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I was 19 years old when I first started working in the network marketing industry. Little did I know that the decision to build my own network marketing business would lead me to the time freedom and lifestyle I have today.

By the time I graduated from college I was earning a full-time income as a network marketer even though I was only working about 10 hours a week.

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25 Leadership Lessons From Direct Sales (Network Marketing / MLM)

You can learn a lot about business and success in the network marketing industry (I know I have!)

At the end of the day, network marketing strategy isn’t just about selling – it’s about becoming a leader. It’s about being the type of person whom others admire and follow.

If you want to get rich, make a huge difference in this world and help others you must become a great leader.

These are the most important lessons I’ve learned in my direct sales career.

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These leadership lessons from network marketing will help you succeed in any business.

1. Stay Connected

If you want to succeed in direct sales or any business you have to stay connected with your team both the team you lead and your mentors, coaches and peers.

2. Discipline

Discipline is key to your success. Anyone can start a business but it takes discipline to keep going when times get tough.

3. Committed

You’ve got to be committed to your own excellence in business and in life. Commitment means doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed (morally, legally and ethically of course). It means not letting fear, worry, doubt or outside forces stop you.

If you’re truly committed to your success you’ll do whatever it takes – you won’t let petty excuses stop you like others do.

4. Generous

You’ve got to be generous with your time and with your team. You’ve got to be a giver. People are attracted to people who are generous. The more generous you are the more abundance you will attract in your life.

5. Business Mindset

Don’t look at your business like a hobby. Look at it like a million dollar business, work like it already is a million dollar business and it soon will become one. Treat it like a hobby and you’ll just remain broke or barely getting by.

6. Developing Relationships

Long term relationships lead to long term business success. Treat everyone with kindness and respect and focus on building relationships not just a business.

7. Reading

All good leaders are good readers!

There’s a great new book called “Great By Choice.”

8. Givers

Great leaders are givers. They give of their time, energy, knowledge, love and skills. They give unconditionally without expecting immediate payment in return.

9. Compassionate

Leaders support each other and care about their team.

10. Determination

Determination is making your decision to do something and getting it done no matter what. Determined people will try once, twice, three times, four times… until they succeed. They don’t give up because of temporary failure – they understand failure is only temporary until one quits. If you keep going there is only success.

11. The Why

Great leaders understand their Why. They know why they’re doing what they’re doing. They have a huge mission, a driving passion and purpose in life. Their purpose keeps them going despite the obstacles that stop others.

12. Resilience

Being able to pick yourself up and continue going forward even when bad things happen.

13. Strong Work Ethic

Be proud of having a strong work ethic!

14. Be A Good Mentor

Leaders love to see others do well. They’re happy to mentor others and teach the best of what they’ve learned and what’s worked for them personally.

15. Don’t Succumb To Distactions

Life happens to everyone. Friends and family die. Tragedies happen. Sales slumps happen. It’s not about what happens – it’s about what you do about what happens.

Successful leaders continue on despite of the circumstances. Mediocre people use their circumstances as excuses.

16. Daily Method of Operation

Have a daily consistent plan and execute it every day! Consistency is key.

Your daily method of operation is your daily plan for success. What gets scheduled gets done. Period. If you don’t schedule time for your success and building your business every day you won’t get it done.

Why would you schedule a meeting next tuesday at 1pm with a business acquaintance but not schedule your sales calls for next wednesday at 1pm? At the end of the day, chances are the sales calls will brow your business even more. So schedule them!

17. Attitude of Gratitude

Truly successful people are grateful. They appreciate their success and what they have – even when others may not.

If you want a good way to live an unhappy life, just be ungrateful for everything you have and try to get more. If you want to be happy, be grateful for what you have while you strive to achieve even more.

18. Confident

Leaders are confident. They know they’ve got a mission, a passion and that they’re helping others and making a difference. They don’t need others to tell them they’re good – they know it internally.

19. Stick To What Works

In every business you have to be willing to do what works and get rid of what doesn’t. If you’ve got a great business system, stick to it! Keep the fundamentals going in your favor.

Sure, it’s great to be creative and try new things but the basics of marketing and growing a business will always remain the same – so continue to execute on the fundamentals.

20. Appreciate Yourself

Know how talented, creative and successful you already are. They say we only use 2% of our brains – but look at what we’ve been able to accomplish with that!

Realize that you’re already an incredible person – and achieving more is just natural when you continue to grow, share and follow your mission.

21. Core Values

Understand your own core values. Know what makes you tick. Know what you love in life and what you don’t. Do you value family most? Then focus on building your business for your family. Think about how it will help them live better lives, have more free time and have a better quality of life.

22. Focus

You only need to focus on a few things. There’s only a few activities you can do that make money. Focus on the money-making activities first and foremost.

23. You Can’t Help Anyone Without Selling

You can’t help anyone solve their problems without selling. You need to sell your products and services to help others. The difference between a broke network marketer and a rich one is the rich one has helped thousands of people solve their problems whereas the broke person hasn’t.

Do you want to help more people? Then go sell more!

24. Only Teach Through Activity

You can only truly teach others through activity. Conversation only goes so far. Taking someone on a sales call with you means ACTION!

You can only read about driving a car so much but you can only learn how to drive a car is to get in the driver’s seat and try it out.

25. Know Your Ratios!

Know how many people you have to talk to in order to make a sale. Do you convert 1 in 10, 2 in 10, 3 in 10? Know your numbers!

Unsuccessful people make 2 or 3 phone calls, hear a no, and quit. Successful people understand that success is a numbers game. The more sales calls you make, the more sales you will make – period! You might get 10 no’s in a row but if you make 100 calls you’re guaranteed to get sales.

And you have to understand the numbers. If the lifetime value of a customer is $1,000 and you only make 1 sale for every 10 calls that means you earn $100 for every call! And every time you hear a no you’re earning a $100! Thank that person for the $100 and move on to the next person.

26. Growth

Don’t be complacent and just accept the way things are. Always strive to improve, grow and contribute more. It’s not just about making more money, it’s about growing personally, growing your business and helping more people.

27. Enemies Of Success

Procrastination and indecisiveness are the enemies of success! Don’t let them rule your life.

Want More Network Marketing Lessons?

Grab your copy of The Network Marketing Manual: Work From Home and Get Rich in Direct Sales today.

I was 19 years old when I first started working in the network marketing industry. Little did I know that the decision to build my own network marketing business would lead me to the life I have today.

By the time I graduated from college, I was earning a full-time income as a network marketer and I was working only about 10 hours a week.

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Grab your copy of The Network Marketing Manual today from

The freedom this business has given me has allowed me to follow my passion and truly live my dreams. Thanks to the great income and small amount of time I have to work in my network marketing business, I’ve been able to write and publish several international best-selling books and start several successful companies of my own.

But I can honestly say this: out of everything I’ve done in my life, the one thing I am the most proud of is helping my network marketing team achieve their dreams in life. I’ve been able to help people come out of poverty into wealth. Out of ignorance into knowledge. Out of darkness into light.

I think that’s what network marketing is all about. More than the money, it’s about the journey. It’s about the relationships. It’s about the personal growth and development that can only come from overcoming our fears, worries, anxieties and imperfections.
If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money from home, network marketing could be the perfect opportunity for you! It’s not a way to get rich quick as some hyped up companies will tell you – but it is definitely a great way to get rich over time.

Whether you call it mlm, multilevel marketing, direct sales or network marketing, it’s all about relationships. If you build long-term relationships in a home based business you will achieve the lifestyle and financial freedom you dream for.

I’ve read all the network marketing books I could get my hands on. I listened to every person in my company who’s earning over $1 million a year. I’ve even sought out other direct sales success experts from other companies and gleaned from their wisdom, experience and knowledge. And I’ve put it all in this book. It will change your life forever – that is, if you’re ready for change.

I wrote this book to help you on your journey achieve the success you truly desire. Here’s to you!

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