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How To Setup A New WordPress Blog From Scratch (Tutorial)

Do you want to setup your own blog using WordPress?

Then this video tutorial is for you! In it, I show you step by step how to setup a self-hosted WordPress blog.

How To Setup A New Blog

Step 1. Buy A Domain

For the Domain, I use Just find a domain name you think would be good for your blog. Usually, people want to pick their own name, like I did with

You can also use your business name as the domain name.

Step 2: Get Hosting

For hosting, I use Bluehost. I like Bluehost because they have 24/7 customer support (just like GoDaddy) and whenever I call them, they help me with any problems I have. It’s invaluable to have someone you can call on for technical support when you’re running a business online!

Step 3: Install WordPress

Next, you have to install wordpress on your Domain. You’ll have to update the Nameservers on your domain to the Bluehost nameservers. Don’t worry if it sounds too technical, all the details are in the video above and it just takes a few clicks.

Step 4: Post A New Article

Once your blog is installed, you’re all set! Now it’s time to post you first blog article.

Congratulations! You are now a blogger 🙂 Welcome to the world of blogging!

Got any questions about setting up your blog? Post them in the comments below and I’ll answer them ASAP.

How To Market Your Business With A Blog

Every business has the same set of challenges and the same opportunities when it comes to marketing and customer value.

Opportunities For Your Business

How do I find more leads for my business?

How do I convert more leads to customers?

How do I sell more to my same customers and increase my customer life-time value?

How do I get more referrals from my customers?

How do I reduce my marketing costs while increasing my marketing footprint?

The Answer – Blog

Blogging is one of the most powerful, cost-effective marketing tools on the planet and it can help you achieve all of your marketing goals with just this one strategy!

Blogging Gives You More Leads

Blogging gives you more leads. Period. Of course, it all depends on how you set up your blog. You have to, obviously, have an opt-in form on your blog to capture prospects’ email addresses so that you can follow up, educate them about your products and make ongoing offers to them to purchase.

Always have an opt-in form on your blog!

Blogging Helps You Convert Leads To Customers

Blogging helps you convert leads and prospects to customers. Customers who read a company’s blog are more than twice as likely to purchase from that company, even if they just found you through a Google search. Which of course is one of the main ways you’ll be getting traffic to your blog – from search engines.

Want a rock-solid sure fire way to increase your online sales with your blog?


It sounds so simple – but it works so well. Simply double the number of buy buttons on your website and double the number of opt-in forms and you will get (almost) double the results. Try it yourself and see. Test, test, test. Of course, make sure you put the forms and buy buttons in the right place and don’t make it look spammy.

Blogging Helps Increase Customer Life-Time Value

Through blogging you can educate your customers and teach them about your premium products and services, allowing you to steadily increase your customer LTV.

Blogging Helps You Get More Referrals

It’s much easier to get your customers and prospects to share your newest blog post than to call their friends and tell them to buy from you. Make it easy for your blog visitors to share your information with Twitter, Facebook and social bookmarking buttons in your posts.

Blogging Lowers Your Cost Of Marketing and Increases Your ROI

Blogging can significantly lower your cost of marketing and dramatically increase your return on marketing dollars. It’s all about Inbound Marketing these days – and blogs are at the heart of drawing in traffic because of the content-richness that search engines like Google love.

Thanks to Kara from for the inspiration for this article!