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Interview With Shaun Furman, Founder of Millionaire Mentors Today

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Shaun Furman, founder of the Millionaire Mentors Today show about what it takes to be successful as an online marketer.

Shaun’s first business was a fountain pen company. He loves fountain pens but he’s not PASSIONATE about pens. He found that what he really loves to do is teach people about business, marketing and success. That’s why he founded Millionaire Mentors Today and today it’s one of the top web TV shows for online marketers and entrepreneurs.

On the show, Shaun interviews millionaires (and even a few billionaires) about what makes them so successful. You can watch the show below either on our Motivation and Success Podcast or on YouTube.

Make sure to grab your pen and take notes because this information is priceless!


YouTube version:

Internet Marketing In Brazil And Latin America Is Hot!

The following is a guest article written originally in Portuguese. See below for the translation.

Internet Marketing

Uma das oportunidades para que as empresas ganhem mais dinheiro é o investimento em marketing na internet, que possui baixos valores de investimento e um excelente retorno sobre investimento. Com o crescimento da internet muitas oportunidades estão se abrindo para as empresas aumentarem seus faturamentos e ganharem mais dinheiro. O marketing na internet ganhou muita força ultimamente, pois segundo a comScore, o Brasil se tornou o sétimo mercado consumidor na internet, e esse número pode ser explicado pelo tempo médio que o brasileiro passa na internet, que chegou a quase 30 horas mensais.

O marketing na internet se resume utilizar as técnicas do marketing convencional adaptadas aos meio digitais, como sites, buscadores, mídias sociais, dispositivos móveis e etc. Para fazer essas adaptações, o marketing na internet utiliza algumas ferramentas como o SEO(search engine optimization) que melhora o posicionamento de sites em mecanismos; o PPC que são os links patrocinados em buscadores e outros sites; o Email Marketing que funciona muito bem como uma mala-direta e é uma ferramenta muito boa para o marketing direto, as Mídias Sociais que estão crescendo cada vez mais em número de usuários e as Páginas Digitais, que são websites, blogs, perfis em mídias sociais e são utilizados para fortalecer sua presença online.

O marketing na internet veio para atender de forma eficiente as três principais necessidades das empresas em relação marketing atualmente, que são: Conseguir novos clientes, Fortalecimento de Marcas e comunicação com o cliente.

Dentre todas essas ferramentas, uma que esta se mostrando extremamente eficiente no marketing na internet são as mídias sociais, que estão mudando a maneira de pensar de muitas empresas. Hoje o número de perfis ativos nas redes sociais passa de 120 milhões (se considerarmos todas) no Brasil e abre uma gama muito extensa de clientes e oportunidades para as empresas trabalharem seus produtos e suas marcas.

Muitas empresas ainda não levaram a sério o potencial do marketing na internet e não acompanhando o ritmo da digitalização. Um plano de marketing na internet deve ser feito levando em consideração principalmente o público-alvo que sua empresa deseja atingir, e principalmente qual o orçamento que ela esta disposta a investir.

Consulte sempre uma empresa especializada para criar o plano de marketing na internet para seu negócio.


Translated Article on Internet Marketing:

One of the opportunities for companies to make more money is to invest in internet marketing, which has low levels of investment and an excellent return on investment. With the growth of the Internet is opening up many opportunities for companies to increase their revenues and earn more money. The internet marketing has been very hot lately, because according to comScore, Brazil became the seventh consumer market on the Internet, and this number can be explained by the average time that the Brazilian is on the Internet, which reached almost 30 hours per month.

The internet marketing is summarized using conventional marketing techniques adapted to the digital medium, such as sites, search engines, social media, mobile devices and so on. To make these adjustments, the use some internet marketing tools like SEO (search engine optimization) that improves the positioning of websites in mechanisms; PPC What are sponsored links on search engines and other sites, the Email Marketing that works very well as a direct mail and is a very good tool for direct marketing, Social Media that are growing increasingly number of users and the Digital Pages, which are websites, blogs, social media profiles and are used to strengthen its presence online.

Marketing on the Internet come to efficiently meet the needs of three main businesses about marketing today, which are: Getting new customers, strengthening and Trademark customer communication.

Among all these tools, a showing that this is extremely efficient marketing on the Internet are social media, that are changing the mindset of many companies.Today the number of active profiles on social networks is 120 million (if we consider all of them) in Brazil and opens a very extensive range of clients and opportunities for companies to work its products and its brands.

Many companies still have not taken seriously the potential of internet marketing and not keeping pace with the scan. An internet marketing plan should be made taking into account mainly the audience that his company wants to achieve, and especially what budget she is willing to invest.

Always consult a specialist to create the marketing plan for your business on the Internet.

How To Earn $25 A Day Or More On Fiverr

So when I first joined the Warrior Forum last year, I saw a lot of posts about making money on Fiverr and I always used Fiverr to buy services that were awesome but never thought it was worth the time to be a Fiverr seller.

Then I posted a few gigs just to test it out – gigs I knew would take me less than 5 minutes to complete. And in just 2 months, I’m now earning more than $25 a day on Fiverr.

Here’s how I did it:

Great 5 Minute Or Less Fiverr Gigs:

My 5 minute or less gigs include:

Posting A Message on Twitter or retweeting something on Twitter (I have 34000+ followers and will show you how to do that as well very quickly).

Posting a status update on my Facebook Fan Pages (I have 5 pages with 6000+ fans)

Pinterest gigs – including repinning others’ pins.

All of these gigs are quick and easy and in high demand – because my social networks have high value due to large amounts of organic, real followers who like what I share. These 3 gig ideas provide at least $25/day in sales on Fiverr (although I created several variations on each gig and gig extras as well to boost revenue).

How to create a Twitter Gig with High value very quickly:

Go buy 20,000 Twitter followers on Fiverr ( should be 2 gigs for 10k+ followers each)

Then go buy TweetAdder and set it to follow 800 people a day in your niche. And schedule it to post at least 10 tweets a day every hour or so. You will very rapidly grow followers organically this way. Just make sure to respond to mentions when people talk to you – easiest way to get traffic and attention on Twitter. I get over 100 clicks a day on Twitter now doing this and it takes less than 10 minutes a day.

How to Create a High Value Facebook Gig On Fiverr Quickly

For this you’re going to use Facebook Ads. You can get clicks for 1 penny or less if you’re very niche and also if you target cheap international traffic. Getting 5000 fans should cost $100 or less.

How to Create a High Value Pinterest Gig On Fiverr Quickly

For this you’re going to need raw Pinning power. Just pin a TON of photos. At least 100 photos minimum just as a start. Pin a variety of photos. The biggest mistake marketers make is pinning ONLY photos from their own website and only linking to their own website.

This makes you look like a big fat spammer and no one wants to follow spammers. Share a variety of things, and repin others photos, like others pins, and leave comments. Pretty basic for social media. But just doing it will set you apart.

Pinterest is still so new and exploding in growth so you will get Fiverr orders pretty much no matter what if you have a real account with some real pins and followers.

Other Great Fiverr Gigs for Marketers

Other great Fiverr gigs for marketers are guest blog posts. People love to get backlinks from high quality blogs so if you have a blog, offer to post their guest article for $5! It’s a win-win because you get paid to get free content, and they get a very cheap quality blog backlink. Cha-ching!

How To Make Money Online With Armand Morin

Armand Morin is undoubtedly one of the top internet marketers in the world. He’s been around since the ice age of internet marketing. He’s practically an online marketing dinosaur! Except he still earns millions of dollars a year online and now uses some of the newest, most effective and efficient marketing ideas and strategies out there when it comes to making money online.

Are you an affiliate marketer?

Have you created your own digital products?

Are you a small business owner who wants to make more sales online?

Are you just looking to earn a little extra cash working from home?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then you owe it to yourself to watch this amazing video training from Armand Morin where he will show you exactly how to earn a six-figure income online by using some very simple, very powerful marketing strategies.

Armand used to charge hundreds of dollars just to have people watch this presentation, but now for a limited time you can watch the entire presentation 100% free – no strings attached. I watched it myself and took over 4 pages of notes! Just one of the ideas he shared will literally double my online business this year.

Why You Can’t Afford To Waste Time In Online Marketing

Most newbie online marketers make the mistake of trying to figure out everything on their own. They’ll spend weeks, months, and even years crawling forums with other newbie internet marketers who pretend they know what they’re talking about. They’ll try all these tricks to get instant traffic with the click of a button.

They’ll even use BlackHat SEO techniques (not even knowing what they are or how it can get you banned by Google) just because they read about it somewhere.

Here’s my simple rule for business:

“Success Leaves Clues”

Success leaves clues! All successful people have a method to their success. Sure, some people just got lucky. But in the world of internet marketing where everything changes very quickly, luck is much less a factor. Furthermore, when someone like Armand Morin who has been around for over a decade earning millions of dollars a year online, do you think that’s just luck?


That’s pure skill. That’s pure talent. That’s pure commitment and raw knowledge of how to earn money online.

So if you want to learn how to earn money online from the best, you owe it to yourself to check out Armand Morin’s new training videos… which of course are still free!

Once you watch the videos, post your comments below and let me know what you think.

How To Use TweetAdder To Drive Traffic On Twitter

How to use Twitter to drive traffic?


I used to think Twitter was just a big fad. Some big cosmic joke. Like there were a bunch of rich, successful internet marketers sitting around telling jokes about idiots who tried to used Twitter to drive traffic… because THERE IS NO TRAFFIC ON TWITTER!

I mean I tried for over TWO YEARS to drive traffic on Twitter to my website. In that time period, I got less than 100 clicks!

All that wasted time I spent trying to tweet and drive traffic.

Then…I made a promise to myself that I would MASTER Twitter – no matter what!

So I broke down and spent $55 on TweetAdder. In just a few days, my traffic exploded! I was getting 30-100 hits a day from Twitter within the first THREE DAYS of using Tweet Adder!

So, without any further ado, here is my ultimate (FREE) guide to driving traffic on Twitter, using TweetAdder and some other REALLY COOL strategies.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Twitter

Get ready for mad traffic!

Step 1. Create a Twitter Profile

Go to and create a profile. It is like 2012, ya know.

Step 2. Fill Out Your Profile (With A Good Picture)

Fill out your profile as fully as possible! Use the entire 160 characters Twitter gives you to talk about yourself. Add Hashtags in your profile to get more followers – #TFB #TeamFollowBack and #FF seem to work best. Try also #F4F and #FollowBack if you have extra room!

Step 3. Buy TweetAdder

Buy TweetAdder here and set it up. Here’s how I set my TweetAdder:

I put Tweet Search on Automatic for people who tweet keywords in my niche (for my nutrition blog I used keywords like nutrition, diet, exercise, weight loss, etc.) And I made sure that I only searched for users who speak English.

I also put Follow on Automation with 800 followers a day. I put unfollow on automation with 600 followers a day. Since I get over 300 followers a day, that matches up alright. (By the way, go ahead and follow me @JuiceTom if you like and you can see my Tweeting and traffic generation in action).

I also set tweeting to automatic with no more than 20 posts a day at least 40 minutes apart from each other. I write the tweets ahead of time and add in new tweets to the mix every few days. Write 20-30 good tweets to start and have it automatically post them randomly. It’s ok if you copy the same tweets every couple of days – no one will mind! And it will drive you more traffic.

Make sure you don’t just spam THE SAME EXACT LINK OVER AND OVER. Sure, you want to drive lots of traffic to your squeeze page or sales page. Also drive traffic to each of your individual blog posts though for much better results.

There are lots of other options on Tweetadder, but these are the most important.

Step 4. Buy Twitter Followers On Fiverr

This might be a bit controversial, but so what! It flat out works. Buy at least 20,000 followers on Fiverr for two Fiverrs ($10). Here are the gigs I recommend:

Buy those two gigs and you will be rocking it! Sure, most of the followers are fake. But it will A) give you credibility and B) allow you to use TweetAdder to its fullest potential and not max out at only being able to follow 2000 people at a time. When you have 20,000+ followers, you can follow up to 20,000 people or more! So there’s no limits to how fast you can grow with TweetAdder (Except for the internal daily following limits imposed by Twitter which seem to be somewhere between 500 and 1000 a day for smaller accounts).

Step 5. Grow The Twitter Conversations

I promise you, the Twitter mentions and interactions will grow tremendously when you apply these simple steps and processes to grow your Twitter account and increase your traffic. You will get mentions daily so make sure you login and respond to people!! This will dramatically increase your traffic and trust in your network. Otherwise, you’re just a spamming robot account and no one wants that. So respond to the conversations and use the automations tools of TweetAdder and you’ll be good to go.

P.S. If you didn’t buy TweetAdder yet, please do so here through my affiliate link (It’s worth every penny!)

Buy TweetAdder Now


PHP DIR SUBMIT – Unique SEO Tool for Internet Marketers

Directory submission is useful for getting one way back links to your website. Gone are the days when submission to the article directories was a tedious manual procedure. Now with the help of PHP DIR SUBMIT, a php script that you can use ubmit to the websites directories, articles directories and bookmarks sites at once, no need to submit same information again and again. Not only that, you use it to start your own submission services business and make money online.

php dir submit image

PHP DIR SUBMIT comes with already loaded directories list, there are 300 article directories, 300 website directories and 300 social book marking sites in the list and you have flexibility to add more to that list. You can submit your article to all the directories at once, no need of repeating same exercise for each directory. If you own a website, you don’t have to pay to anybody for promotion. With the help of PHP DIR SUBMIT, you can instantly do it yourself. In addition to this you can submit your website to more than 300 well known social bookmarking websites. PHP DIR SUBMIT helps you improve your website’s ranking by the search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo instantly.

There are many directory submitter software in the market but PHP DIR SUBMIT is different from others. It allows you to manage 3 types of submissions, articles directories, website directories and bookmarking sites in one place. It comes with easy to use administration panel.

picture php dir submit

You don’t have to pay upfront money and there is no monthly fee. You can buy credit as per your requirement. At the time of sign up PHP DIR SUBMIT gives you one credit free, which is sufficient to submit one website to all the directories.

So whether you are a marketer or website owner, PHP DIR SUBMIT will help you get more traffic and make more money online.

SEOmoz Review – Does Search Engine Optimization Software Work?

If you’ve ever tried SEO software, you’ve probably realized all that search engine optimization software out there is just garbage that will waste your money and time!

Every day now someone, somewhere has created a new one-click, push-button, paradigm-shifting, world-changing, mind-bending, algorithmic masterpiece, SEO software, search-engine-conquering-program that will make you a millionaire in 30 seconds or less AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK THE BIG “BUY NOW!” BUTTON

But… when I first started in online marketing I was COMMITTED. I was dedicated! I knew I was going to create a massive business online and I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING  get past me without trying it first. So I bought every piece of SEO or traffic software you could possible imagine!

I’m talking programs like Conductor, LotusJump, Market Samurai, BrightEdge, Ontolo, Web CEO, Searchmetrics, LinkAssistant, The Free Blog Commenter Tool, Scrapebox (Totally blackhat lol – don’t use Scrapebox EVER!!), Front Desk, Traffic Travis, SEO Elite, Trend Matrix, Raven Tools, DIY SEO, Authority Labs, iBusiness Promoter, SEMrush, SEObook, etc., etc., etc.!

But none of that SEO software worked… Not one of them actually was worth the time or money it took.

You see, when it comes to SEO it is NOT about…

  • Automated blog commenting (Almost every blog out there now has NOFOLLOW on any links in comments. And even if they had a DOFOLLOW link, Google has wisened up and will NOT give you credit for links from blog comments. In fact, they might punish you for spamming so many blogs with software like scrapebox.
  • Buying Links (Over 90% of links that people have tried to sell me are COMPLETELY WORTHLESS in the eyes of Google. Anyone who knows SEO knows that Google punishes anyone who attempts to sell links on their site, making a link from that site absolutely worthless)
  • Magic Software That Does Everything For You (SEO is about getting HIGH QUALITY links from HIGH QUALITY sites and having HIGH QUALITY content on your own site. Period. No software can automate high quality, unique content and links because by definition if it can be automated then it is NOT HIGH QUALITY!)
Despite all the bad software I bought, tens of thousands of wasted dollars and thousands of hours using SEO techniques that simply don’t work, I finally took the SEOmoz free trial
I was skeptical of course and honestly didn’t think it would be useful or worth the time. But then I stumpled upon it’s Open Site Explorer program that quickly (less than 10 seconds) finds ALL the inbound (and outbound) links from ANY SITE (especially your competitors or people in your niche) AND gives a ranking for each link based on its quality and the quality of the domain.
Using this information, I was able to build over 10 new HIGH QUALITY links to my blog  in less than 3 days (all in all about 4 hours of work).

Another great thing about SEOmoz is that it actually has a free trial for 30 days with no obligation. Unlike other crappy software out there (coughSCRAPEBOXcough) that you have to pay to download and can’t get a refund for, SEOmoz actually lets you use ALL of its tools for free to make sure you really can use it. So check out SEOmoz for yourself and let me know what you think.

Hot New List of Headlines For Your Blog

I just recently attended the Ultimate Membership Site Seminar with Alex Mandossian, Chris Farrell and Andrew Lock. While at this amazing course where I built my natural weight loss membership site in just 3 days, Andrew shared some incredibly powerful headlines that you can use for any of your online content – on your  blog, with your membership sites, facebook posts, or anywhere else you want to grab your readers’ attention.

This list of headlines will help you greatly increase your speed of producing content and the interaction you get with people. Just changing a decent headline to one of these powerful headlines can dramatically improve the feedback and response you get from your articles.

By the way, if you’re wondering where these headlines came from, Andrew had one of his assistants write down all the headlines from over 100 national magazines. So these are headlines that the magazine companies have spent millions of dollars researching and testing and they’re proven to work!

Hint: If you ever need marketing help or good copy, just look at what magazines are doing or look at the best-selling books on

Tried and Tested List of Headlines

7 Ways to ________________

Hot New ________________

Sleek New ________________

Radical New ________________

New ________________ Sensation

Best ________________ Revealed

What’s New? ________________

How to ________________

The Ultimate ________________

Tried & Tested ________________

Buyer Beware! ________________

Experience ________________

Getting the Best ________________ From ________________

The Best Budget ________________

Award Winning ________________

Your Dream ________________

Cutting Edge ________________

It’s Here! ________________ Amazing ________________

Instant ________________

Insider’s Report on ________________

Hands-On ________________

Step By Step ________________

In Search Of ________________

How to Fix ________________

Budget Solutions For ________________

________________ You Can Finally Afford

Next Generation ________________

I Want That! ________________

8 Easy Ways To ________________

________________ – Get It or Forget It?

Simplifying ________________

BEWARE! ________________

60 Second Solutions For ________________

Choosing the Right ________________

The Most Inspiring ________________ Ever

The Best Plan For ________________

Turn Any ________________ Into A ________________

Cost Effective Solutions For ________________

Why Email Is the Social Media Marketing “Secret Weapon”

I know, it seems weird, right?

Email is supposed to be dead. These days it’s all about social networking, mobile marketing, and the latest and greatest hot new platform.

But here’s the thing. If you want to get your readers to take action (whether that’s buying a product or service, thinking in a new way, or changing a behavior), email is still the proven best way to make that happen.

In test after test, email comes out on top for influencing reader behavior. Ahead of social media, ahead of blogs.

How Generate Can Help You Build Your List

First things first — why is it called Generate?

Because the Generate child theme was designed specifically to build your list. In other words, to capture the email addresses of people who want to know more about who you are and what you do, so you can make offers they may be interested in.

Even though “lead generation” is a marketing term, Generate isn’t just for marketing. It’s for anyone who wants to collect a database of email addresses, for further communication that persuades readers to take action.