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Best blogging tips


Blogging has been very popular. From the most popular persons to the most ordinary people, everyone has one. But we must have to remember that it is not about having a blog but having a good blog that everyone should have interest to.

It is very easy to have a blog of your own, what is difficult is to maintain the good context of your blog and the interest of readers. We don’t know what our readers would want to hear but then that is why there are comment boxes for us to hear their sides and opinions and bloggers should consider those.

Here are some blogging tips we should take into account:

  • Post regularly as much as every day. Posting regularly to your account would make your readers not just updated to your post but for you personally. It will turn out that you have a personal connection to your readers which is really good.
  • Make use of the reader’s – friendly post. In writing a post, don’t use a very deep vocabulary that you are the one who can just understand. Choose words that are common and everybody could relate.
  • Make use of guest blogging. In the internet industry, you will not succeed alone but with the help of others most especially other bloggers. Guest blogging would increase traffic and would invite readers to get interested to your blogs.
  • Accept and answer comments. Comments are very important in your blogs because you can hear other ideas and opinions. In this way, you can learn from them and you may improve your work. Always remember that you also need other’s opinion to become a better you, it the same goes with blogging.
  • Linking sites. Linking your sites may help other readers to follow it and view your sites so it will help to add traffic to your site.
  • Easy access. Make sure that your blogs are easily be accessed in order for readers not have difficulty in getting to your sites.
  • Make an inviting title. Titles have a big impact to readers because it is the first part that being read before the content. So, make it a way that title must very enticing.
  • Update your information once in a while. Updating your information will make readers to know you deeply. Not just on the blogging purposes but to personal life as well. The best part of blogging is that you can find new people with the same interest as yours. So, you have things in common and a lot of things to talk about.

You can also learn from others most especially the veterans in blogging. They have the best and many experience in this field so, they may share dew tips for a newbie. Also use these tips as a starter because surely these will help you a lot. Their advices  cannot be found in books because they are experienced based and it will only achieved through time.

Be aware of the errors that bloggers usually make


common blogging errors

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same over and over again.

Blogs are very popular today and sometimes they make money out of their blogs. Managing someone’s blog can be a source of living and income to someone else. However, there are some blog errors that bloggers usually make over and over again.

It is good that you update your blog most especially regularly but we should be aware of the common errors of some bloggers in order for us not to commit it as well.

  • Blogs are very limited

You can write as many blogs as you can. Anyway it is yours and no one could ever limit you from doing it. You can also post whatever topic you would like to put as long as it is descent and sensible also to your readers. But the problem of most bloggers is that they limit their blogs as if it has a limit per day. It should not be like that because there are many readers that are looking forward for our blogs each day and they could increase traffic into your site through their comments and suggestions.

If you have so much thing to do and you cannot do at least one blog per day, hire anyone who can do it for you. At least your site will not be left taken for granted. You helped a person to find a job and you maintain your blog site as well.

  • Lack of tools

Some bloggers used to blog in pure words but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Most readers today would be enticed and entertain by nit just by the content, but through the designs and layout you put on the site.

If you have the difficulty operating your WordPress, ask help from someone or again hire someone to do it for you. Just always remember that the more readers that are interested in your blog will create a blog traffic to your site and it mean business or sales.

  • Don’t forget your keywords

Keywords are very important in searching your article or your post. So, don’t ever forget to put as many keywords you can relate to your work. It is a big help to you and to your blog.

  • Increase your earnings

Make it a way that you can market your blog in order for you to achieve high earnings. If you just know how to advertise it, you can earn big cash through it. One way also to help your marketing scheme is to link your blog site to social networks such as facebooks and twitters because there are many prospect readers to your blogs which in the future could help you with your sales.

Here are the common errors bloggers do make mistakes but since you are now aware of it, for sure will not make those mistakes again.  Blogging is a very easy task and you can get a huge money out of it but you have to use it properly in a way that you could benefit also from it because it also mean business.




Ways on how to find an online job that suits you

online job tips

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

There are many online jobs available on the web but you have also to choose a job that suits you and suits your personality. Actually, you can earn big bucks while you are in the comfort of your home. You just have to be aware of your work and job description in order for you to keep track of your work.

What is this online job all about?

First of all, online or data entry job is a job that is internet based of course. Your manager or employer will give you a certain task for the day, or a week and you have to submit it before the deadline. This may require a lot of jobs but if you have a good time management and prioritization, for sure you will finish this work in no time.

Thousands of employers or companies are hiring now and you can choose a job that suits you. There are those that find article writers, virtual assistants and even the person who will manage their blogs. They are hiring these people because they don’t have enough time for these tasks and these are also important for their job. So, they pay people to do these jobs for them. It is like a “win-win” situation because they get benefit from these employees and employees get a reward also from their task in the form of money or compensation. So, it is just fair enough.

Who can apply for this job?

Actually, anyone is qualified for this job as long as you have qualities that the employer or the manager is looking for. Qualities such as, you are very trainable, can easily get instructions, a team-player, you are very good in grammar and English because you will do written task most of the time so it have to be formal and no errors. You also have a stable internet connection all the time, you have a computer and you are willing to work at any time of the day.

An applicant must also have a wide range about Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint and database. Some companies also provide their own software. So, you have to learn how to operate it in order for you to do your task. It may be complex at first, but as time goes by, it will be quite easy.

Tips on finding jobs online:

  • As soon as you find a hiring and you feel that you are suited in that position, contact the employer right away. Don’t miss a chance that someone will get that position. Remember that everyone is finding a job also so you may lose that opportunity.
  • When you have contacted the employer, ask for your compensation package and you must both deal with it. If you feel that your qualifications don’t deserve their payment, ask for an increase. Don’t be hesitant to say your thoughts because it is your salary that is at stake.
  • Choose a Paypal account to receive your payment because it is more convenient and safe.
  • When everything is settled, visit the site of the company or employer you wish to work. In order for you to have an idea of your work and for you to have a background.




Ten Steps To Staying Focused On Your Objectives

Wiz’s Ten Steps To Staying Focused On Your Objectives

Maximize your time by being productive


The goal is to live a full, productive life even with all that ambiguity.

Multitasking is a best way in order to maximize your time however, there will be chances that your work will be low in quality. Not everybody can do multitasking also because it requires a lot of skill and expertise.

One of the ways to maximize time is by avoiding distractions around us. Most especially the unnecessary things because it will just make our work delay and waste our precious time. Time is very important in our lives and it’s one thing we can never get back once it was lost. That is why time should be spent well in a more productive and essential matter.

In this article, I’am not giving ways how to manage time but ways on how to avoid distractions:

  • Avoid procrastination

Do the things you can do now and avoid procrastination. Sometimes we just settle for the things we can accomplish in a day without basing it on our goals and objectives that we set. The purpose of making a to-do-list is to follow it through. Don’t depend that you have so much time in the future. Finish what you can finish now in order for you to enjoy your free time as well.

When it comes to priorities, put on the top list what is most essential and try to avoid unnecessary things when you are working. For example, you know that you have a lot of things to do but you chose to be with your friends partying. It is really okay to enjoy but you must know where to put it.

  • Loud music or noises

When working, sometimes it is very distracting to work on a noisy and crowded place. If you want to work efficiently, choose also a place that is relaxing, conducive for working and comfortable.

Sometimes you must also choose music that suits the task that you have to do, If is more on mental work, try a more mellow and smooth music in order for you to concentrate more.

  • Exhaustion and fatigue could hinder your productivity.

Of course if you are tired, your tendency is to sleep and have a rest. However, if you still insist to work, it will just alter the quality of your work and may affect you.

Whenever tired and exhausted, try to take a power nap for 15-20 minutes in order to get back your energy for work.

  • Social media and technologies

Nowadays, there a lot of social and entertainment media around. Gadgets, high technologies are also one of the hindrance of our productivity because aside to work, we are tempted to use these things for recreations and sometimes we stick to it and therefore, our tasks are also stucked.

So, just try to prioritize first. These social media and technologies are not bad but they should be used in the proper time, place a timing in order for us to finish our work on time, in a great quality in order for us to reach our goals. 

The 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

Biggest Social Media Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

1) Not Getting Started

If you have customers chances are they’ve already searched for your business on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. If you’re not there you’re missing a chance to connect with your customers and prospects and benefit from their word of mouth marketing for you!

2) Being Inconsistent

Posting 10 tweets a day for a week and then doing nothing for a month looks like you’re not serious about your business. Don’t let your customers get the wrong impression about your company because of the way you manage your social media accounts! Always remember that in any form of marketing consistency is the key to success

3) Not Having A System

A social media marketing system will save you and your employees hundreds of wasted hours trying to find content to post, trying to decide what to say and how to say it and when to post it. Instead, just create a simple daily checklist of all the social media activities that need to get done in your business. Even if you’re a solo-preneur, create a checklist. Then when you grow, you can just hand the checklist to your virtual assistant or employee and the job will be done just as well as you did by yourself!

BIO: Tom Corson-Knowles is the international best-selling author of How To Make Money With Twitter and Facebook For Business Owners, among others. Tom is a social media marketing consultant and blogs regularly about social media and marketing your business on Twitter. You can connect with Tom on Twitter and Facebook.

Be A Good Blogger

tips to be a good blogger

Being a good blogger doesn’t happen overnight

Be a good blogger requires a lot of skill and experience, you will not achieve it overnight. Posting everyday and hearing your readers’ comments may help you improve into a better one. Just always remember that whatever comments you receive, take it a challenge. If your readers’ comments are good, make a way to maintain it. However, if there are times that we receive negative comments, take it as a perseverance  to be better. Actually both ways could lead you to success.

Below are the things you must do in order to be a good blogger:

  • Be you!

Being a blogger, being original is very important. Original in terms of your blog’s content and not anybody’s work. What is the key in this work is that you make your own name out of your effort not by someone else.

  • Post blogs as often as possible

Write as much as possible in order for your readers to have a reason to return. Make them thirsty of your work in order for them to crave for it every day. In this way, you may able to produce traffic to your site. Being consistent and updated with your work could show that you are interested with your work as well.

  • Write with passion

Writing is a skill and it is practiced over the years. However, there are instances that we cannot avoid that we are tired and not in the mood. So, if these instances happen, do not write for the sake that you have to write. Write because you love to and it is your passion.

You can always tell which blogs came from the heart because you can read their love and commitment for the work.

  • Make your site open to everyone

Invite readers to your site. Not just that, accept their comments as well, either good or bad. Many comments would always mean that there is a traffic to your site which is good.

Make also an effort to invite other bloggers by reaching them through their mail or by leaving also a comment on their blog. Through your comment, people will see how substantial your comments are and will find interest in you.

  • Organize your site

Making your site very simple and manageable, readers will not have a difficulty. But, if your site is very complicated, they have all the reason to leave.

  • Write with substance and have focus

The most important is that you write with substance and with good content. Remember that what you write reflects what kind of person are you. So, if you want to be respected, write in a manner that readers would respect you.

And lastly, have focus! Do not jump to one topic to another topic. Concentrate to your topic so that readers could understand what you want to say.

Developing as a good blogger may be difficult at first but constant practice may mold you a better one. Obstacles and challenges may come along your way but just take it as a trial for your business and to you personally as a person.



Blog Promotion: The Most Powerful Technique in Marketing

blog promotions

Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.

Blog promotions have been considered as the most powerful strategy in marketing our products. It is one of the most important marketing schemes we should consider because it is the most helpful way to boost business. According to Marketing professionals, blog promotions contribute a great factor in their sales of their products.

Since blogs have been exposed in the world wide web, it has really a great chance that people may see it. So, when putting a great blog promotion, there are factors that we should consider. Factors that would not just get our customer’s attention but to improve our sales too.

Here are those:

  • Make an attention-grabbing content

In blog promotions, not just the presentation is important but also the content of your blog. It has been considered as the center point of your market. It is the basis of persuading customers of your products. It is where you put what your products is all about, who is your target clients, why should they purchase your product and what benefits they could get. In the content, you should make sure that you can convince and influence your prospect buyers.

  • Right tags should be used properly

Most readers find the blog they want to read through the tags. So, when writing an article or a blog, make sure you include right tags in order for your article to be searched in the Search Engine Oprimizer.

  • Make use of other bloggers

Other bloggers may seem to be your competitors, but do you know that they can also help you promote in your business? Through sharing your page links to their pages could also give traffic to your site. So, there could be a great chance for your site to be visited.

  • Articles could be a great help

If you are passionate about writing, make it a habit to write one topic each day and post it to your site. In this way, you could share your ideas and point of views to a certain topic and readers may find it very helpful, so they will read your articles every day and may share it to their friends.

Give importance also to their comments about your article. Appreciate and thank them whatever comments they will post because it will help you improve your articles.

  •  Try video Marketing

Videos could get readers attention because it is easier than reading. So, if you put video on your site it could attract more readers to visit your blog site.

Video Marketing is another way also to consider to increase your sales. It may require you a lot of time, but it could give you more prospects also.

Promoting your blog to earn big sales of your products could be very difficult at first, but if you if you keep track of these steps and strategies, surely it will help you a lot and many customers is along your way. Just have solid faith and confidence in yourself because you are the way to go.

Increasing Productivity By These Ways


When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.


Use your time as productive as possible through these ways:

  • Make a plan

Make a plan and work on it. If you have a plan, this will serve as a guide for you and for your goals. Make sure also that if you make a plan, ensure that you do it. Start your day by sparing 15 minutes for your planning because this is very helpful to achieve your tasks in a day.  At the end of the day, don’t forget also to assess yourself if you achieve those goals.

Planning could not just help you to become organized but it will also help you to maximize your time in a more productive way.

  • Learn to prioritize

If you have a lot of work to do, prioritization is very important. List down the most important things and finish them first. After you have finished with the most important, you may now do the least important. This does not mean that you are not giving significance to the least important but you are just organizing your work according to its importance.

  • Do not underestimate small projects

Small projects when not given attention may lead to bigger problems. It could also pile up your work that could lead to bigger tasks at the end. Take tasks equally, maybe big or small because at the end, you will still be responsible for those.

  • Take one day at a time.

You must accept that sometimes you cannot get rid of loads of work, and you cannot finish it all at once in just one setting. All you have to do is to take small steps in order to accomplish it. Don’t force yourself because it will just decrease the quality of your work and the person who will be affected is always you. So, take one day at a time according to your own pace. Quality is still important to quantity.

  • It’s okay to ask help.

Asking help does not necessarily mean you are not capable of doing your task but it is a way of accepting that you need assistance sometimes. It is a humble way of telling that you can come up with a great results with the aid of others. Because we also know that we do not know everything so, others could be an instrument to guide us.                                         

  • Have an end of the day review

One way of assessing if you are successful in your task is if you evaluate yourself after each day. It will give you and idea of your weaknesses and strengths as well. In terms of weaknesses, it will help you improve those in time and in your strength, this will help you maintain those or even improve them to be part of your best.

  • Take breaks

Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks. Have a holiday vacation with your family, invite your friends over a bottle of wine, contact a long lost friend to have some coffee or treat yourself to a spa or any pampering treats. In this way, you can unwind yourself and be ready again to another task.

Value Your Time: Avoid Procastination!

avoid procastination

Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


You can never get back time once it was lost and one thing to waste time is by procrastination. Procrastination cannot kill a person but it can kill your goals in life. Without goals, you will be miserable in the end and it will hinder you to achieve success. But, procrastination can be stopped and it depends on the person if he is also willing to change this bad habit with a good one.
Here are some tips to kick those bad habits:

• Get Started
“Now” is a very important word to save procrastination. Starting as early as now could help you achieve your goals in life. Honestly, it is not easy to start abruptly but it can save you from the misery it may bring. You can start in a very simple way by listing a simple note of the things you want to do and indicate a time frame when it should be finished. Make sure also that the time frame you put is also measurable, realistic and attainable. In this way, you may be reminded every time that you need to finish something and it can prevent you from forgetting.

Through this, you could maximize your time and you can accomplish many things in a day as possible.

• Start Moving
Always remember that you will not accomplish anything if you are not doing any. One way to save procrastination is start doing productive. Convert your previous habits to a more fruitful one. If before you are already contented with your life doing nothing the whole day on the couch, start starting doing household works like cleaning the house, doing laundry and washing the dishes. At the end of the day, you will feel great.

• Avoid Negative Habits and Behavior
One big cause of procrastination is bad habits and behaviors. So, if you want to achieve your goals, value your time and leave your bad habits away. However, some people are not aware of their bad habits. So, if you feel that you do not succeed, ask a friend of yours of your bad behaviors. In this way, you may be aware of these things and start to improve them into a better one. It is better late than never, anyway.

• Concentrate on your goals
In doing your tasks, just focus on your goals. There may be distractions that may arise but try not to mind it. It is just a test on how well you want to accomplish your goals. If you are positive and dedicated, you will never get out of your way.

• Don’t rely on others
Remember that the person who can help yourself is just you. Not your friends or even your close families. Don’t rely your success on their hands. They may be a guide but they are not responsible to you and your time.

These tips are difficult at first but just keep the momentum and you will soon realize that you are getting better. At the end of the day, you will also thank yourself.