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Spend Money Wisely and Follow these Tips on How to Save Money

Money is an important thing in order to survive and it is very difficult to get it because we have to get a job in order to have it. Through money, we can have the things we want, make our kids sent to school, help homeless people and share our blessings. There are many positive things money may offer and we should use it in a nice way.

Life is beautiful, it doesn't need to be expensive.

Life is beautiful, it doesn’t need to be expensive.


One disadvantage of money is also, we tend to be superior that we underestimate other people who are people and marginalized and that is not good. We should be thankful for what we received every day, make use for better things or save it for a purpose.

In this article, I’ am helping you to save your hard earned money easily and here are those:

  • Buy the things that are only needed.

One thing to save money is to buy important needs and control yourself from buying unnecessary things. Sometimes we are just deceived by the nice things that are displayed in the malls, and internet shops but in reality, we don’t need them.

Being with friends and peer sometimes makes us crave of the material things that we already have. We just want them to be new so that we can also belong to the group and that is not right.

  • Compare things

Another factor to look at in order to save is the place or location because there are the same products that have different price and it depends on the location to buy. That is why, we also look around or scout around for cheaper price first before buying instantly. We never know we could save a lot to some place.

  • Have a shopping list

Having a shopping list or a guide can keep us stay track of the things we just needed. However, if we have not listed, we may tend to lose track of the things we are needed and may buy things that lure us for that moment. So, it is better to have a list all the time.

  • Have a piggy bank

Piggy bank may seem old school and childish but it can help a lot. It may save a few things from our day to day expenses, but if it is accumulated, we can get a greater amount from it.

  • Don’t over indulged

This is true most especially during pay day. We tend to overindulge in treating ourselves because we think we deserve more. But, we should also control ourselves.

  • Try not to apply for credit cards and other loans

Credit cards and loans have a very high interest which is a waste of money. Having credit card may bring us to higher debts and it is hard for us to control ourselves from swiping our cards because we are very complacent enough that we should not pay as we buy things.

Credit cards and loans are just a temptation for us and we should stand to our ground that we do not need to buy it and we should save because there are still important things in this world and not just material things.

How to Get Rich by Improving your Marketing Schemes

MoneyEveryone wants to be rich because one is rich, he can do everything. Everything in a sense that, he can send his children to the best schools, give comfortable life, eat nutritious foods, could give a better life to his family in short. This is kind of rich where he uses his money in a good way. This money could also help others most especially those who have nothing. Through money, one can share and make everybody happy. That is the value of money that is why everybody want to be rich.

But first, we should ask ourselves the question, “HOW?”

  • First, make your environment interested. If you want to market something, make the crowd really interested. Interest could make them  draw attention to you and to your business. The more crown you draw, the bigger the chances that they could be your prospect consumers and could contribute to higher sales.
  • Create a need. One thing that buyers buy because they need it. So, think of a business that most people need every day in their lives. Sure, your business will rise. For example, food. There is no way that people will not buy because they need it in order to survive. The main issue only here is the price, taste and location. Make sure that these three factors are also convenient to almost everybody.
  • Widen your marketing schemes. When you market, make it a way that many people are involved. Do not just limit yourself because the more prospects, the greater chance to have a sale and close a certain deal.
  • Selling the right product. Selling a product, make it sure that it is also appropriate to the group of people you are offering to. You must know their need as what I have mentioned above because if you know their needs, you know what to offer.
  • Profits should be re-invested. When you receive your profit, don’t make a habit that you will spend everything.  Don’t be carried away of the material things we see. Save and invest are the two key words if we have money. Make it a habit to invest in another business in order to gain bigger profit.  We must erase “spend” in our vocabulary.
  • Don’t waste time. We all know that time is very precious and in business, time is equivalent to money. So, we must not waste time in order for us not to waste money.
  • Borrow money for your investment. Don’t opt for bank loans and credit cards because it has a very high interest which will eat a lot of your money.

If you already feel that you are rich, don’t stop there, instead improve and continue to strive because money are easily be taken away. We are striving hard also for the good of our family. We must also learn to share because we should bring back the blessings that we receive through others most especially the less fortunate.

“Being rich is not bad, as long as you use it in a good way”.

The Get Rich Quick Automated System Mentality

So I got this email recently from a subscriber and I think it illustrates perfectly how so many people just want an autopilot system for getting rich – and they don’t realize what it actually takes to get rich..

“While I am desperately in need of making some spare cash, due to the fact that my sole income is a disability pension – and I am in serious debt at the moment – I have neither the time to study lengthy courses or learn how to access various internet marketing sites, so (if this sounds like what I would need for what you are offering) I would appreciate it if you will kindly REMOVE MY NAME/ADDRESS from your records.

Allow me to level with you. Three days of each week are taken up with my dialysis treatment at the local hospital, so perhaps you can understand how frustrating it is for me to receive literally dozens of emails each day from internet marketers – all with tempting offers (even though I am fully aware that most of it is spam).

If there was just one with a genuine auto-pilot offer that is quick and easy for me to initiate and that WON’T cost me money (I refuse to pay anything up front because I simply cannot afford it) and that will still bring me in a few extra dollars, I would be overjoyed and more than willing to write letters of recommendation to anyone you care to nominate – or do anything else I can to repay your goodwill.

If you ARE genuine and able to help me, please send an email direct to me at my personal email address (see above) marked “ATTN. (NAME REMOVED FOR PRIVACY)” in the subject line and I promise to respond. Otherwise, please don’t bother me again.”

So here’s what I wrote back:

There Is No Magic Formula To Get Rich Quick

Hi (name removed for privacy),

There is no such thing as an autopilot system that you can just implement in a day, not study or learn anything new, and get rich immediately and forever. It’s kind of ridiculous if you think about it.

For me personally, it took me 4 months of work before I even made my first sale online. But after 9 months, I had my first $1,000 month, and it’s just grown from there. There is no secret system – I worked my ass off to make that happen. Yes, there are system and ways you can automate things – but you can’t automate everything.

And you certainly can’t go into it thinking you’re not going to study or learn anything or work hard and think you’re going to succeed.. that’s not how you get rich quick – that’s how you get broker faster.

If you really want to get rich online, or IN ANY BUSINESS, you have to be prepared to learn, invest in yourself, make mistakes (because you’ll make plenty), and have the persistence and courage to keep going no matter what happens.

When you think about it, asking for an automated system that you can set up one time and be rich forever is like trying to have a wonderful relationship with a woman and get a marriage that lasts forever – and all you want to do is show up for the first date and “have the system do everything else.”

Some things in life you actually have to figure out for yourself – like how to get rich. Mentors, teachers and coaches are just there to make it easier and help you avoid a lot of the mistakes that they made. But to think you won’t make ANY mistakes – well, that could just be the biggest mistake of all.

To your success,
Tom Corson-Knowles



The Secret Auto-Pilot System For Making Money Online

Are you looking for the secret auto-pilot system for bringing in loads of cash online while you sleep without any work whatsoever?

Well, I hate to break it to you but IT DOESN’T EXIST!

There Is No Auto-Pilot Cash Machine

Real success in any area of life takes work. I mean, could you imagine someone selling you an auto-pilot system for making your wife happy? “It’s so effective, it’ll please your wife while you sleep!” LOL…

Sorry but you actually have to do some work to earn money online. And you have to actually hug your wife if you want her to be happy. And you actually have to do something different than what you’ve been doing if you want more financial success.

Just trying to get rich quick or make money on auto-pilot without actually doing anything sounds good – but it’s not reality.

EVERYONE who gets rich online worked their ass off to get there – even the people who got rich quick like Chris Farrell (who made over $1 million a year within 2 years) or Brendon Burchard (who did over $1 million in sales his first year and over $4 million his second year) WORKED THEIR ASS OFF!

Anyone who tells you getting rich just requires buying a system and putting it on autopilot is full of shit. Period.

Success Takes Work – Not Software

Yes, Brendon and Chris have autopilot systems for their business – but they both still work their ass off to keep it going well and keep it growing. And yes, there are other marketers out there earning millions of dollars a year who work very little – but they worked their ass off to get there. And THEY STILL DO WORK just not as hard as they used to.

Even the best business system in the world requires a human to look after it and keep it going.

So go buy some autopilot cash money machine if you want – just realize you’re still going to have to work your ass off to get rich. Sorry to break it to you.

Why Hit And Run Internet Marketers Will Never Be Rich

So many affiliate marketers and internet marketers out there today think the secret to success online is simple:

Ok are you ready for the secret internet marketing formula for not getting rich? Here it is!

get rich quick picture

Super Internet Marketing Get Rich Quick Formula

1.Pick a “Hot” niche just ready to be tapped!

2. Put up a squeeze page or “money site”

3. Send traffic

4. Watch the dough roll in

5. Move on to the next hot niche and repeat steps 1-4…

Why It Doesn’t Work

Despite thousands of internet marketers out there trying to get rich quick chasing the hottest niche or the newest fad, it just doesn’t create long-term success. Why?

Because it’s just short-term thinking. If you think you’re just going to put up a squeeze page, create some shitty product or free offer, build a list and sell them stuff, that’s fine. But you’ll never build long-term relationships that way. And when it comes to business this is the REAL secret formula for getting rich:

Long Term Relationships = Long Term Wealth

The only way to get rich and keep it in business, especially in the internet marketing business, is to create long-term relationships. The truth is it DOES NOT MATTER what niche you pick when it comes to getting rich. You can get rich teaching people how to train their dogs, or how to pick up women, or how to make money blogging, or how to clean their house… you can get rich in any business and in any industry.

How do I know it’s possible to get rich IN ANY NICHE…?

Because someone else already has!

But when you look at people who have gotten rich and stayed rich in any niche or industry, it’s never just some fly-by-night operation with shitty products and no focus on customers. It’s always a person or a company that focused on serving people, adding more value to their market and kept at it… sometimes for years, sometimes for decades!

When it comes to internet marketing, you shouldn’t just think about what’s going to make you the most money this month or this week – you should think about what business do you want to be in for the next 10, 20 or 30 years? That’s how you build A REAL BUSINESS online.

So next time you get a new idea to go sell toys online because it’s “hot” right now – think about your long-term success. Is that really going to help you create a lasting business that you can sell or pass on to your children? Is it going to leave a legacy for you and your family? Or is it just another one of those get-rich-quick ideas?