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How to Find Amazon Top Reviewers In Your Niche And Their Emails

Special Google Short Code (Jus copy and paste it): “top 1000 reviewer” “your keyword/genre” “e-mail:” site:

Simply type the code into Google with your keyword or genre, for example:

“top 1000 reviewer” “romance” “e-mail:” site:

Here’s what the results look like below. Notice 31 Top 1000 reviewers with the word “romance” in their profile and their email listed.

Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing Case Study

So far I’ve published 8 books on Amazon Kindle in the past two months. Below are my results so far for my free promos and October sales. This month I earned over $300 in royalties plus several hundred more in affiliate sales from these books.

My book promotion strategy (mostly borrowed and adapted from other authors).

Kindle eBook Promotion Step-By-Step

If you have 5+ reviews and average 4-star rating, submit your book here:

If you have 13+ reviews and average 4-star rating, submit your book here:

Pre-Free Promo Launch Promotion

Submit up to 3 press releases here ($25 per PR web promo):

Alternative: Free press release distribution at

Set up FACEBOOK ADS before your promo starts and get your ads approved

Free Kindle Book Listings (Must schedule 1 week ahead of promo)

1) Pixel of Ink

2) Ereader News Today

3) Bargain Ebook Hunter

4 That Book Place

5) Indie Book of the Day

6) Free Book Dude


8) Awesome Gang
9) Free Kindle Books & Tips

10) Frugal Reader

11) Kindle Finds

12) Kindle Book Review

During Free Promotion

Do all of these activities the morning your free promo goes live.
1) Upload a photo of your Book Cover to Facebook along with the link to your book. If you have a fan page, promote the post to reach more people.

2) If you have a Facebook Fan Page, post a Facebook Offer for people to grab your book for free during the promo.


4) Post on Addicted To Ebooks

5) Post on Daily Free Ebooks

6) Post to Daily Cheap Reads

7) Post to ereaderiq

8) Post to Best Ebooks World

9) Post to Free Kindle Books Facebook pages:

My Results So far

Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips

Free Units sold: 1882

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 20

How To Make Money With Twitter

Free Units sold: 924

Current Price: $2.99

Books sold October, 2012: 45

How To Reduce Your Debt Overnight

Free Units sold: 760

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 46

Rich By 22

Free Units sold: 840

Current Price: $2.99

Books sold October, 2012: 8

The Blog Business Book

Free Units sold: 1525

Current Price: $2.99

Books sold October, 2012: 46

The Vertical Gardening Guidebook

Free Units sold: 5273

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 191 + 14 borrows

The Network Marketing Manual

Free Units sold: Free promo scheduled for 11/03/12 – 11/06/12

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 7

Facebook For Business Owners

Free Units sold: Free promo not yet scheduled

Current Price: $0.99

Books sold October, 2012: 35

How To Deal With Negative Reviews on

Having published six books recently on’s Kindle platform, it’s been fun to see how the reviews add up for each of my books. All of my books currently have at least an average of 4 stars and two of them have 5 stars on average.

First of all, you should launch your book for free on Amazon using the KDP free promotion program.

Once you do that, you can get a listing on the top 15 sites that promote free Kindle books.

If you do that and promote your book during its free period, you will likely get several reviews naturally. But what do you do if someone leaves you a nasty, negative 1-star review?

Well, there are a few options.

1. Is It Honest or a Shill Review?

Many times when your book receives a negative review the reviewer will leave some very helpful information that can help you improve the book. Maybe your formatting is off or there are lots of typos or there’s missing information or some information is unclear. Whatever the problem is, the negative review will help you notice the problem so that you can fix it and make your book better.

So it’s good to get an honest negative review if it helps you improve the book!

But what do you do if you get a shill negative review from someone who obviously never read your book and is probably an author of a competitive book who’s just posting garbage so they can sell more books?

Well, first of all, these kinds of reviews do happen more often than they should do to unscrupulous authors who have a very poor ethical code. So if you find you’ve received a shill negative review you can…

2. Report the Review

You can report the review (Just click “Report Abuse” under the review) and it will notify Amazon of a review that breaks the TOS. Generally, if you suspect another author has left a negative review disguised on a fake account you should report it.

You can also…

3. Thumbs Down The Review

You can hit the “No” button under the question “Was this review helpful?” to let Amazon know it wasn’t helpful.

You can also ask your customers/friends to report reviews that break Amazon’s TOS.

4. Respond To The Review

Lastly, you can respond to the review which is the path I took when a fake Amazon profile reviewed my book. I noticed that the link in the profile was to a website that was owned by a company that owns several pornographic websites – red flag right there. (I found this information by checking the WhoIs database and searching for the company that owned the website linked in the Amazon profile).

I then simply responded to the review stating that I had found that information and that my book was for bloggers not for people who run pornographic sites. This way at least readers will understand where that review came from.

5. Let It Go

At the end of the day you’ve just got to let it go. Don’t get upset over negative reviews – they happen. Even the most popular books in the world receive numerous 1-star and 2-star reviews. You can’t please everyone all the time. So don’t worry about it!

Just keep writing and go about your business. That’s how you create lasting success as an author.

Please Stop Leaving Me 5-Star Reviews On!

Someone posted earlier in the Number One Book Club about skewing reviews and always giving other authors in the community 5 star reviews (see the post here) but I think this point can’t be reiterated enough!

Take, for example, one of my new books – Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips – I posted in a few groups here that the book was free and I was looking for reviews and I got 11 5-star reviews. Now, some of you might think “O god! I wish I had 11 5-star reviews” but trust me, you don’t. The book hasn’t sold more than 3 copies despite receiving over 1800 free downloads during its promo. And the reviews mostly look very lame like they were written by my mom or best friend.

When a REAL CUSTOMER is looking to buy a book, they actually read reviews. And when all the review says is “Yeah this book is AWESOME!” and there’s no substance to the review, readers don’t buy.

All this trading 5-star reviews is not only unethical, it’s frickin’ killing your sales.

Every time another author here tells me “i reviewed your book, can you please review mine?” it just doesn’t FEEL right at all! There are even threads in the Amazon customer forums about how authors should NEVER do that. They call these “shill reviews.” LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMERS!

Seriously, if you’re going to review a book of a fellow author, there should be a few criteria that we all agree to:

Rules For Amazon Book Reviews

1) You’re actually interested in reading the book.

I don’t read books about sewing, I never would, I never will. Period. Why should I change that because someone reviewed my book?? Honestly, I’d rather saw my arm off than read a book about sewing (no offense to people who love sewing, it’s just not my thing. I’d happily, however, give my mom a book on crocheting because she loves it).

2) You are going to leave an honest review.

Why lie? Why tell people the book is awesome if you don’t even like it? If the formatting sucks? If there are typos everywhere? If the information is garbage? Just leave an honest review. Honestly, I’d rather have a well-written detailed one-star review than all these empty 5-star reviews.

3) You’re not expecting anything in return.

Seriously. There’s enough people in this one little community to find the other few authors who are ACTUALLY INTERESTED in your book about how to keep your clothes clean. You don’t have to go force everyone else to leave a 1-sentence 5-star review (because it’s not even going to help your sales in the first place).

4) Because you want to help THE CUSTOMERS find the right book.

Customers read reviews to make buying decisions. You should provide information in your review that helps them do that.

I hope this post will help improve the quality of reviews for all of us authors and save us all from a lot of wasted time reading books we really hate and should never have picked up in the first place.

Life is too short to read books you’re not interested in!

I’ll be honest – it’s uncomfortable to tell someone you don’t want to read and review their book because you’re not interested in the topic even though they read and reviewed yours. But in the end, it’s the right thing to do. And customers know that – they even check to see if the you reviewed the book of the people who reviewed yours, and if so, they know those reviews are tainted.

Is it okay to swap reviews between fellow authors? Sure! Just be honest about it and put some heart into it instead of just an empty 5-star review because you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.