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The Benefits of Podcast in Online Home-Based Business

Anywhere in the world podcast is used. From businesses, personal use or even leisure time. It can have so many uses most especially in online home- based business. In this article, I will show you how important and how useful podcast is not just in our personal lives but even in home based business.


  • Podcast can find your target market

In working online, there are really times that it is difficult for us to reach our niche market. So, in using podcasts, this will help you find them easily.

We should not worry nowadays because podcast can already be seen on iTunes and as we all know that most people are using iTunes. The popularity of the podcast is already trending so it is not that difficult already to advertise the use of podcast.

  • In the podcast, you can share your passion.

Sharing what you love is not impossible in the podcast. Just don’t really be shy and intimidate to share anything in Podcast because you never know there are many out there who have the same interest as yours.

And what good about Podcasts is that your feelings and emotions are felt. If you are excited, excitement will really be felt and if your sad, feelings will be felt as well. So, readers could really feel what you want to convey.

  • You can share information

A podcast can help share and disseminate information and this information will be reached to the people who will need it.

  • You can be an expert

Using podcast can help you be an expert in your field and in your area where you want to broadcast.

  • It is easy

Podcast can easily be used and easily be learned so using it will give you no difficulty.And aside from that, you can really use it in a very convenient manner because you will only save it through your iPod, iPad or iPhones. You can bring it anywhere you go and you can really benefit from it.

I hope this article really helps you in using Podcasts and what is best about it.



How To Choose Your Business Entity – Nellie Akalp Interview

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nellie Akalp, the founder of Corpnet, about what new entrepreneurs need to know about starting a business and getting it legal. In the interview, Nellie covers everything you need to know about choosing a new business entity whether it’s an LLC, S Corp, C Corp or Partnership. We also discuss some simple solutions for busy business owners to outsource the work so you can focus on growing and building your business without the stress, hassles and headache of corporate paperwork.

Whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or just someone who wants to learn more about business entities and choosing the right structure for your business, this interview is for you. So grab your notebook and a pen and prepare to take great notes! You can watch the 28 minute interview below.

You can learn more about Nellie and Corpnet at where you can also get your business entity paperwork taken care of as well as trademarks and other document filing services.

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Have any questions about choosing the right entity for your business? Post your comments below and we’ll make sure you get all your questions answered!

Online Marketing and Branding – Alicia Rittenhouse Interview (Motivation and Success Podcast)

I had the great pleasure to interview Alicia Rittenhouse, one of the top women online marketers out there today. Alicia has several coaching programs, membership sites and hot online marketing products. She’s been an online marketer for several years and in the interview she shares her incredible wisdom, knowledge and how-to advice for all of us who want to earn a part-time or full-time income online.

Grab your notebook or journal and a pen and take great notes – this interview will change your online business forever!

In today’s show, we interviewed Alicia Rittenhouse, founder of the Geek Lab for Entrepreneurs. Alicia shares her experience in online marketing for several years and some amazing tips on online branding, positioning and building a sustainable business that lasts.

Learn more about Alicia on her blog at

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