO Geezer for the inspiration behind this article.